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Requiem PC

Player: Stevie B
Character: Bei Shi Tian
Clan: Mekhet ●
Bloodline: Unknown
Covenant: Circle of the Crone ●●●●●
Conspiracy: none
City: Chicago,_IL_Requiem ●●●●●
VST: Chicago Requiem VST
Blog: Flow Like Water

Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend. --Bruce Lee

Character Information

Name: Bei Shi Tian

Clan: Mekhet

Bloodline: Unknown

Covenant: Circle of the Crone


  • Sire: Quan Fa (dec)
  • Childer: None Known

Notable Traits

Fashion: Bei goes to some lengths to maintain a modern, if not entirely fashionable appearance. His style of dress has been compared to the late Kim Jong-il and "The Hangover" character Leslie Chow. He's fond of track suits and sneakers as well as large sunglasses.
Faith: Bei is a Daoist, seeking balance in all things. He lived his mortal life as a Shaolin monk, seeking understanding of The Way through meditation and guang fu, and he continues to emphasizes these in his requiem.
As Heirophant: Bei promoted tolerance for all beliefs and roles within the Circle of Chicago resulting in a wide array of faiths represented in the Circle. His ritual style emphasizes simplicity and a connection to nature. As an acolyte he is a Hermit, allowing others to come to him for counsel, but rarely seeking out other kindred.
Interacting: It is rare for him to go to anyone, and indeed he is best described by others as taciturn, even when one is in his presence he will very rarely engage first. It's said that if you need something from him "you have to want it" when you seek him out as he's not going to make it any easier for you.

Known Associates






City: Prince
General: Sifu 師傅
Covenant: Rex Nemorensis of the Great Lakes

Quotes about Sifu Bei

Credited quotes will be answered with one from him.

  • "I'm not sure if the duck metaphor (calm on the surface, paddling like hell under the water) or the river metaphor (can't catch water) works best for Bei Shi Tian, but either way I'd rather talk to 1 Bei Shi Tian sized duck than 100 duck sized Bei Shi Tians" - Jon Clay
  • "True Masters of legend are nearly impossible to find in this age. Master Bei Shi Tians is thankfully from an age were such masters were forged. Be honored to be graced with his presence." - Hal Fischer
  • "His mind impenetrable and his movement swift, the Sifu is the embodiment of Sun Tzu's thunderbolt. Which is why he is always welcome at my table." - Lord Quinn
  • "I find myself worried that someday I will disappoint Sifu Bei." - Anahita
  • "Sifu Bei is in a constant state of calm, but it is clear to those close to him that there is infinite movement within his mind." -Anya Vandricht
  • "Sifu Bei is the kind of kindred of faith that I can respect" - Gus
  • "I understand that Sifu Bei wishes to fight me. This is either the greatest compliment I have ever recieved or the most thinly veiled death threat. Either way I am deeply honored." -Jude Alexander
  • "I have nothing to say about Sifu Bei Shi Tian." -w@tch3r
  • "Szechuan cuisine is traditional for as being dangerous to consume as it is difficult to cook." - Leopold Macellarius
  • "I know little about Prince Bei from personal experience. I do, however, know that he was committed enough to reach for, and to take, the reigns of Chicago when they were otherwise floating loose, and that, alone, is reason enough for him to command my esteem. He seems to be primarily interested in the stability of Chicago's Kindred court, and that, I absolutely respect. That the established Kindred of Chicago supported his claim, or, at least, actively did not oppose it, shows that he holds the esteem needed to make a successful Prince. I was the first Kindred that he Acknowledged, and I will not forget that consideration. I look forward to seeing how his reign develops over the next few decades. It should be interesting, if nothing else. He is a Kindred to watch, to say the least." - Aidan Clarke


Please feel free to add a rumor

  • Bei doesn't feel fear.
  • Bei has no use for the idea of Clans.
  • Bei is a pacifist who refuses to engage in any kind of violent act.
  • Bei knows exactly who he looks like in those track suits and dresses that way on purpose. It's his one attempt at humor.
  • Bei keeps a collection of Beyblades because the moniker entertains him.
  • Bei once was known as the Lion of The East, and is credited with being the source of the adage, "When the lion roars, then all is silence"

Character Inspirations

OOC Information

Player Name Stevie B

MES Number US2005106811

Location Chicago, IL