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Changeling PC

Player: Emily
Character: Bao
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Draconic
Court: Summer 1
Motley: None
Freehold: Terminal City Redoubt
VST: Nova Albion

Character Information

Name: Bao

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Draconic

Court: Summer 1

Notable Traits: One-Eye, Striking Looks 4

Title or Position:

Character Bio

Mien: Bao is a fairest draconic, who appears as a pale asian woman with scales that sparkle slightly. Her face appears that she is wearing Chinese opera make up all the time, except blue. She has a scar by where her right eye used to be. She has horns that appear metallic and almost look ornamental, but are very much apart of her head. Her hair is blue like caribbean waters.

Mask: Bao looks like a very beautiful Asian woman who wears make up, but considerably less than her mien. Her hair still has a blue appearance, but mundanes assume this to be that her hair is dyed.

Bao left the Hedge at the advice of her mentor. After exploring Vancouver and sticking out like a sore thumb due to her unusual dress, she was greeted by Melkin, a blackbird bishop, who brought her to Sir Seamus Marshall. After sharing a meal with him and other new changelings, she was introduced to the Freehold of Vancouver. Brought before King Ephraim, she pledged her loyalty to him and the Freehold. Unfortunately, Bao's memories of her old life, as well as her durance, are addled. She wishes to find her son again, but has realized that time passed by quickly while she was in the thorns, which has both shocked and saddened her. She had incredible luck and was able to get a job and temporary living quarters, thanks to Isaac Maxwell.

Later, Bao was reunited with an old rival from her durance, Asha, but the two bore no grudges against each other, for it was their keepers' war, not theirs.

Bao died 9/21/2013 defending the freehold from zombies (?)


Friends and Enemies


Isaac Maxwell
Sir Seamus Marshall


Nobody yet except her keeper


"I heard she has a metal skeleton, and can pop out her claws like some kind of famous Canadian."

"A white face like that? Obviously she's come over from Winter for a lark. Or maybe to keep an eye on everyone in Summer."

"I assumed she was from Asia, but I saw her eating Brazil Nuts the other day... hey wait... maybe that's where she REALLY came from!"

"She really has two eyes, one just pops out of her head to go back to The Others to show them what she's currently seeing with her other eye."

"She's really the Spring Queen in disguise!"

She's been seen with the Winter Courtier Ted plotting something. Ted won't say what it is however

She sold her eye to gain her freedom from a loyalist

She really left her eye in Arcadia, she can still see it and is using it to spy on the Gentry

She is a refugee from the secret Directional Court within the city, they've all fallen because of her and Terminal City is next

Like all Dragon's Bao has a horde of gold. She's using it to fund the Summer Court's various military endeavors.

Bao cannot fight at all, but has joined Summer to learn to better herself in combat

Can't wrestle worth a damn. Proved it by dying to zombies.

Quotes by Bao

Quotes about Bao

OOC Information

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Player: Emily

MES Number: CA20091204

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia