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Please note: All information found here is readily available IC to members of the Accord provided they have spoken to the pack members or done some simple investigative work on their own.

Pack Silhouette.PNG


Beth Stonecrusher (Alpha) - Rahu Blood Talon
Francine Reidy - Rahu Iron Master
Naveed Weiss - Ithaeur Bone Shadow
Vincent - Irraka Hunter in Darkness

Lost But Not Forgotten

Kirsten - Rahu Storm Lord


The members of Bellum Terminus patrol a region of Boston encompassing most of Somerville and then extending south and bending towards the west to include a portion of the Back Bay, Fenway, and Allston. It is the red shaded area on the map depicted below. (Click on the image to go to the interactive Google map.)

Boston Territory.png


Four Wolves.jpg

The Third Lantern Accord Cell - Anyone who is aware of the existence of the Accord and the Boston Cell most likely knows that the members of Bellum Terminus are not merely allies of the Cell but that they are all members, and being a part of this Cell is a prerequisite for joining Bellum Terminus. Non-Believers, including other shifter packs in the city would have no knowledge of this.

• Scarred Ash Pack - This pack of Forsaken Uratha in the city took heavy hits following the Great Cold in July. However a couple of their members remain and have worked together with Bellum Terminus on more than one occasion.

• Dawnguard Pack - Beth recently formalized a treaty with this pack arranging for safe passage though each other's territories among other things. Although comprised of all young members, thus far they have been reasonable to work with, and there are hopes of strengthening relations with them.

• Red Valley Pack - A large pack of Forsaken, many of whom were dear friends to Beth, which was completely wiped out on July 3rd. Bellum Terminus has moved into most of their territory claiming responsibility for their resources.

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