Beatrice M. Whitmore

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Requiem PC

Player: Nom
Character: Beatrice M. Whitmore
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus
Position: None
Status: City: 1, Clan:2 & Covenant: 2
Domain: Trois-Rivières (CDN-017)
VST: Dominic Gervais

Character Information

Name: Beatrice Margaret Whitmore

Clan: Ventrue

Covenant: Invictus

Status: City: 1, Clan:2 & Covenant:2

Title or Positon:



What people say about Beatrice

  • "A skilled negotiator and a respectful Invictus. I hope she'll find her new home welcoming." -Dimitry Stormkirk of House Darkov
  • "Nice shoe, wanna fuck? I have few customer who would love to have you has a mistress!" -Léo Desmarais
  • "You think you are so high. Your fall will only be worse. Remember, we all come from the same base stock." -Nikolaj Sorensen

Character Ties




OOC Information

Player Name

CaM Number

Location Trois-Rivières (CDN-017)