Beneath the Silent Shroud

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Beneath the Silent Shroud

This is the WIKI page for Vampire the Requiem for the City of Fort Worth, Texas, and the Westward Haven Domain

Officers of the Court

Prisci Council

  • Gangrel Prisci: Peter Strand - Unaligned
  • Mekhet Prisci: Yersenia - Crone
  • Nosferatu Prisci: Gregory Talbot - Invictus
  • Daeva Prisci: Justine Cavenaugh - Carthian
  • Ventrue Prisci: Irene Herrington

Political Structure of Fort Worth:

Fort Worth currently operates under a feudal structure. Fort Worth is organized into several regencies, each of which is governed by a Regent. The Regent of each territory pays Corvee to the Prince of the City. The Prince, and those acting on his authority, have the Right of Trespass within any haven or regency within the city, and a Regent has the Right of Trespass within any haven within their regency. Individuals who inhabit and hunt within a given regency must pay Corvee to the Regent of that territory. Regents have the right to create laws within their regency that must be obeyed by their renters, and the Prince has the right to create laws that must be obeyed throughout the city.

Locations of Elysium

The following locations are considered Elysium within the realm of Fort Worth. Some have special rules attached to them, others do not.

    Open Elysium: As established by the Prince, and maintained by the Master of Elysium and appointed Keepers.
  • Bass Performance Hall: Special Rule - Kindred are not allowed to attend without permission of the Prince or Master of Elysium
  • Kimbell Art Museum: Special Rule - Kindred are not allowed to attend without permission of the Prince or Master of Elysium
  • Fort Worth Courthouse: Special Rule - Kindred are not allowed to attend without permission of the Prince or Master of Elysium
  • Closed Elysium: By Order of the Master of Elysium of Tarrant County, Enforced by the Keepers and Harpies of the Same
    Closed - 8/23/2014
    Reopen - 2/21/2015
  • Amon Carter Museum: Special Rule - Kindred are not allowed to attend without permission of the Prince or Master of Elysium (Closed due to Discipline Usage)
  • The Ashton Hotel: This is the main gathering location of the Court under Prince Edward Aemilius Valerius (Closed due to Violence)
  • Non-Elysium Safe-Havens: As maintained by the Harpies of the City.
    These are places within the city that a Harpy may meet with you to discuss things, or even witness prestation.
  • Wells Fargo Tower: 3rd Floor Inform the guard that you wish to see Tabitha Blake, you will escorted up to the floor.
  • The Personal Home of Harpy Rook: You will need to call ahead to make sure she is seeing guests at her private home.
  • Office Buildings Above "Ol'South": INVITATION ONLY by the Prisci Harpy
  • Private Office: Omni Hotel Downtown: INVITATION ONLY by the Prince's Harpy
  • The Nest Night Club: INVITATION ONLY by a sanctioned Harpy or Talon

Kindred Status of the City of Fort Worth

Status 5 (Admired)

Status 4 (Respected)

Status 3 (Valued)

Status 2 (Recognized)

Status 1 (Acknowledged)

Current Status Points

  • Daeva: 8
  • Mekhet: 3
  • Nosferatu: 3
  • Gangrel: 0
  • Ventrue: 7
  • Covenants

  • Invictus: 1
  • Circle of the Crone: 3
  • Carthian Movement: 0
  • The Sacred Spear: 0
  • The Order of Dracula: 0



Crone Ascendance: Circle members find it very easy to develop small groups of mortal followers. Most of these people are typically convinced that they’re involved in nothing more than a pagan worship circle. By making requests for help in ritual research or observances, a Circle member can use these mortals to help out with large rites (provided they don’t violate the Masquerade), or to perform tedious and mundane research and acquisition of materials involved in rites. Ascendant Acolytes thus gain the equivalent of two dots of the Allies Merit in the fi eld most useful to pursuing their research. So, an Acolyte whose occult studies focus on the lessons of the plant world might gain an Ally in the park service or the city’s botanical garden. This is a separate instance of the Allies Merit and does not combine with any similar Merits a character may already have. This Merit cannot be used for tasks that are overtly supernatural or illegal.

While engaged in rituals and similar observations, Acolytes also gather great spiritual strength from their faith. The knowledge that their covenant is dominant in a city — represented by ascendant status — strengthens the faith of those in the Circle of the Crone, allowing each member to regain a spent point of Willpower each week as they perform their rituals (during downtime.

Ascendant: Crone
Contender: Invictus


Nosferatu Eminence: When his clan is eminent, the Nosferatu Priscus may use his clout to force a single other Priscus to abstain from voting in any matter to be settled by the assembled Prisci (such as naming a Harpy). A Nosferatu recognized as a Primogen may do the same in a meeting of the Primogen council. Refusal to abstain is a sin against the city (see p. 289) and usually results in punishment from the Harpy or Prince. This ability can be used only once per targeted Kindred per meeting.

