Bender of Wills

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Character Information
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Breed: Lupus
Pack: N/A
Sept: Sept of Merlin's Resolve
Rank: Cliath
Wisdom: •••
Player: Tara Fields
Storyteller: Byron Miracle
Binders in Homid
Binders in Homid

Character Information

Name: Evie "Benders of Wills" Frye- Only her brother knows her as Evie

Nickname: Eve, Evie, Bender

Auspice: Thuerge

Tribe: Shadow Lord

Camp: Child of Crow

Position: None

Renown: Wisdom 3

Notable Traits:

  • Pure Breed 3
  • Mark of the Predator
  • Always has black and white feathers mixed into her hair.


  • Lupus: Lupus is Evie's natural form and one she is most comfortable with. Evie is a large black wolf with green eyes. Those educated in the genus Canis would likely identify her lineage from eastern European stock.
  • Homid: Evie stands just shy of 5'11, with a amazon type build, short black hair and green eyes. There is a wildness that shows through her that people notice that can only be seen as a affect of living in a wild Sept. Appears to be in her late teens.



  • Mother Wolf- Deceased from mysterious circumstances.
  • Father (Homid Garou)- Joined the Wild Sept as a Off the Grid Homid. Died in battle when Jacob and Evie were still very young.
  • Jacob Frye - Brother
  • One and Two- Litter mates both deceased.

In Those We Trust

That Which Does Not Kill Us


Benders was one of three in a litter. Her father a (off the grid homid) named her Evie. She must have been the strongest because her brother and sister did not make it during their first few years. Due to this lost she has become especially close to her older brother Jacob. He is the only one who knows the hardship that they have endured in their Wild Sept.
At two she experienced her first change, after being ganged up on by a group of Pure-Tribe Shadow Lord Garou. She speaks little about the experience, specially to her older brother. Only stating Gaia blessed her during a time when she most needed her.
Crow has always been close to her family, in some manor. Which also could explain her families outcast treatment. During her time as a cub she gravitated towards the Camp. Learning as much as she could from the Crows and some Curaxs. This left many in the Wild Sept uncomfortable but she proved her worth. Because of her willingness to not give up she was finally able to gain the Rank of Cliath in October of 2015.
Much about the homid world confuses her. Growing up in a Wild Spet she was rarely exposed to homids and their way of life. The homids Garou that lived in Sept were often treated as outcast or chased off. Until reuniting with her brother, Evie's only guide to homid life was through her ancestors and her ancestral mentor. But hey even they can be wrong...sometimes...Now she depends on her brother, as well as a few others, to help guide her to homid living.

Time Line

  • April 5, 2011: Birthed one of three in a Garou litter in South America.
  • September 2013: The First change is experienced
  • November 21, 2015: Recognized at the rank of Cliath by the Pure Tribe Sept
  • February 9, 2016: Found Wolf Mother deceased and left for a journey to seek out Jacob Frye.
  • February 12, 2016: arrives at new Sept and is united with Jacob.

Words from the Wise

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  • She's not really Lupus only pretending to be.
  • That saying "Raised by Wolves" is true to her. She was taken by Skull Crusher as a Homid baby and raised by him and his original Sept.
  • She knows more than she is letting on.
  • She is not Garou at all just a Changing breed who's managed to hide themselves as a Garou.
  • She is a little to close to her brother.

Musical Score

OOC Inspirations

OOC Player Information

Player: Tara Fields

MES Number: US2005705670

Location: AZ-010-D Dead Man's Hand