Belle Anne Hurst

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Orlando, FL
Player: Acacia Peters
Storyteller: Mike Mershon
Belle's Mark


Character Name: Belle Anne Hurst

Known Factions: None yet

Titles: None...yet

Personal Motto: Mieux vaut manger un pain debout qu’un steak à genoux.


Belle is a quiet woman who likes to observe others more than talk to them, though she can and will be friendly if you are to her. She is interested in Psychology and Philosophy. While she is more interested in listening than she is talking, if you ask her opinion she will give it. Rarely does she mince words, though she does often follow the golden rule of "If you have nothing nice to say." Around new people she is shy and demure, but if she knows you and trusts you she can be a powerhouse.

She has not been particularly ambitious prior to the current nights, politically at least. She is, though, incredibly interested in the seer aspects of her Clan, and plans now to settle down and learn to use them properly. She hopes to prove her theory about Jung, The red book, and the Malkvian Madness network vs. the collective unconscious.

She also hopes to come out of her current bout of isolation by creating more Kindred connections. She's been Surviving these last few years, thriving on her freedom, but feels that now is the time that she trade that constant freedom for security, something she has not had since her Embrace.


Belle is unusually open about her past, at least to those she trust, and if asked will provide most details. If pressed she will politely indicate there is little else to tell, and if continued to be pushed she will change topics, shut down the discussion or even walk away.

Luckily most details are discussed easily and openly, in light tones as if talking about the weather or some sports teams latest game. The only real emotion comes out when she speaks of Davet or her time in the army.

Early life and Family

Belle Anne Hurst was born in 1838, the youngest daughter the Hurst family. Her father, Eugène Hurst, had moved from Quebec to Chester, Vermont to work as a mechanic at the Mills in nearby Springfield. There he met a local schoolteacher, Georgette Limoges, who was the daughter of the Mills foreman, Rene Limoges. They fell in love and married about a year later with the blessings of Georgette's father. Eugène often told his wife they would move back to Quebec when they had the money for him to start his own Business. Their Marriage was a happy one and soon they had a house full of children.

Belle was the second to last and the Apple of her father’s eye. She was smart as a whip and would often go to work with him and watch how he fixed the machines. She was very good at spotting flaws in the connections. When she started going to school she would come home and read to him and her maternal grandmother, or just listen to the men of the house talk politics or discuss Eugène's plans to return to Quebec.

It was a happy family.

Then tragedy struck. One summer’s day, during the recess of the school year, she went to work with her father. While she sat quietly she watched him work he got caught. As he called for help, Belle trying to get him loose, something horrible happened. The machine came to life. Her father pushed her out of the way, struggling to dislodge himself in vain, and as Belle watched her father was slowly pulled through the machine, killing him.

Her mother was devastated by the news, and Belle became quiet and withdrawn. When asked about that day she would pretend it had never happened. Her mother though could not forget, and came to Blame her daughter somewhat. It didn't help that Belle became strange after that, sometimes stealing away in her brothers clothes to the nearby town for a day or two. Her mother returned to work, this time working at the Mills.

Belle’s close friend Ellen was her only comfort, and they grew close. They would sit at school together, and Ellen would draw pictures on her chalkboard. Ellen was a Red headed Beauty, and while she wasn't the brightest in class she was fearless, often accompanying Belle on her Adventures as a Boy.

She was also close with her nearest older brother William, who knew of her outings and felt that, even if his sister was strange, she was his sister. He would be on every adventure he could be, following along behind her even keeping her out of trouble from time to time. He taught her to fight, to shoot, and to hunt. Between the outings to town and her lessons, Belle began to heal.

For a time the world was fine.

Tragedy struck again though.

During one of the outings William; 15 Belle; 12 and Ellen; 12 got lost. While trying to find their way home, Ellen and William got stuck on the ice, which was thin as it was near spring. Ellen fell in and William went in to try to save her but couldn't find her before he felt himself being pulled under. He managed to pull himself out and to shore. Belle found him and guided him home. It was a cold night, though, and by they time they returned home both had caught hypothermia. William and Belle fell ill, and for days their grandmother took care of them. She managed to get better, but William was not so lucky. He died of Pneumonia a week after the Ill-fated trip, the same day they found Ellen downriver.

Belle left for a week after, driving her mother crazy with worry. When she returned her hair and been cut short and her feet were torn. She would not speak or answer to her name and her mother snapped. She grabbed the girl and screamed her name, beating her until she responded. When she did she was kept in the house for a year, missing the last half of her last year of school.

Her mother never looked her in the eyes again but her romps as a boy stopped.

Her only comfort was her Grandmother, but her mind was failing her, and some days she could not tell who Belle was, while other days she was lucid. On her worst days Belle became William and if told otherwise her grandmother would become upset and start calling for the boy. Belle would often seem confused, asking who William was. On good days she would read from René Descartes writings, which soothed her grandmother.

When Belle was 14 her grandmother died. She died while in the room with Belle and her sister, who were reading her books to pass the time. Her family mourned once more, but rumors began to circulate about Belle, who was stone faced and Calm through the entire time of mourning. When consoled, as it was known she was the closest to the old woman, she would only ask : "Who?"

When her grandfather died a month later none where shocked that she did not even come to his funeral.

A couple of years later her two older brothers Arnaud and Matthew left, followed closely by her sister Claudette marrying a young man from Massachusetts, and she was left alone with her Mother. At 16 Belle was still strange, and had become something of an Introvert who shunned contact with most people. Even stranger was she seemed to forget about the family that left, blank faced ta best when her mother spoke of them, at worse asking who she was talking about.

