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Character Information
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Silver Fangs
Breed: Homid
Sept: Sept of the South Wind
Rank: Adren
Glory: •••
Honor: ••
Wisdom: ••••• ••••
Player: Kenny Cole
Storyteller: C Beck

Concept: Royalist Inquisitor
Legal Name: Benjamin Calvin de Provence
House: House of Gleaming Eye, Prince du Sang
Lodge: Lodge of the Sun
Pack: -
Sept: Sept of the South Wind, in the Flint Hills
Sept Position: -

Apparent Age: 20's
Place of Birth: Waterloo, Belgium
Date of Birth: November 13th, 1990
Hair: Dark brown, wavy, short
Eyes: Mismatched - one blue, one brown
Nationality: Belgian
Pure Breed 4

Homid Form: A twenty-something with brown waves and curls of hair kept clipped short in a utilitarian style, high cheekbones, dusky, bronze toned skin, and a trademark smirk that says he thinks he knows something you don't. He dresses more for utility, preferring button down shirts and denim in most settings, though it's all pressed, clean, and near-new. The most startling thing about this young Fang is his eyes - one is a vivid, light blue and the other a warm, golden brown.

Crinos Form: While Benjamin's crinos form remains a towering hulk of silvery-white fur, his build is more lithe and quick than muscular. He has no obvious battle scars in this form, and his heterochromia persists - one eye is light blue, the other a bright golden color.

Lupus Form: Lush, thick, silvery-white fur with a deep chest and a sleep, sleek, agile build with his mismatched eyes more bright than in his other forms.


Deeded : "Through the Looking Glass", "Sangfroid", and "Souverän Ruhe"

The youngest and only living child of Margaux Aurélie de Provence “Schild des Reiches”, Elder, Ahroun, Homid, Queen of House Gleaming Eye and Manjunatha Benjamin Vajrapani, Kinfolk of House Blood Red Crest, Benjamin de Provence is a child of impressive pedigree and the burden of great expectations. Not long after his birth, his mother ventured into the Umbra with her pack and has not been seen or heard from, since, forcing her brother Calvin onto the throne of House Gleaming Eye. Shortly after her disappearance, Calvin banished Benjamin's father and changed the boy's surname to de Provence and sent the boy to a boarding school, then set about beginning his inquisition against House Austere Howl.

Ever after, Benjamin found himself surrounded by Garou whose sole purpose seemed to be keeping him bundled up in bubble wrap like something fragile and precious. Small wonder that he became an insufferable prat with rebellion issues. At the age of 13, a fight broke out at his school where Benji got hit by one of his closest friends while trying to break up the scuffle. The pain brought all the resentment, abandonment, and anger bubbling to the fore...and the Nation was one Garou greater, while the school was several boys lessened. After that, Benjamin was moved to Eton College] and placed in the Argent House with other boys of Silver Fang descent to continue to learn as he was before, but also to learn what it meant to be Garou.

After graduating, Benjamin served in the court of King Calvin de Provence at his Sept near Waterloo, in Belgium. At first, he served as the Squire of the Sun Lodge, but with the demise of his mentor at the Quenching of Anthelios, he was made the Shaman and served in this capacity very well...until the day came where he questioned his uncle perhaps a bit too stridently regarding the inquisition against House Austere Howl. Maybe...just maybe, it was when he mentioned their communal ancestry, or maybe it was the public nature of the inquiry. From that moment forth, Benjamin was banished from Calvin's court, abjured until he could bring Queen Mary Campbell before King Calvin to answer the accusations against her House and court.

The Court was shocked when a few years later...Benjamin complied. He returned with Queen Mary in tow, who answered the questions put before her and vanished back into her own perpetual, arcane task. Still...the accusation had been answered, and the bold young prince was not only permitted to return, he was made Adren, deeded "Sovereign's Rest" and invited to return to his duties as the Shaman of the Sun Lodge. Is it a slight against the king of the House Gleaming Eye that the young prince returned to the United States instead...or a mission acquired after proving himself?


  • Sabine Silver Swift - Some bad blood remains between the pair because of some slight about four years ago. Still, in public, they're cordial and in a fight they've been known to stand at each other's side without a qualm...but not without tension.
  • Uriel Bathory - A Silver Fang and a Shadow Lord more convinced that each is using the other, you're not likely to find.
  • Yvette Talon - Distant relatives whose shared ancestry and auspice seem to be all that links them.
  • Antonis Papadokis - A school-mate once scorned for his lineage and a lesson harshly learned about running one's mouth. Today, they are closer than ever.
  • Tiercel Twice-Sworn - School-mates in Europe, they started off as rivals, ever at odds...until one day they weren't.
  • Tiberius Malleus Scipio - A chance meeting at Waterloo and a recitation of history has lead to a lifelong friendship and alliance.
  • Elsie Forgotten Earth - A different name, a face that's mostly the same, and an unexpected mystic where a kinfolk was expected.
  • Hilde Rekkstrum - Fomenter of rebellion and shenanigans, friends in spite of the odds.
  • Charles Cosby - Shared grief after the quenching spawned acquaintance and tentative friendship.
  • Samiel Asher - The Austere Howl who stood between the inquisitor and his Queen; a brave soul, forgiven for the dubious crime of loyalty, who has not forgiven the Gleaming Eye for vigilance.
  • Charles Nizam - Distantly related through his father, the two share a passion for the inquisition for Wyrm taint, wherever it may be found.
  • Shakespeare in the Park - It's unsure where exactly these two crossed paths in the past, though it's quite possible it was loathing at first sight. The two have verbally fenced on more than one meeting
  • Malena Eberhart - A trip through the umbra made infinitely more comfortable by unexpected but timely company, these two became fast friends on the road to Little Rock.

Friends, enemies...frenemies...


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