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Changeling PC

Player: Cindy Jackson
Character: Rebecca Langstrome, aka Becky
Seeming: Elemental
Kith: Waterborn
Court: Spring
Freehold: Congress of Oddfellows
VST: Cris Picado


Character Information

Name: Rebecca Langstrome, aka Becky

Seeming: Elemental

Kith: Waterborn

Court: Spring

Notable Traits: Has what appears to be live fish swimming in her. Her mask shows playful koi fish tattoos

Title or Position: Joyeux

Physical Description

  • Mask:
  • Mein:
  • Clothing: Always blues and greens of various shades
  • Mantle: 4: Sounds of waves lapping on the shores of a deep, blue lake. Fresh watery breeze blowing all around you.


  • Tea leaves steeped in her body create either a healing potion or an emetic. Trouble is, you won't know until you drink it...


I ran into Becky at Burning Man! She's really refreshing company. I was sort of surprised to see a Waterborn in the desert, but hey, at least she didn't start up a thunder storm like Swift did! - DJ Radix

The Autumn King trusts her to keep me sober. Don't laugh! She's good at it! - Lilith Parsons

I truly enjoy being around her...I would like to get to know her better so I can feel her water so I can blossom more - Ash


Aubrey Dodgson - Aubrey is just awesome. She makes some of the best candies, jams, etc. at her bakery that anyone has ever tasted. She is definitely one of my best friends.

Doug Hund - Doug seems to always have a surprise or two up his sleeve when you least expect it. He's always approachable but might take a little time to get back to you since he has a lot of responsibilities, especially during the school year.

Dorian Black - Dorian is one of the few people that I will go to whenever I feel uncertain of security. While he seems approachable most of the time, he's also a little scary.

Filigree - Filigree is a fun little hedgehog. She's great hang out with and fun to watch when she's eating her grubs and worms.

Johnathan Grimm - Jonathon makes the best mixed drinks around. Anytime he and I are in the same location, especially if it's at his bar, I can count on him to make sure I'm enjoying and trying new drink variations.

Lilith Parsons - Lilith is a great friend who is always ready to lend a helping hand. She is very protective of the children under her care at the school; actually, children in general.

Shelly - Shelly is a tough but awesome trainer when it comes to learning weapons. She always makes sure the I leave the Summer gym sore and tired in a good way.


DJ Radix - Radix your music at Burning Man totally rocked. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I can't wait to see what you bring to the next Burning Man.

OOC Information

Player: Cindy Jackson

MES Number: US2013090020

Location: East Central