Becca Wulfe

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Changeling PC

Player: Chrissy Loeber
Character: Becca Wulfe
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart
Court: Summer
Freehold: The Scoured Freehold
VST: MacKenzie Rennick

Character Information

Name: Becca Wulfe

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Hunterheart

Court: Summer

Notable Traits: Fiery red hair and Icy blue eyes. Her fur seems to whiten when winter comes and darkens when spring arrives. She also tends to have a bitchy resting face when you meet her.

Title or Position: Summer Courtier of the The Scoured Freehold

Archetype(s) Achieved:

Freehold Status: 2


Becca looks to be in her late twenties with fair skin and plain face. Her most noticeable features are her long fiery red hair and her icy blue eyes. Becca has an athletic curvy body that she chooses to hide with oversize baggy clothing. Becca also seems to have bitchy resting face unless you are the few to see her smile. She seems to be wearing a collar around her neck. It is made of a really nice crafted leather and seems to be like it was made to fit her perfectly. When you look at it there is a heart charm on the collar, when you get close enough it says "Becca."


Her mein is very close to what her mask looks like. The major differences though is she has features of a wolf. Her ears are long and soft and the fur matches her tail. both areas of fur change slightly when the seasons change. It ranges from a dark black in the summer and fades to a white in the winter. She seems to be wearing a collar and it has a heart shaped tag on it. When you get close enough it reads "Becca."

Mantle (Summer Mantle 3 Winter Goodwill 1 Moon Goodwill 1)

When standing next to her you feel a slight bite of a winter’s frost on your skin as goosebumps form, but as soon as you feel this warm summer breeze comes to chase it away to make you feel warm. If you are quiet enough around her you will hear the faint sounds of wolves calling to each other. Staring at her mantle you notice a dark almost inky shadow mixed into her mantle. It seems to be fighting the summer light for the spotlight.


  • Beneath her demeanor of an icy, growling wolf is a warm, playful puppy.
  • Becca and Nicholas Rex are in quite the expressive relationship.
  • She found a bird in a cage during the summer games just to see how Haley, the Spring Monarch, would act.
  • She was so stubborn Hell itself spat her back out.
  • She died but Nicholas Rex did some necromancy ritual and brought her back to life.
  • The wolf-daughter-person to Jin Shen


"Don’t like new changlings...No I don't care how long you been out you're new to me so I don't like you no offense."

"Such loyalty... if only people would reward her for it rather than punish her. Well, I know I could always use a Hand in Joliet..." - Silas Grey

"Becca's cool! She can be a little sneaky, but all-and-all I think she's pretty much up front about what she thinks. Just respect her personal space!" - DJ Radix

" So, like, we were in the god-damn fucking Underworld, right? And everybody is running around like it's some school holiday and poking shit. And I turn around and there is Fuzzy-Ears being the only person as fucking pissed as me to be there. It is one of those rare ass moments of instant bonding over mutual disgust and hatred. We have literally gone to Hell and back together." - Arc

"She's like a big sister to me. Who's growl-y and sometimes has a creepy smile. She's pretty awesome." - Toby Harrel

"Allegedly if I stick my tongue out at her, she'll do all these lovely unmentionables to it. I'm excited." - Scarlett

"My stalwart wolf, you have shown, through the haze of treachery and deceit that surrounds us, what true loyalty is. There is no other true Summer I would rather have at my side when the darkness falls." -Raijin Lei Shen

OOC Information


She is part of the Hound Tribunal. This is not public knowledge, but if you like to become a member we can try to work something out!

Player: Chrissy Loeber

MES Number: US2013050223

Location: IL-013-D, Life is a Warped Reality ]