At 17, partly to escape the house, Belle took up her mothers old position Teaching at the one room school house in Springfield. She stayed there happily, and even managed to get lodging outside the house on her salary.

Belle's School house

At 20 her mother passed away from drowning herself in the river behind the family house. Belle was alone, and moved into the house by herself. Rumors flew and soon Belle was shunned in polite society, at worse because of her low born status, at best because it seemed she was cursed.

Belle used the house as a Stop by point on the underground Railroad, allowing a group of young men from across the Massachusetts border, including one that claimed to be her Brother in law, build a small crawl space and store their precious cargo there. Rumors flew when people saw Young men living and sleeping in the house.

It was only a year later that she met Davet, the son of an Industrialist from Massachusetts who had come to buy the Mills. They met while the group toured the Town and facilities used by the Workers families. He was struck from the word go by the young woman, who plainly told the men standing in her school house that they could either stay and be taught, or leave and Talk but she would not have them try both.

When he found she lived on her own he began courting her, which stirred the town into talking. 21 years old and she seemed intent on turning him down. He tried again and again but she said no. It wasn't until he had tried for a year that she finally conceded to be courted and soon had fallen for him.

His father though thought the Pairing unacceptable, and so the Courtship stretched on. Rumors had reached the old mans ears about how she had survived out of the house on her own, and whats more she was unsuited class wise. Still Davet continued.

In the back ground the civil war was stirring, far from the eyes of Vermonters who weren't involved in Abolition and The railroad. Belle kept an eye on it, but she was too swept up in Davet to notice the signs and when the civil war began she watched as a furor of unknown proportions swept across the state. She worried Davet would get involved and when he came to her home with papers she was proven right. He claimed if he made money enough they could elope, but she begged him to stay.

He left a month later to train, and still she remembered him.

During May 1861 Belle brought a small group of students to the river for a Picnic lunch. As she sat among them, reading to those who would listen, A young boy went out into the river. Belle saw him get swept away by the cold snow swelled river. She dove in but the water swept him under and away. She was pulled from the river by some workers just a small ways down stream herself, and caught a Month long case of Pneumonia. When she recovered she was asked by the community to step down as School Marm.

A month later a New Marm had moved up from Boston.

For months Belle was a recluse, only leaving the house for food and to receive her daily letters. It was in July that she stopped receiving them. After a week she knocked on the door of Davets home and asked to see his mother. His mother told her that she had received no letters from him either, but was sure he had not been killed as his name was not in the newspaper. She feared he had been captured though and would die there.

Belle returned home, and after a long night and much thinking formed a Plan. She went upstairs and took from the bedrooms her mother had locked, a set of men's clothes then took the time to fit them to herself. She then waited until the call went out for more people to volunteer. She cut her hair, doused the house in gasoline and burnt it to the ground, bringing only the clothes she had Adjusted, A small Rose Quartz shaped into a heart and three books: The Bible, On the Origin of Species and the writings of René Descartes.

It was November 1861

Army life

Belle joined the infantry as under some long forgotten name, the first that came to mind Quickly when asked. She was tested and found have a good eye for sharpshooting and was trained in it. She joined the Vermont Company H in December and Marched with them until the end of the war.

She does not remember much about the war its self, only the friends she made there. For the first time in a long time she felt alive and like she was in good, if a little rough, company. She became fast friends with many of the men, but resented her Sargent, one Corporal Fields. He was harsh, strict and quick to pass punishment before any judgement was done. What was even more intolerable was he was stupid. More than once he nearly marched them into traps and places they couldn't get out of. It was only Belle's quick thinking and sharp tongue that saved the men around her. She earned the name "School Marm" from her repeated attempts to scold her commanding officer like a child.

Her close friends in the Infantry were James Scotfield, a private like herself, and Morgan Macintosh, a corporeal. Both were farmers' sons who would engage her in discussions about philosophy and Religion. They would read letters talk and play games when they weren't on duty.

That is until one day, a year after she joined, when Morgan and Belle went on duty. She can't remember why but she woke up covered in blood, bleeding from a shot to the shoulder with her uniform open to the air. On the ground lay Morgan, bleeding from a wound to the stomach, barely alive. She wanted to scream but they were in close proximity to the enemy. She leaned down to help only to hear his last words.

"Murderous Bitch."

She blacked out.


When she came to She was trapped, hovering somewhere between life and death. She didn't know where she was or what she was doing there but she was in pain. She tried to get up, to leave, but she could barely move. She didn't know how long she stayed there but she remembers being asked her name and giving her real name. Then she descended into death and chaos.

When she next awoke she was Embraced and under the Care of Dr. Deverox who taught her what she needed to know. After being released from his care after an uneventful time with him she returned home and watched over her home town and its people for about 50 years. Then bored and in need of something to do she began to wander. She retraced her steps as a solider for a while, but forgot what happened after a certain point and then went to travel west. During the Dust Bowl and Depression she haunted the bars and back alleyways. She continued her rounds, visiting here and there, until the Sixties, when she lost some time after deciding to go up to Quebec. Assuming that she had gone into torpor, she continue her travels taking on the persona of an expose ghost writer: conducting research and passing it on to people who could be allowed to publish it.

Current day

After basing herself out of Vermont for the last Quarter of a century Belle has decided to move and put down roots. She has chosen Orlando because it is both Far away from Vermont and her memories, but also in a way reminds her of her home. She is currently also working on a book about Undercover Police work and needs a city to base herself out of. On the political side of things she feels ready to take her place in the Camarilla as more than just a Neonate.

Friends and family

If you would like be part of this you can email Acacia Peters and talk to me about connections during Belles time on earth.


If you would like be part of this you can email Acacia Peters and talk to me about connections during Belles time on earth.


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