Beau von Abandroth

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Requiem PC

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue •••
Bloodline: Geheim
Conspiracy: Baochuang de Wenti
City: Manhattan, KS ••••
Player: E. Panter
Storyteller: J. Boyer

Physical Description and Notable Traits:

House von Abandroth

With My Champagne Tastes... (Information Known by Society)

It's only gossip if I repeat it... (Quotes)

  • "With twenty sons like Beau I could conquer the world." - The Baron von Abandroth
  • "The Alder Magnate and I ... understand one another. We are creatures of vastly different tastes and temperaments, and yet we are both of us Lords. He has my respect, and my arm at his side should he ever have need of it." - Elias Fujita
  • "Having become associated with Beau has invigorated business. He pays well, and promptly, and if ever I need something he can provide it or find it. I see how this indebts me to him further, but I'm willing to dance to his piping, for now." - Grey
  • "I suppose one of us von Abandroths must possess social graces. Thankfully, he is also the aesthetically pleasing one." – Georgina Godfrey
  • "Those years stand out as second only to those before my release in the amount of misery and abject humiliation I was made to suffer. And yet, in spite of this, I am extremely grateful to Mr. von Abandroth. The education I received as a result will stay with me the rest of my nights." - Giuseppe DiParma
  • "Dear Beau,it is not just the Cello that he plays so well." Althea von Abandroth
  • "Beau? He's currently as the Academy making Science happen. And explosions... don't forget the explosions." Marcus Anghelescu

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Rumor has it...

  • Malkovian. Definitely.
  • Beau and Georgina Godfrey agree much too often. It's quite suspect, really.
  • That beautiful mansion Beau lives's quite the house of horrors.

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OOC Info

Player Name
Eric "ERK!" Panter

MES Number


Manhattan, KS