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"If only you knew the things that I have seen in the darkness of night."

– M.C. Escher


File Number: 99-10##


Name: Bastien

Aliases: Sebastien, Saint Sebastien

Type: Awakened. Path: Moros. Order and Legacy unknown.

Location: Miami, Florida

Appearance: Caucasian. Average height and weight. Red hair. Mismatched eyes: left - green; right - brown. Numerous occult-oriented tattoos.

Identifiable Characteristics: Striking Looks (4). French Accent. No photo available (Occultation).

Note: Subject data has been repeatedly lost. Current dossier reflects an attempt to reconstruct previous efforts. Approach with extreme caution.

Known Associations:

Cell: Miami Branch of the Accord

Accord Status: 4

Rank: Deputy Director for Operations


The Gatekeepers

Division Status: 4

Rank: Grandmaster

Note: The mysterious order predates the Accord, with a history running alongside that of the Council.

Bastien seems unhappy with Roux's affections


Alternate Assessments:

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  • Bitches love some Bastien - Benjamin Wallace
  • "I mean really. He's drunk all the time. I don't know how he casts like that." - Danica Barrows
  • "Bastien is my mentor, my friend, and my cell mate. There is nothing I wouldn't do for him." - Siren
  • "Dude is the same path as me, but not the same sort of wizard as me. I think we get along all right though." - Badger
  • "And then there's this guy!" - Makkusu

Unconfirmed Data:

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  • Roux has supernaturally marked him in some way to ward off Demons.

OOC Information:

Player: Josh C. us2002021315
VST: Miami Accord VST
Domain: Miami, FL (FL-040-D)