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Apocalypse PC

Player: [1] Gabby P.
Character: Jacqueline "Jack" Myers
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Position: None
Rank: Cliath
Glory: ••
Pure Breed: •••
Domain: NY-012-I
VST: VST Storyteller Brian Murphy

Get of fenris.jpg


Character Information

Sept: Sept of Falling Waters

Notable Traits: None at the present.

Title or Positon: "Bane-breaker"

Rumors: None at the present.

Background: Jack was born in 1988, the third of an eventual five children, all sharing the same mother, Diana Balducci-Jamison (later Ambrose). Her elder sisters, Angelina and Juliette, had differing fathers, but her younger siblings Alexander and Sophie shared the same father. Jack herself was the product of a one night stand, conceived in the Allegany State Park.

Her mother, Diana, and a group of friends were celebrating her divorce from an otherwise bland man whose only positive remark was having fathered a healthy baby girl a few years prior. Within the campgrounds, the group ran across a vibrant young man named Neil Myers, an admitted outdoorsman who was passing through.

Several years Neil’s elder, Diana charmed the young man and they had several sexual encounters over the weekend he stayed with them. Something niggled at the back of Diana’s mind around Neil, but his good-nature and pleasant demeanor made the doubts mere shadows of real concern. They parted ways after the hedonistic weekend.

When Diana discovered her pregnancy, she debated at getting an abortion, unsure as to what sort of issues the child might have from the virtual stranger who’d fathered her. Having been raised Catholic, she eventually made up her mind to carry the pregnancy to term – the burden made easier with the help from her parents. Jacqueline was born without issue, and while her family was overjoyed, Diana couldn’t help but remember the odd feeling Myers had given her. The concern faded as the child grew into a vivacious young girl.

Around 1992, Diana met a well-to-do architect named Robert Ambrose, an older gentleman of a gentle nature and non-judgmental point of view. It was practically love at first sight, and he settled down a great many of Diana’s more intractable traits. He proposed and she accepted, and they married in early 1994.

Their first child was born later in the year, and Jack was quickly enamored of the little boy, Alexander. He took to his sister as well, and they were inseparable as they got older. The older sisters begrudgingly babysat when they had to; they had been cool to Robert from the start, though they couldn’t protest the move from Buffalo’s west side to the relative comfort and peace of the Kenmore-Tonawanda area.

Sophie came along in 1997, and she fit right in with the indomitable duo of Jacky and Alex. The Ambrose family was living the suburban ideal; it was around this time that Jacky started experiencing odd dreams, usually of a Nordic bend of themes.

Unfortunately, the family’s fortunes met with disaster on New Year’s Eve in 1999; on the way home from extra hours in the office, Robert’s car was struck by a drunk driver. Killed immediately, his death plummeted the family into an uncertain future. Through the advice of friends, a grief-stricken Diana went to an attorney’s office to sue the drunk driver for losses.

In his last act of love, Robert’s death secured the family a sizeable settlement that would ensure his children would have bright futures, and there would be few financial worries. Diana never truly overcame the grief, becoming more malleable to the suggestions of her less thoughtful friends.

Her mother, Catherine, took care of the finances, unsure of her daughter’s stability, but there was little she could do about Diana’s choices in regards to finding someone to warm her bed. Old enough to babysit for her siblings, Jacky grew concerned over her mother’s constant evening absences. She relied heavily on her grandmother and her new husband, Roger, a retired Buffalo police officer.

When Douglas Brooks entered their lives, Jacky immediately knew something was wrong with him. Either her inherent Garou senses knew a monster when she saw it, or she was an attentive teen; he just wasn’t right to her. The looks he gave her siblings made her go cold, and he had a way of speaking that made her uncomfortable. When he eventually started staying overnight at the house, Jacky snuck a lock on her door and herded her siblings in with her to protect them.

As soon as she started doing that, little Alex and Sophie would often go to her before their mother. Jacky’s protective nature emerged very early, and she took measures to make sure her baby brother and sister were always safe. She helped them with their homework, and when the house didn’t feel right she’d walk them to few blocks to her grandparents’ house. She would concoct stories for them in the long nights, using some of her dreams as fodder for the fairy tales.

