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"Alohrs pas, I ain' here to haunt you, loup garou petit. I ain' even dead.
If'n you sees a ghost when you look in mah eyes, it's a reflection. Not a sign."
Bayou renown.jpg

Rank: Mother (Athro)
Renown: 19
Humor: Sly x3, Inspired x2, Wicked
Cunning: Clever x5, Wise x3,
Insightful x2, Cunning x1
Ferocity: Courageous x3


Player: Ree S.
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Nuwisha
Rank: Aunt
Domain: Seattle
VST: Toddles

Bayou reputation.jpg

"C’mon, rest you bones and laugh wid me.
The world’s too interestin' ta hurry t’ru."

This Nuwisha Lupus experienced her First Change during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Abandoned by circumstance, raised by voudoun Cajuns, she's been in over her head ever since. Free-wheeling and generous of heart, with a shortsighted, trouble-making streak, Bayou has little understanding of money, but she does have an interest in one-upsmanship, pranks, and raucous activity. She gets grudges easily, but gives them up just as easily. Umbra-walker, puzzle-solver, enigma-breaker, Bayou seems to live the ultimate happy-go-lucky existence, cheerily following the loa wherever they may lead.

Bayou Krewe.jpg

Bayou dot2.jpg Seeker of the Chase.
Bayou dot2.jpg Totem's gift to Inelegant Solution.
Bayou dot2.jpg Roadie for Banshee's Wail.
Bayou dot2.jpg Little sister of the Scrapping Crew.
Bayou dot2.jpg Inciter of Get.
Bayou dot2.jpg Cousin to rats, bears, and crows.
Bayou dot2.jpg Drifter on the Dancing Tides.
Bayou dot2.jpg Honorary Guhral.

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Bayou dot.jpg"My two closest peeps think she's the best, so I already kinda liked her and all when I met her. Plus ~ who can argue with a lady that says your a badass when you don't even remember being a badass! That's pretty fucking awesome if you ask me~"Caoimhe O'Brien
Bayou dot.jpg"Bayou smells like fen and carries bones in her hat. Our coyote is best coyote."Tylwyth
Bayou dot.jpg"I've known her awhile now... she taught me a lot about the world outside my city and showed me it was ok to follow my curiosity... and that I wasn't alone. She's pretty cool. I like her. You should too."Simon Kressin
Bayou dot.jpg"She is alright, for a dog." ...and all those around Bjorn stared, slackjawed, at what might have been praise for something other than a Garou.Bjorn
Bayou dot.jpg"I do my best to keep my distance. I understand she's made friends, and I respect their decisions... but I've read the stories and I've listened; our actions weren't the best in ages past, but one thing tales say for certain is that Father Coyote's kin never forgive, never forget, and always wait till the best possible moment to take their revenge. I just don't see her doing any different."Jake "Takes-the-High-Ground" Whitewater
Bayou dot.jpg"'So Bayou,' I say, 'Bayou, where's the motherfucking tour bus?' And she just fucking grins at me, you know? That fucking grin. And she says 'No bus. Don't need 'em. Got supplies. Supplies bettah.' So me and the boys wander over to see what the fuck she means by 'supplies', right? And I gotta admit, at first I was really fucking pissed off that she traded a tour bus for six cases of spam and a supermarket full of organic cheddar...but when the Ratkin came? It turned out to be just what we needed. So yeah, you ask me why we let a Nuwisha hang out with us? That's why. Because Bayou may not be what you expect...but the fucking odds are that she's what you need"Patrick Kennedy
Bayou dot.jpg"I would not drop an anvil on this coyote."Feathers
Bayou dot.jpg"Bayou...Bayou is responsible for keeping track of all our equipment. The queen of making sure that we get where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there. Now, she and I squabble over my guitar all the time — I won't let the damn thing out of my sight. She's always telling me it's her responsibility to schlep our stuff from one venue to the next. I tell her this guitar is worth more than life itself. She tells me it's a hunk of wood, metal, and strung cat gut. I'll never forget the time that she got back at me for calling her a Cajun Coonass... I came in to find one day what I thought was my guitar smashed to bits all over the floor. I broke down and cried, I cried like a small child who found his blanket shredded to bits by the family dog. After an hour of lamenting over my love, she came up behind me and handed me my real guitar. She smiled that wicked grin of hers, and that's when I noticed Patrick Kennedy filming the whole thing."Nial "Strikes the Strings" Eriksen
Bayou dot.jpg"That was a good one, Bayou."Bjorn
Bayou dot.jpg"It's like the UN, we work together despite the occasional political squabbles of our countries. You just have to keep an eye on her, so the silverware stays put. Wait...where's Bayou?"Scarred Sanctuary
Bayou dot.jpg"Do not mistake flippant manner for lack of wisdom or ability."Reborn in Fire
Bayou dot.jpg"Smart and clever and funny. And, when things get crazy, she seems to always be the one reaching for a solution, rather than just twisting their hands wondering what to do. I trust her."Rozalija Halytsky
Bayou dot.jpg"She knows her place and purpose in society better than anyone I've ever met. She can stalk the Umbra like its the back of her hand. If I were inclined to admit such things--I might say that I find myself envious of her."Dylan 'Omengazer' Spade
Bayou dot.jpg"Okay, so MAYBE all the Coyote aren't that bad. THena gain, I swear, I have NO idea what she says... other then... Red, go blow something up. I hear that a LOT out of her mouth. She is a weird one." -Marbolo Red
Bayou dot.jpg"Your quote here!"Your PC's Name

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