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Name: Beatriz Velasquez Vega
Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Toreador
Aliases: Bea
Embraced: 1979
Born: 1951
Apparent Age: Late 20's - Mid 30's
Current Location: Albuquerque, NM, currently in Los Angeles, CA
Covenant: Invictus
House: House Delayney
Titles and Positions: Head of the Vega Family, Secundus of Albuquerque (Invictus-only)
Status: City Status 3, Invictus Status 3, Daeva Status 4


A 5'5" woman with dark, curly hair and light hazel eyes, Beatriz's looks are more suited a night club than to Court. She typically appears in black patent leather heels, mini skirts, and slouchy, off-the-shoulder 70's tops. She has a light, breezy manner which occasionally gives way to a darker, more serious demeanor. She seems overly-preoccupied with other people's clothing choices.


Requiem PC

Player: Erin Stanton
Clan: Daeva -- Toreador
Covenant: Invictus
Domain: NM-001-D
VST: Erin S.
DST: Lisa K.

IC Email: None.



Public Knowledge

  • Heir and head of the Vegas, an old and established Spanish family residing within New Mexico.
  • Speaks Spanish fluently, a smattering of French.
  • NYU Tisch film school drop-out.
  • Funds the production of several successful and popular TV shows shot in New Mexico.
  • Devotee of the fine arts. Always attends Fashion Week and the Tribeca Film Festival.
  • Director of several extremely bad "art house" films which border on complete pornography. They have a tiny cult following.


Jerónimo Sánchez de Carranza.jpg

Facts Known to Kindred Society

  • Practitioner of La Verdadera Destreza, an antiquated Spanish sword-fighting style.
  • Head of the Vega Family, a large Spanish family of both mortal and Daeva bloodline members.



In the 1970's Beatriz Velasquez Vega was a promising young film major at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Due to a profound lack of self-discipline and lazy attitude towards her work, she eventually dropped out to pursue more "experimental" material. Although tangentially related to The Factory scene in Manhattan during the height of the disco era, she never made significant inroads with anyone important in the Warhol crowd. She admired film auteurs such as Paul Morrissey, Jean Rollin, and Ingmar Bergman and sought to emulate them in her short films.

However, the difference between Beatriz and her film idols lay in that Beatriz was, and is, an excruciatingly bad director. If she had spent less time covered in sweat, glitter and cocaine down at The Cheetah night club she might have actually learned something in film school. Despite having conceits about making "high art," she was eventually forced to return home a failure. By the late 1980's she'd moved back to New Mexico where she continued to live in a non-marginal amount of luxury on her parent's largesse. When her mother and father's patience with her profligate lifestyle ran out, and tremendously deep in debt, she wound up in the business of making cheap sexploitation films thinly-disguised as horror flicks to make ends meet. With god-awful titles like "Vampire Bunnies Get Staked Hard," these films would occasionally make the cover of magazines like Fangoria. She would still insist what she was doing was "art."

Aside from her own terrible craft, Beatriz has strong connections within the legitimate New Mexico TV and movie industries, including several friends at the New Mexico Film Board. She has her hands in the production of a few successful TV shows filmed in the state, but only in a remote, financial capacity.

Beatriz lives in a gracious Spanish Colonial home on the outskirts of Albuquerque where the majority of her own movies are filmed. This estate is one of several Vega Family properties; all members of the family have a standing invitation to come by anytime. The house itself exists in a near-constant state of Gatsby-esque 24-hour party, with filming going on at all odd hours. The premises are littered with useless hangers-on and club kids looking to score drugs or alcohol. Beatriz doesn't keep track of who comes and goes; the doors are always open. A tremendous voyeur, she likes to watch others but never involves herself directly in the revelry.

Despite an overall shallowness, Beatriz is a fundamentally humane person. She doesn't like to ghoul servants (a process she finds disgusting), and tries to maintain a humanist way of unlife. She surrounds herself with mortals and prefers to spend most of her time around them. Her only consort is a not particularly bright mortal chauffeur.

Last, but hardly least, Beatriz is completely and utterly infatuated with clothing, especially other people's clothing. Her tastes vary widely, but if anyone brings up couture, she is quick to name Rodarte, Oscar de la Renta, Comme de Garçons, and especially Alexander McQueen as her favorites. In directly reverse proportion, anyone wearing clothing she doesn't like will irritate her--often to the point where she cannot pay attention to anything else going on around her except for the sartorial offense.