The year of 2001 told the tale of what would resolve the problem. Searching the family computer for some research notes for a school paper, Jacky stumbled across a folder of child pornography pictures in Douglas’ section of the hard drive. Warning signals going off, she immediately took her siblings to her grandparents and had Roger call the police.

Douglas was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography. Jacky was considered old enough to testify, and her appearance in court practically cinched his sentence. Her testimony of how uncomfortable he made her and the children was met with a violent outburst from Douglas, and the judge was quick to make his decision. Found guilty, he was sentenced to three years in a federal penitentiary.

With home less tense, Jacky’s odd dreams started to come more frequently. The most vivid of them would find her in a neighbor’s yard in the middle of the night, pajamas torn with no recollection of how she got there. Troubled, she tried to broach the subject to her mother, who immediately responded with concern and a demand that she tell no one else of the oddities. With no maternal support, nor any from her older sisters, Jacky managed as best as she could, keeping herself busy with school sports and her younger siblings.

Resolution came with a confrontation in 2005, after Douglas was released from prison. He easily found Jacky after school in the late fall, Diana not having moved her family, and grabbed the girl on her way home. Dragged behind a convenience store, he promised revenge on her for having helped him see the inside of a prison. He revealed his plans for taking their settlement money from Robert’s death, and his intentions for her siblings. He then attacked her, his intentions of rape made very clear in his grabbing hands and inhuman expression. Jacky blacked out.

When she came to, she was covered in blood, her clothing was tattered, and Douglas was an almost unrecognizable pile of meat. She remembered an awful taste in her mouth, like disease and corruption that overpowered the flavor of blood. She was violently sick for several minutes, then momentarily panicked over what to do with the corpse. She rationalized self-defense for whatever had happened, but knew she couldn’t leave him as he was. Hastily-scrounged trash bags bundled up the pieces, and she buried them in the bottom of the store’s dumpster. An abandoned hose diluted the blood, and then she ran all the way home without bothering to consider anything else. When she arrived home, her mother had been prepared to level a scolding of epic proportions, given the incredibly late hour of her homecoming. Upon seeing the state of her daughter, however, she was horrified and struck numb. Jacky relayed the story, as she knew it, to her mother, too scared to hide the truth. After long moments of silence, Diana shakingly decided that they would tell no one. They would deny seeing him if the police ever came by. They then burned the evidence of her clothing, and buried the ashes in the backyard.

Diana walked on eggshells around her child after that, though Alex and Sophie treated Jacky no differently. When questioned, she remained resolutely silent on what might be wrong with Jacky. She eventually capitulated and stated that Jacky’s father might have the answers she wanted. Jacky resolved to find him after she graduated from high school, and engendered the assistance of a computer-savvy friend to track down Neil Myers.

In June of 2006, after her research provided an address in Minneapolis, Jacky and her used car made the trek around the Great Lakes to the North Star State.

She arrived on Neil’s doorstep in the midst of a Sunday family dinner, coming right out with her reason for visiting. He initially wanted nothing to do with her, scoffing at her stories, but she forced her way into the house to demand answers. They argued for several minutes, culminating in a shouting match that only ended when she decked her father and laid him out flat.

In the stunned silence that followed, the genial laughter of her grandfather, Joseph, broke the tension. He stepped in to answer Jacky’s questions, and the days that followed became a crash-course in Garou culture and the Get of Fenris way of life. The one-armed Viet Nam veteran identified himself as Laughs-At-Death, a Ragabash, and subsequent family members, both Garou and kinfolk, helped bring her into her heritage.

She met some resistance from her father and her oldest half-brother, Ethan, who had been Neil’s eldest up until her arrival. Neil was privately ashamed that his youthful indiscretions had resulted in a Garou child, and Ethan’s pride was pierced that he was no longer the oldest. Time would soothe most of those wounds, but slight tensions exist to this day between the males and Jacky.

On the other paw, her grandfather and aunt, Cecelia, took great interest in Jacky’s education. They helped her understand her role as Galliard, and what it meant to be a Garou and Fenrir. They made sure she wouldn’t trip over her own feet, then presented her at their sept.

The Sept of the Laughing Waters in Minneapolis is located within the city park containing Minnehaha Falls. A popular attraction, it had been a caern prior to the colonization of the area by Europeans. It’d passed hands from Wendigo to Get to Glass Walkers, and was under the stewardship of a Get of Fenris Elder by name of Godric Fangs-like-Sabers. A grizzled old man, he nonetheless had an intimidating presence, like the kings of old. It was a meek Jacky indeed that introduced herself, and was gravely informed of the large shoes she had to fill.

After her initial trial period, Jacky went from cub to Cliath with some stumbling and proverbial faceplants along the way. With the guidance of her aunt Cecelia, Jacky put herself into every task put forth by her elders. Whenever she fumbled, she redoubled her efforts. Whenever she made a mistake, she promised to never repeat it. She earned herself a reputation of being an earnest, if plain-spoken, young Fenrir.

She earned her moniker of Bane-breaker in 2008 after defending a Glass Walker Theurge from a bane ambush. The young Theurge had caught the attention of a Black Spiral Dancer who had uncommon command of spite-banes, and had sent several after the Garou. In homid when the attack had ensued, Jack took the first blow across her back, the tainted claws of the bane leaving a severe wound. As the Theurge and the other Cliath fended off the banes, Jack mastered her pain, shifted to her war-form, and in her rage broke one of the creatures over her Crinos-sized knee. The small pack polished off the rest of their enemies, and Jack was lauded for her efforts. The Elder Theurge named her Bane-breaker, and she settled happily into her Garou name. The wounds never properly healed, leaving her back scarred and her motioned limited at times, but she wore them proudly.

For the next few years, Jack split her time between Minneapolis and Buffalo, making sure she always had time for the maternal side of her family. Her cover story was that after meeting her father’s family, she wanted to get to know them better, and they had offered her a job. Her brother and sister missed her a great deal, but were allowed to come out for a few weeks every summer to meet the Myers and their sprawling clan. Jack was comfortable enough telling her brother, Alex, the truth of the situation. He in turn revealed his homosexuality, promising to keep her secret for her. Sophie would be told an abridged version of Jack’s heritage; a fan of the “Twilight” series of books, Sophie was told an approximation similar to the werewolves shown in the book. She, too, promised to keep the secret.

In the summer of 2011, Diana called her daughter to make a heavy request of her. She broke the news that she was suffering from breast cancer, and was too sick to be able to care for Alex and Sophie. Her older daughters, Angelina and Juliette, had refused to take on the role, and she was hoping Jack would agree. She readily did, and discussed with her Garou relations what they would come up with.

Her grandfather and aunt decided Jack would return home to care for her siblings, and Cecelia would carry on Jack’s training long-distance. Diana’s lawyer drew up the necessary paperwork to allow guardianship for the youngsters and to make sure the funds from the settlement would be available to cover expenses. Diana moved in with her mother, Catherine, who was rigorously healthy for her age and more than capable of taking care of her daughter.

Jack moved back in to her mother’s house, and she and her siblings settled on a disciplined routine that allowed for freedoms, but not bedlam. Both teens were attending Kenmore East High School – Alex as a senior, and Sophie as a freshman. Her grandfather Roger helped Jack get a mundane job with a friend who ran an auto repair shop, where she spends a few days a week performing the usual car maintenance tasks.

Focused more on keeping her siblings’ life stable, Jacky put her Garou life in a tertiary position. She kept in communication with her Garou relatives, keeping up her studies of Fenrir lore and making sure she stayed in fighting form. With her mother still ill, she continued as head of her household.

As of 2015, Alex is an oncology nurse at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, while Sophie has just entered her freshman year of college at the University of Minnesota. Diana had passed from her cancer in early 2014, and Jacky has taken of leave of absence from her job to get matters settled. With more time on her hands, and free from keeping an eye on her siblings 24/7, she has decided to reenter Garou life. Making the appropriate connections, she now sets out to rejoin her fellows at the Niagara Falls sept.

'The Sept of the Laughing Waters' NPC caern of player's invention. Reference links:

OOC Information


Player: Gabby Pietrzykowski

MES Number: US2013100224

Location: Buffalo New York