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  • Player Name Troy Stults #US2005022871
  • IC Email Address: Email me
  • TX-065-D "No Witnesses" (Sabbat VSS)
  • Storyteller: Rich Czerwonky
  • Storyteller Email: Email ST


A large brute of a monster. He makes low growling sounds that rumble from his barrel like chest. He appears to be made of solid granite, and has two very large wings of similar material. He tries to adorn himself in a black robe, with his wings sticking thru slits in the back.


  • Innate: "Initiated"
  • Fleeting:


  • 1015AD - Born in Sucro, Spain. (Forgotten due to Transformation)
  • 1050AD - Embraced into Clan Tzmisce, Sire Hugo Munsz, (Forgotten due to Transformation)
  • 1167AD - Captured by Tremere, and taken to Ceoris, Transylvania. (Requires Global Registry.)
  • 1167AD - Transformed into a Gargoyle, Ceoris, Transylvania, along with 13 others. (Requires Global Registry.)
  • 1168AD - Slave to the Tremere, as a Chantry Sentinel, Ceoris, Transylvania. (Requires Global Registry.)
  • 1186AD - Hugo Found Tremere ledgers of the Transformation Ritual, and information about Bastion.
  • 1188AD - Hugo finally found Bastion, after manipulating the Tremere.
  • 1188AD - Moves to Spain with Hugo (Requires Global Registry.)
  • 1190AD - Breaking the Chains. Bastion undergoes countless months of reconditioning.
  • 1375AD - Boleslav Diaconescu came to visit Hugo to bring news of the movement and offering to let him join in. Bastion and he struck up a friendship of sorts.
  • 1497AD - Gargoyle Revolt. (Did not participate in the Revolt.)
  • 2004AD - Met Lafeyette LaClaire, while visiting Valencia. When Hugo needed something translated.
  • 2014AD - Hugo is killed by unknown forces. Bastion reaches out to Xuletchupa, his childer.
  • 2015AD - Bastion moves to Austin, Texas and joins the Terra Draconis Pack.


Bastion was born in a small Hamlet just outside of Sucro, Spain. When he turned thirty five, he was embraced into Clan Tzmisce by Hugo Munsz. All of his memories during that time, and prior have been washed away due to the Tremere, and the Transformation Ritual. In 1167, he was captured by the Tremere and taken to Ceoris, Transylvania, to undergo the Transformation into a Gargoyle. Along with thirteen others, he was one of the first creations of the Tremere that actually survived the process. After the transformation, all of his previous memories was gone. Even those of his sire, and his mortal life. The Tremere conditioned him into a Sentinel to keep watch on the Chantry in Ceoris.


Hugo frantically searched for his childer over the years, and suspicions of the Tremere having captured many of the different clans were starting to spread. Hugo was able to track down a member of House Tremere, and was able to extract information about the rituals, and experimentation on the other Kindred. Which lead him to ledgers detailing the process and information pertaining to Bastion and his transformation. Hugo was able to use the Tremere to setup a ploy to have Bastion used as protection during a Courier delivery between Venice, and Ceoris. During the delivery, Hugo was able to ambush the Tremere, and Bastion. The Tremere was quickly dispatched. And Bastion was quickly staked by his former sire.

Hugo returned Bastion to Spain, and started the process of reconditioning him, returning a few fragments of information back to him, that had been stolen. But his mind had forever been changed. In 1487, the Gargoyle revolt happen. The Slaves rose up to their Masters, and declared their Independence. Bastion didn’t participate in the revolt. Having become the Protector of Hugo.

In 2004, Hugo needed a book translated from Arabic, and sought out Lafeyette LaClaire. A reputable Scholar. Lafeyette translated the book, but was uneasy about its source material. And was reluctant to return the book to Hugo. Bastion was never told the nature of the book, and it was lost when Hugo was killed by unknown forces in 2014. Bastion knew of Xuletchupa, Hugo’s Childer, and decided to arrange for transportation to the states, where he met up with his sires childer, and took an oath to Protect him. Bastion then joined the Terra Draconis Pack, in Austin, Texas.

Bastion The Gargoyle

Player: Troy Stults
Character: Bastion
Clan: Gargoyle
Position: N/A
Status: Initiated
Domain: TX-065-D "No Witnesses"
VST: Rich Czerwonky