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Awakening PC

Player: Fox
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Adamantine Arrow •••••
Legacy: Orphan of Proteus
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Consilium: ••
City: Hamilton
Cabal: none
VST: David March


Birth Name: Redacted

Shadow Name: Bagheera

Sleeper Alias: James Sand

Offices: The Moonsteel Axe, High Magister

Character Livejournal:



  • Born 1972
  • Initiated through the Elemental Pilgrimage in 1986
  • Awakens in India, Summer 1990
  • Joins the Adamantine Arrow, Winter 1990
  • Returns to Hamilton to find his old mentor dead Spring 1992
  • Becomes Artemis' apprentice Winter 1992
  • Joins the Midnight Suns and "walks the circle" 1993-1995
  • Takes part in the war against the Invisible Hegemony 1995-1996
  • Rescues the Mistress of a Tytalus Master, by solo'ing a Praetorian stronghold, Winter 1995 (Repute 3)
  • Claims the African Lion Safari as his territory January 2001


  • Chuck Norris
  • Ronan Dex
  • Khal Drogo
  • Brock Sampson
  • Steven Segal

Character Description

Bagheera is dressed in khaki pants, birkenstocks, and a hawaiian shirt with a siberian tiger on it. Around his neck is a a simple leather necklace with a Tooth (or Talon) carved out of Wood.

He stands about 6 feet tall, is clearly muscular and athletic, and has white Dreadlocks that go down just past his shoulders. His movements indicate a very fluid and feline grace, his presence seems aggressive, and reminds you of a cat who stalks it's prey.

Over one shoulder is a WWII British field Medic's bag.


The fresh taste of the kill fills the air, and you can taste the blood as if you've just ripped out the jugular of your prey. Meat, blood, the hunt.

Looking For

  • Legacy Apprentices
  • House Blake Ties
  • Fellow Arrow
  • People who hate him


  • He knows Bodhi from "back in the day".
  • He is a member of Thyrsus Club.


  • "If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you're fooling yourself. That's like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn't eat him."
  • "Refer to me as Bag's again, and you will end up in one."

Quotes about Bagheera

  • "An Arrow with a good head on his shoulders and some serious cojones. It was a pleasure to work with him." - Neil Kingsley
  • "One thing you never want to do to Bagheera? Lie to him...never lie him. I promise you you'll only ever make that mistake once." - Pariel
  • "I don't think I've ever met anyone quite like Bagheera, it's not a bad thing, one thing I can say for certain is he is an Arrow through and through, I don't think he has an ounce of quit in him." -Doc
  • "H-He says he c-can determi- mine if someone c-counts as a h-human. T-terrifying..." -Prism
  • "You just came up and poked me with your can of Coke until I turned it to beer. You are such a freaking cat, man." - Jack Ansible