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Character Information

Name: Beatrice Nox

Race: Bastet

Tribe: Ceilican

Pryio: Night

Rank: Bon Bhat

Notable Traits:

  • Deep auburn hair
  • Green eyes
  • Business casual attire, usually with a skirt
  • Wears a chain with several charms
    • Figure of Bast
    • Figure of Rat
    • Flat pendent with a glyph on either side
    • One charm fragment of a larger whole
  • Has four spirit marks
    • Bastet Glyph from Hong Kong on the back of her neck
    • Crocodile bite on her left shoulder
    • Banana peel on her inner left forearm
    • Small set of claw marks down her right arm
  • No scent
  • Graceful


Words Overheard

  • Feel free to add one.
Character Image

- Image to be posted eventually -


  • "And the dance begins again. Once more, with feeling?" - Lilly McGrory
  • "She's part of the pack. Don't like it? Don't care." - Freki
  • "Bea is the perfect roommate, but I kinda wish was around more often..." - Jinx's Boon
  • Feel free to add one!


  • Looks an awful lot like Ghost Light. Are they twins?
  • She may look like a teenager, but she's definitely older than she looks.
  • ...Rat likes her. Why does Rat like her??
  • Feel free to add one!

OOC Information
Player Name: Rowan Artemis - E-mail
MES Number: US2012040072
Domain: Atlanta, GA - City Wiki
VST: Miranda Rosenblum - ST E-mail
RC: Chris Roberts - RC E-mail