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Apocalypse PC

Player:Julia Barnes[1]
Sept:The Watchtower Sept
Tribe:Silicon Sentinel
Position:Master of Rites
Domain:Atlanta, GA.
VST:Apocalypse VST[2]

Character Information


Name: Bella Dent-Wycroft

Deed Names: Cliath: Bane Reaver, Fostern: Stands Her Ground, Adren: Firewall, Athro: Transhuman Matrix (H+ Matrix)

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Silicon Sentinel

Sept Positions: Master of Rites

Renown: 12 Wisdom, 7 Glory, 7 Honor

Sept: The Watchtower Sept, Atlanta, Ga.

Notable Traits: Bella is of average height with blonde hair and blue eyes. Even though she is small in stature, she has a commanding presence that most people gravitate towards. (Commanding x3) She dresses preppy, and seems to be the perpetual sorority girl. She also wears a pair of high heels and carries a large purse from a major designer or label. Bella has a large scar that crosses the right side of her face, and also has a notably large scar going up her right arm. For anyone who looks closely, she has a small scar on her wrist that looks like a Clockwork Phoenix. She also has a scar underneath that looks like a small lotus blossom. She is also famous for her political work in the mundane world. (Fame x 3 - USA-SE-WA-1503-024773)

Pack and Position: Beta of The Devil's Cut, Ritemaster of The Watchtower Sept


Known Information

  • Is the daughter of the former Alpha of the Sept of the Stone Rose, Martin "Stalks the Boardroom" Dent
  • Had a following out with her father soon after she went to college.
  • Attended law school at the Washington State School of Law in Seattle, WA.
  • Surprised her family by shifting at age 28.
  • Details of her change are sketchy at best, but it did result in her brother, Jack Dent, having to renounce his auspice.
  • The siblings spent several years traveling the United States fighting the Wyrm before returning home.
  • Bella follows her brother unwaveringly.
  • Returned to Chattanooga, TN. and the Sept of the Stone Rose in December of 2013.
  • Bella has started to make a name for herself in the Nation.
  • Participated in the raising of the ClockWork Phoenix in Atlanta, GA. during December of 2013.
  • Became the Mayor of Chattanooga, TN. in February of 2014.
  • Participated in the Battle of Chickamauga, and helped destroy the Green Dragon in Chattanooga, TN. during April of 2014.
  • Participated at the Caern raising in Greeneville, South Carolina in May of 2014.
  • Destroyed the Baine Wraith that had been plaguing the city of Chattanooga for years.
  • Helped save the kinfolk running for Senate in Nashville, TN. by arranging a meeting before the fighting began.
  • Changed Chattanooga's skyline to rescue a Get of Fenris pack trapped under Raccoon Mountain that took on an Athro BSD.
  • Destroyed an Elder BSD in Chattanooga, TN. that had been given the task to to kill her brother, Jack Dent.
  • Participated in the Caern raising at the WatchTower Sept in Atlanta, GA. in December of 2014.
  • Took on the Fomori dubbed "Bloop" by the Sept in January of 2015. Nearly lost her life, but got a radical scar out of it.
  • Discovered and defended the lost caern in Chattanooga, TN. and the former Sept of the Broken Arrow in March of 2015.
  • Was involved in a very mysterious battle at the Mountain City Club with her brother, Jack, in Chattanooga, TN. She doesn't speak of what she found there.
  • Participated and led the charge in the Battle for Lookout Mountain in May of 2015.
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  • Is extremely close to the Weaver, and knows more than any Garou should want.
  • Knows as much about the Wyld as she does the Weaver.
  • Would follow CockRoach to Malfeas and back if he so deemed it.
  • Has been taken over by CockRoach on more than one occasion to bring important information to the Glass Walker tribe.
  • As a Cub, she flaunted with the idea of becoming a Black Fury.
  • Has an axe to grind with a kinfolk by the name of Asha.
  • Was abandoned by a group of Get of Fenris when on her Fostern Challenge. That is how she got the scar on her right arm.
  • Will teach anyone who comes to her as long as they are willing to learn.
  • Has a huge chip on her shoulder, and is extremely ambitious.
  • Has been marked by both Luna and CockRoach.
  • Bears a klaive by the name of Nova, but she never seems to have it when it she goes into battle.
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  • "You don't need arms and legs to breed, bitch!" said to Asha - Bella
  • "Shit, I wonder if I wouldn't have to work as hard if I was known throughout the Nation as a slut instead of a bitch." - Bella
  • "Damn, my sister is pissed." ~ Jack "WarGames" Dent
  • "She seems solid enough, but I can never quite tell what's gonna set her off. That makes me edgy." - Sarah
  • "None go without at this Sept. Eat and rest." Archer's Paradox
  • "Bella-rhya seems to be blunt, but she's been through quite a lot, so I can understand and sympathize with her." - Serena Argyris
  • "She's smart, has vision, understands the spirits, and knows well her own mind without feeling the need to force it upon others. There's little more that I could ask for in a fellow Theurge." - Tiercel Twice-Sworn
  • "She calls herself a bitch, and that others agree. Silly humans think that's an insult! Strong, dedicated, opinionated, and protective...and she's always been awesome to me." - Zero Prime
  • "She's th'only woman who I'll ever trust with all my secrets, so if y'don't like that, y'can go fuck yourself." - Victoria Wycroft
  • "You shall bring light to the darkness, Bella Dent..." - Sol, Avatar of Helios
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OOC Information

  • Player is open to all sorts of ties. Just contact me at

User:Julia Barnes US2013100189

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