Bastahd Children of Southie

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Boston, home of the BoSox, Bruins, and Basthads

For Boston, for Boston,
We sing our proud refrain
For Boston, for Boston
tis wisdom's earthly fane
for here are all one
and our hearts are true
and the towers on the heights
reach the heavens own blue.
for Boston, for Boston
til the echoes ring again

For Boston, for Boston
thy glory is our own
for Boston, for Boston
tis here that truth is known
and ever with a right
shall our heirs be found
til time shall be no more
and thy work is crowned
for Boston, for Boston
thy glory is our own
-From Boston by The Dropkick Murphys

Pack Mission

  • To Defeat the Wyrm in the City of Boston.
  • To regain the former Urban Caern in Boston.
  • To continue relations with the Sept of the Eagles Talon after the goals are complete.

Pack History

The Bastahd Children of Southie is the mind child of the Adren Glasswalker Ragabash, 99 Problems. During the Ratkin wars the Urban Caern in Boston was overrun. Later that caern was taken over by Wyrm and used as a Wyrm Pit. 99 Problems had helped arrange the fallback to the Sept of the Eagles Talon but as a Glasswalker, wanted something that he would call home. He knew this would be a long term project, however he was surprised with the eagerness of how fast the pack formed. His first pack member, Walks Under Turnstiles, proceeded to bring in more recruits, starting with Walks through Walls and then Alder. Later they had recruited a Philodox named Azoth. The pack quested into the city and City Father gave his blessing. Walks Through Walls brought in the new pack mate Eye For An Eye.

A Pack of Basthads

Totem: City Father

The City of Boston has alot of history. Boston's City Father morphs in appearence based on various historical times. City Father does not like the Wyrm running rampent in their city and agreed to be the Pack's totem, as he feels the mission would be great for Gaia as a whole.

The Children that are in the pack have a tattoo of the letter B, such as the Red Sox or the Bruins, or some other type of B to show their allegiance with City Father. That Tattoo is visable in any form.

99 Problems, Pack Alpha

99 Problems, in warmer times.

Name: James Moreau, aka 99 Problems.
Rank: Adren
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Glasswalker
Where's the B?: 99 Problems has a Boston Bruins B over his old tattoos over his left chest muscle.
99 Problems, when asked about his name, says to this day he doesn't know if it was a joke played on him by the galliard or not. However it was appropriate as his rite of passage consisted of using all of his mortal influence to put out fires during the rat kin wars.

He has alternate identities depending on who you talk to. He owns a business called Harbor Security that specializes in breaking into security systems, from hacking to literal theft. His hacker alias controls a hacker gang which he has used to fight the wyrm and weaver whenever possible.

He has been jokingly called "Fury in Cargo Pants" as his crinos form he still wears pants and sometimes high top sneakers.

Quotes about 99 Problems, from the Pack

  • "Cool, dependable, and tattooed. What more could a girl want?" - Sarah Wells

Walks Under Turnstiles, Pack Beta

Walks Under Turnstiles, as a meme, because, City Pack

Rank: Fostern
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Bone Gnawer
Where's the B?:

Walks Under Turnstyles was a cliath when he joined the Pack. He jumped at the opportunity to try to help make the pack as strong as he can. He is willing to do the dirty work that other Garou does not want to get into, and this isn't just dumpster diving. He is known for his Bag of Holding that seems to pull out various needs at the time. He also works with demolitions, which is helpful for taking down the Wyrm and leaving special presents for them.

Yet every pack needs a talesinger, and Walks Under Turnstyles makes sure that the Children of Southie are recognized for the pack's accomplishments.

Quotes about Walks Under Turnstiles, from the Pack

  • He has a fire in his belly about our long term goals, and really has helped with recruiting people for our mission.-99 Problems

Pure Heart of Song

Pure Heart of Song, if his lupus form was a Boston Terrier, because City Pack

Name: Alder
Rank: Fostern
Breed: Metis
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Where's the B?: Left Ankle

Pure Heart of Song recently gained his deed name. He is still called by his real name Alder by many of the members of the Sept of the Eagles Talon. Alder was a part of the Sept before the city caern was taken by the Ratkin, and later the Wyrm.

Alder has been of a great assist in many of the missions of the Sept of the Eagles Talen and the Bastahd Children of Southie. His challenge for Fostern showed him how hurt the city was and seemed to help steel his resolve toward the pack's mission. However he has made it known as soon as the pack's goal is completed he will be returning to the Sept of the Eagles Talen.

Quotes about Pure Heart of Song, from the Pack

  • I'm a wise guy....but Pure Heart of Song is Wiseness Personified." -99 Problems

Walks Through Walls

Walks Through Walls, as a meme, because City Pack

Rank: Fostern
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Where's the B?:

The pack sees Walks Through Walls as the soldier who never blows his composure. That's saying something for a Get of Fenris. Even when someone steals his kill, he doesn't let it seem to get to him. Walks Through Walls, while being capable at hand to hand combat to subdue the enemy, has no problem going claw to claw to take out the Wyrm.

