Banshee's Wail

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The hardest, nastiest, and loudest punk band to come out of the Boston area since the Tea Party and the Big Dig. Blending the sweet melodic melodies of traditional Irish music with the no nonsense Thatcher era do-it-yourself Punk Rock Gods. It is guaranteed that when they come to town that windows will break, bodies will bruise, the streets flow with booze, and the bill for collateral damage will put Superman to shame.

The Unusual Suspects

Patrick Kennedy — The Front Man of this rag tag band of punk demi-gods. Whether he is entrancing the crowd with Irish ballads or ramming the truth down your throat with his vocal howls, he is a force to be reckoned with. Never one to back down and always on deck to lend a hand, you won't find a more stand up guy to have at your side.

Nial "Strikes the Strings" Eriksen — Lead Guitarist and self proclaimed master of the axe. An elitist, arrogant, and vain upstart. Known for trading barbs with Patrick on stage and hurling insults that are guaranteed to leave you stunned. He usually finds himself in debt due to his constant drinking and chain smoking. Yet, one thing is for sure he is an undeniable God when it comes to playing guitar.

Aria Solo

Gavin "Temper's Rage" Collins

Michael Dempsey

BayouDon' bother me, son, I ain' one of dey ugly damm-ass gaienne groupies. Me, I gots to move all dis stuff ovah to dere, and when dey done singin', I gots ta move it all back onto de truck. And then? Welp, if'n one of de boys falls over to pukin', I gots to chuck dey heavy ass onto de truck too. Shite. Ah, well... faire des commissions, non?

Lil KaBoom — Her name says it all. I mean that literally. Her first night on the job as our pyro mistress we where playing a show in Sacramento. Half way through our show we where expecting a few rows of flaming pillars coming from the floor. Did that happen? No, not one bit. We got a sheet of green, white, and orange fire rising up covering the entire front of the stage. She scorched the ceiling, part of our PAs, and half of my face removing my eyebrows and some of my hair. Only thing we heard was a laughing giggle from the side of the stage. She made me the James Hetfield of the band. So if you need a distraction, a loud noise, or some beautiful displays of explosive lights she is your go to gal.

Notes On the Wind

Caoimhe O'Brien — This haunting fiddle player occasionally shows up to play with the band. Fans sometimes think there's a spark of something between the lead singer and Caoimhe, but this is quickly down played by... everyone. Some devoted followers have visited O'Brien's where Caoimhe reportedly plays a regular set in the hopes that the band will show up and play a few tunes. Hey — its rumored to have happened once or twice.