Bela Chvala

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Accord NPC

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Truth Cult: The CUT
Location: Prague
ST: ANST Accord

Character Information

Name: Bela Chvala

Notable Traits: A Caucasian woman in her fifties with short ash blonde hair and blue eyes.

Position and Title: Bishop in the The Church of Ultimate Truth, 2014 candidate for the Papacy


A stern but approachable woman who once took the family business to the third-largest transportation corporation in Eastern Europe. Known for her charisma and intellect, Chvala is a highly respected member of the Church of Ultimate Truth and currently spearheads an initiative to feed and house the homeless. She is an outspoken critic of other religions and has spoken openly about converting the entire Czech Republic.

In Service to the Truth

The Church of Ultimate Truth

Bela Chvala joined the Church of Ultimate Truth in 2013, taking little time to be ordained as a Bishop in the faith. Barely a year later, she was in serious consideration to be named as the Pope of the Church of Ultimate Truth in the wake of Felton Weathers' untimely death. It was only the untimely appearance of evidence that Chvala's grandfather was a Nazi sympathizer and collaborator that put a crimp in her taking the position of Pope. Still, Bishop Chvala remains in service to the faith and will continue to make the most of the trust her followers have given her.

Early History

Family History

Konstantin Chvala was a young factory work in Prague during the Nazi invasion, and shortly thereafter joined the Central Leadership of Home Resistance (Ústřední vedení odboje domácího, ÚVOD). He participated in Operation Anthropoid and after the war built Chvala Enterprises. His son, Dobromil, took over the company in 1978, and merged it with Broz Transportation Incorporated (BTI) in 1983.

Personal History

Bela Chvala was born in Prague on June 19th, 1973. Chvala attended boarding schools for most of her childhood, studying at various engineering schools and centers throughout Europe. She earned an advanced degree from École Polytechnique, and spent several years in Paris before returning to Prague in 2003. After the death of her father she inherited the family business, Broz-Chvala Enterprises, Eastern Europe's third largest transportation company. The company was sold to Diadem Logistics in 2013 when Chvala became the local Bishop of the Church of Ultimate Truth.

Marriage and children

Bishop Chvala is an unmarried single woman with no children.


From Her

  • "If every man, woman, and child in Czechoslovakia would renounce their outdated faiths tomorrow, I could hand them the world. I mean to do that, before my time on this earth is over."


  • Her grandfather was a Nazi sympathizer, one with enough skeletons in his closet that his granddaughter's candidacy for CUT Pope was marred.