Chateau Marmont at night.jpg


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  • James Wotton -- Invictus and broodmate.
  • Sir Jackson Lee Marsh -- Vassal, Knight of the Order of the Thorned Wreath, Invictus Senator of Albuquerque
  • Sir Thomas -- Invictus of Albuquerque, member of House Ch'thon
  • Styx
  • Garrett Reese de la Vega -- Priscus of Clan Daeva & Praetor of Albuquerque
  • James Hewitt de la Vega -- Consul of Albuquerque
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Friends and Acquaintances

  • El Catrina -- Heirophant of Albuquerque, head of House Kaethon, Priscus of Clan Nosferatu
  • Tad Lancaster Wrathcombe -- Childe of El Catrina, member of the Cockscomb Society
  • Mila Vincent -- Scourge of Albuquerque, member of House C'thon
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  • Guy Mann, Student Reporter, Man of Action -- Beatriz's perceived arch-nemesis. He once wrote an unflattering article about one of her films.

Fallen Friends




  • "....Where did you get those boots?"


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  • Beatriz has tried to have people killed for fashion choices she found offensive.
  • The party-girl debauchee personality is a total put-on. She doesn't enjoy anything except making money.
  • She is up to her ears in debt due to the repeated failure of her films.
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Personal Idols

  • Sylvester -- Queen of Disco
  • Edie Sedgwick -- Socialite and Warhol muse.
  • John Waters -- The Pope of Trash.
  • Bill Cunningham -- Legendary NYT fashion photographer.
  • G.G. Allin -- "Performance" artist.
  • Patrick Bateman -- Protagonist of American Psycho.
  • Karl Lagerfield -- "I don't like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness."
  • Edith Bouvier Beale "Little Edie" -- Isolated socialite "Of course, I’m mad about animals, but raccoons and cats become a little bit boring. I mean, for too long a time."
  • Jean Rollin -- French horror film director.
  • Radley Meztger -- So-called King of Porno Chic in the 1970's.
  • Jurgen Haabermaaster -- Experimental film director as played by Julien Barratt in The Mighty Boosh.
  • Udo Kier -- Udo on Ewe Boll: "The director has the title of the worst director in the world - of course I want to work with him!"
  • RuPaul -- “When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerful thing you could ever do.”
  • Bootsy Collins -- "The world's only rhinestone rock-star doll."
  • Mylène Farmer -- French singer and songwriter

Udo kier in blood for dracula.jpg Oh, Udo.


  • Blood for Dracula -- dir. Paul Morrissey, Antonio Margheriti, 1974
  • Flesh for Frankenstein -- dir. Paul Morrissey, Antonio Margheriti, 1974

  • Requiem pour un Vampire -- dir. Jean Rollin, 1971
  • Le Frisson des Vampires -- dir. Jean Rollin, 1971

  • Pink Flamingos -- dir. John Waters, 1972
  • Desperate Living -- dir. John Waters, 1977

  • The Devil Wears Prada -- 2006
  • The September Issue -- 2009


  • "Dogging" by Steven Meisel, Vogue Italia (NSFW).
  • The Park by Kohei Yoshiyuki (also NSFW).


  • "Rich Kids: America's Young Heirs and Heiresses, How They Love and Hate Their Money" by John Sedgwick, 1995.
  • Edie: An American Biography by Jean Stein, 1982.


  • Sex Dwarf -- Soft Cell "Isn't it nice? Sugar and spice. Luring disco dollies to a life of vice. I can make a film and make you my star, you'll be a natural the way you are." Not linking this video....
  • The Creep -- Lonely Island feat. Nicki Minaj and John Waters
  • Shoes -- Kelly "These shoes rule. These shoes suck. These shoes are three hundred fucking dollars. ... Let's get 'em!"
  • Money -- The Flying Lizards "Your loving gives me such a thrill, but your love won't pay my bills. I want money! That's what I want!"
  • Hot Couture -- Manila Luzon "Let the streets be my runway tonight"
  • The Fear -- Lily Allen "But it doesn't matter 'cause I'm packing plastic and that's what makes my life so fucking fantastic."
  • Your Makeup Is Terrible -- Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 "If I have an issue with you, I'll bring it right to your busted face.'"
  • California Mylène Farmer "C'est sexy le ciel de Californie. Sous ma peau j'ai L.A. en overdose." (It's sexy, the sky of California. Under my skin, L.A. in overdose.)
  • Femme Fatale Velvet Underground cover by Genevieve Waite. "She'll build you up to just put you down, what a clown."
  • Lust for a Vampyr I, Monster "When you meet anyone you can find, sink your teeth, you're in love for one night."

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