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Requiem PC

Player: Delia H.
Character: Bellatrix Fields Fortune Harrington
Clan: Mehket
Bloodline: Unknown
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Position: Hashtag Harpy, Priscus Harpy
Status: City 3, Covenant 3, Clan 3
Domain: NC-008 D
VST: Terry James

Character Information

Name: Bellatrix #83114 #Trixie #TrixisNOTforkids #Bella #Williamsgirl #Fortunechilder #Hashtagharpy #mrsharrington

Sire Vincent Fortune #darkpervertknight #thisshadowsstalker #vampiredaddy

Clan: Mehket #shadow #antifireclan

Bloodline: Unknown

Covenant: The Carthian Movement #Coderclique #Studygroup #VivalaMovement

Status: City 3, The Carthian Movement 3, Mehket 3

Notable Traits: Asian young woman, 5'2 who appears to be about 18 with long black hair, hazel eyes, INSANELY short skirts, clothing adored in plaid and/or cartoon characters and glasses. Bellatrix is a strikingly attractive woman (SL4) and always has a computer (or two) in tow.

Title or Position: Priscus Harpy, Carthian Myrmidon, Hashtag Harpy




-Affiliations House Fortune


  • Bellatrix is Cecil Cooper's lovechild.
  • Had a quickie with the cities Nos in the backroom of Elysium
  • If you offer to choke her, she'll work to raise your social standings.
  • Bellatrix is actually William Harringtons blood bonded sex slave
  • Is really a Deava
  • Is the only real Mehket in Charlotte
  • Has been behind several power outages and explosions in the area
  • Quit her Harpy position because she was bored with Charlotte
  • Diego de la Vega and Lady Catherine had her so bored during a sexual encounter she made a phone call and text messaged through it.
  • Bellatrix is using William Harrington to annoy Chad Trent
  • Hates kindred society and just does reports to piss everyone off
  • Is allergic to Axe bodyspray
  • Has mellowed out since her marriage to William Harrington
  • Has her eye on Ryan O'Connell
  • She's just as psychotic as anyone could have expected of her. Torture is a skill she is capable of, she just didn't realize how capable she was until given the opportunity.
  • She has not had quickies with the Nosferatu of Charlotte. She's terrified they'll eat her flesh off her bones because she's so pretty.
  • She is blood bound to the Gangrel of Charlotte.
  • She is an Ordo spy among the Carthians. Why else would a Mekhet marry a Gangrel.
  • Got her husband's sire Ryan O'Connell torpored because he didn't appreciate how great Mehket are.
  • Is a superior hacker that has pissed off two covenants


  • "You asshole, I'm never having sex with you! I'm lowering your status!"
  • "Yeah, but my status may be lower, but it will still be higher than her morals." -Dr. Robert Montrose
  • "Oh. I'm going to have sex with someone tonight. I just don't know who."
  • " The rumor was I had sex with the Nos 'Prisci' I'm not just doing any Joe-Shmo. You got to have a little status."
  • "That's my goal every night is to get a rise out of someone, something, somewhere."
  • Having sex with someones childer, is not the same as having sex with them. it's really different, right?"
  • " Cecil Coopers too stupid to find evidence, or pay someone off, so yeah, he wasn't involved."
  • "I wish Chad Trent was here, then I could sit on him."
  • "Alright, I'm bored. Who wants to have sex."
  • "Libido is willing, but the common sense is too strong here."
  • "See, cats have hair everywhere, and the only place I have hair is on my head.
  • "The great thing about having rough sex is that I look perfectly fine in the morning."
  • "Her harpy reports are.....interesting." -Christopher Godfrey
  • "There's more to Bellatrix than she's letting on. Much more. " Ryan O'Connell
  • "English is a very complicated language. Mrs. Bellatrix must still be learning it because she keeps running words together in her harpy reports. Matheo Veniti
  • "I want more people in my domain like her." Khalid Ibn Sahir
  • "She understands the position of Harpy far better than many whom have held the post for decades. She understands the role of society very well, and the places of those within. She is a natural, and I was proud to recruit her within." Leonard Ernest Harding to others of The Social Contract
  • "If they can't understand my reports then tough. This is the 21st century, if we are going to continue to grow and evolve then that involves using the computer and blending in with society. Currently that causes you to encounter memes, hastags, viral videos, massive social media and Furries to name a few. I will not bend to non progressive Kindred and I will write MY way."
  • "There is a reason why the Lancea et Sanctum doesn't view kindred marriages as a positive thing. Bellatrix and her husband are on the list of reasons why." - Marko Kazamir
  • "Bellatrix is back in town? Does this mean I have to pay attention to the computers again? " Ryan O'Connell
  • "William and I look at family differently. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my Chi chi, he gave me a new life and an eternity to perfect my craft. William looks at Ryan like they are always trying to compete and I think that is wrong. It is the same blood in both of them. Ryan gets that, sadly William is short sighted in this matter." -Bellatrix when talking to Simon about William's relationship with his sire.


OOC Information

Player Name: Delia H.

MES Number: US2010127155

Location: Charlotte, NC