When the pack says he lives is deed name, they are not kidding. He just doesn't randomly walk through walls to see if they will collapse, he's a student of construction. He can rebuild as much as he can knock down. He finds the weak points in the wall to help cause the most confusion in battle to the enemy.

Things You Should Not Call Walks through Walls or it might be your doom

  • Kool-aid Man
  • Miley

Quotes about Walks Through Walls, from the Pack

  • Do not Kill Steal from the Get - 99 Problems

Eye For An Eye

Upload Maggie Reynolds image coming soon.

Name: Maggie Reynolds
Rank: Cliath
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Shadowlord
Where's the B?:

A one eyed private detective.
Newest Member of the Pack
More space here

Quotes about Eye For An Eye, from the Pack

  • OOC: Brand New Pack Member... the quotes will come eventually.

Sarah Wells, Kinfolk (ST NPC)

Sarah Wells

Name: Sarah Wells
Creature Type: Kinfolk
Tribe: Glasswalker
Where's the B?: Wouldn't you like to know?

When the Basthads and the Sept Alpha went to save the Sept Alpha's Kinfolk, Esther (which happens a lot, much to Esther's chagrin), they also stumbled upon multiple Kinfolk. One of them was Sarah Wells, who has been an immediate asset for the Pack. When the 99 Problems is on the field, she is the one that he contacts to get information they need.

Not much is known about Sarah. One can assume given her knack, she designed it that way.

Quotes about Sarah Wells, from the Pack

Pack Tales

These are the exploits of the Bastahd Children of Southy.

City Pack vs Black Dog

This is the first actual mission that The Bastahd's worked on under City Father.

Due to data collection and research from other missions of the day, Walks Under Turnstiles found a location that had records from where various wyrm fetishes were given out. When they received the location and parameters, 99 Problems, Walks Under Turnstiles, and Walks Through Walls went to the location in Boston.

With the help of City Father, they were able to find a secret location into the building which was unguarded. Walks Under Turnstiles set up one of his "rage bombs" and Walks Through Walls helped to add to it via his underworld connections. 99 Problems went ahead and hacked through security until he was able to get to a place where he could get a data download of information. Walks Through Walls covered 99 Problems and got him to the data port safely. They entered the room and closed the door. The room had a glass window and when more "scientists" came down to investigate, Walks Through Walls ripped the door off it's hinges and used the door to protect himself as he bulldozed the enemy. 99 Problems finished getting the data, they got out, and with the blessing of City Father, lit the match and blew up the joint, BOOM.

Pack Commentary

  • "I honestly think this was the most flawless first mission a pack could have." -99 Problems

City Pack and the Kinfolk Rescue!

  • Walks Under Turnstiles showed up to 99 Problems with a laptop he found.
  • They checked it out which showed Esther in what looked like to be in a interrogation room.

City Pack and the Tracking and Rescue of Ester

Have you ever had a simple and calm discussion, when someone confesses the feeling of love, and suddenly an explosion happens and the person you confessed to is magically kidnapped by unseen forces?

No? Me either. That is what I was told happened though....

  • As the introduction states, one moment a calm but emotional conversation happened between 99 Problems, Victor Dawncrown, andEsther. The next thing an explosion happened and Ester Magically disappeared.

  • 99 Problems immediately called bullshit on magical disappearance and called the Bastahds.
  • Pure Heart of Song explained what was going on in regards to the spirit that was protecting Esther.
  • 99 Problems sent Walks through Walls to back up Victor who ran to the plantation house.
  • The Basthads, along with other various tracking mechanisms, tracked Esther to a Pharmaceutical Building.
  • Walks Through Walls immediately pointed out where he could put a whole in the wall.
  • 99 Problems called roach spirits to try to continue to track through the building. He fed them with awakened sugar. They told him that there was additional sub-levels.
  • The Kinfolk that was saved on a previous mission, Sarah Wells, was able to go into the building as their IT support and get badges for the group. She followed them and uploaded floorplans and guidelines for them to travel too.
  • They were able to get through everything without any issue, the Bastahds (along with Victor and Last Call), went through the various floors and subbasements.
  • The group of them battled a Black Spiral Dancer that was trying to torture Esther. It died. Alot. Painfully. Everyone got a shot in.
  • They escaped the building, and shockingly didn't blow it up. 99 Problems followed up with Sarah Wells for future Pack Glory.

Pack Commentary

  • "This mission was almost called, and the Sept Alpha Will Never Love Again, however, pack turf, pack victory." -99 Problems

Words on the Mean Streets of Boston

Rumors about the Pack

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You know what they say about Bastahds

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  • 99 Problems is played by Bill M
  • Walks Under Turnstiles is played by Jed H US2012060055
  • Pure Heart of Song is played by Steven H US2012060056
  • Walks Through Walls is played by Fenris F US2013110067
  • Eye for an Eye is played by Anne R US2012090077
  • Sarah Wells (NPC) is played by MA-003-D VST Garou Laura D.