In addition, the city’s Nosferatu gain effective regency over the sewer system, so any clan member may travel unseen to most urban locations, as well as safely go to ground from most city locations. The Nosferatu Priscus may extend this free passage to any number of Kindred from other clans in the domain, but must do so explicitly and in such a way as the rest of the clan is aware of it. Nosferatu (but not other allowed Kindred) automatically succeed in feeding attempts in the sewers during downtime (so long as they feed on animals or mortals), but not during a game.

Eminent: Nosferatu
Rival: Daeva

Regencies of Fort Worth

    Downtown Regencies (Unless otherwise noted, those living in these areas are considered to be renting from the Prince)
  • Downtown - Regent: Edward Aemilius Valerius
  • Sundance Square (The Rack) - Regent: Edward Aemilius Valerius
  • Fort Worth Cultural District - Regent: TBD
  • Stockyards (includes area between 820 and 199) - Regent: TBD
  • Township Regencies

  • Hurst, Euless, Bedford - Regent: Edward Aemilius Valerius
  • Keller, Southlake, Carrolton - Regent: Countess Charlotte Aemilius
  • Watauga, North Richland Hills, Richland Hills, Haltom City - Regent: Etienne Aemilius
  • White Settlement - Regent: Alinore Rook
  • Benbrook - Regent: Alinore Rook
  • Colleyville, Grapevine - Regent: Sato
  • Haslet, Saginaw, Eagle Mountain Lake - Regent: TBD
  • Sweeping Regencies

  • Eastside (defined as area between I30, I20, 820S, I35W) - Regent: Leopold Blake
  • Southside (defined as area between I30, Chislom Trail Parkway, I20, I35W) - Regent: TBD
  • Westside (defined as area between 30 and 20 at north and south, county edge on west, Chisolm Trail on East- Regent: - Yiannis Theodori
  • Border Regencies

  • Southern Barrens (defined as area between 377, I20, SH287) - Regent: Alfonso Ruiz
  • North Arlington - Regent: TBD
  • South Arlington - Regent: TBD
  • West Arlington - Regent: TBD
  • East Arlington - Regent: TBD
  • Sewers

    • This is a special Regency during the time that the Nos hold the eminence position, and thus by the laws of old during these times the Regent of this area is considered to be the Nos Priscus, or the highest ranking Nos within the City as a whole. However this person MUST be within the city and thus can not be en abstentia.

Laws of Fort Worth

1. No kindred with city status is allowed to hunt or do violence within Sundance Square. Though it is The Rack, his majesty has reserved this feeding area for visiting kindred.
2. The Right of Trespass enables a kindred who possesses said right the ability to enter and leave a given haven or territory. It does not grant the Right of Blood.
3. The Right of Blood is the right of a kindred to feed in a given area. It can be loaned, or made permanent by an individual with proper authority. The Prince can grant The Right of Blood to any Regent, and does so - and thus makes them a Regent. A Regent can grant The Right of Blood to anyone within their Regency. Just as a Regent can revoke The Right of Blood of a renter, so too can The Prince revoke The Right of Blood of a regent, under special circumstances (see below).
4. A Regent can revoke The Right of Blood granted to any kindred they have given said right to who has fallen to Acknowledged or lesser status. It is not required, but allowed. The Prince cannot revoke The Right of Blood granted by a Regent to a renter, but can revoke the Right of Blood granted to a Regent if the esteem of said Regent falls to Recognized or lesser. It is not required, but allowed.
5. Corvee is a tribute offered to those higher in the feudal chain of Kindred. (OOC: Corvee can be found in the book Damnation City). Disputes on what constitutes appropriate corvee between regent and renter are decided by The Prince, and failure to honor it by either regent or renter constitute a level 2 sin against the city. Boons or status loss may be applied in such a case. For disputes on corvee between Prince and Regent, the dispute is settled by The Priscus Harpy, or if unavailable, The Prince's Harpy. Violation of corvee remains a level 2 sin, with punishment as above.

Pre-Chronicle History

Chronicle History

Kindred By Clan





  • Regent Alfonso Ruiz (NPC)


Kindred By Covenant



The Sacred Spear

  • Bishop Seldon, Sheriff of the City (NPC)

The Order of Dracula of Tarrant County

The Carthian Movement

Summary of Boons

(Boons will additionally be kept in a secure location, where all of the SC Harpies are able to access them. This is being done with the aRST NWOD Requiem)

Life Boons

Major Boons

  • Leopold Blake owes (1) Major Boon to Edward Aemilius Valerius
  • Alfonso Ruiz owes (1) Major Boon to Edward Aemilius Valerius
  • Yiannis Theodori owes (1) Major Boon to Edward Aemilius Valerius

Minor Boons

  • Sheriff Seldon own (1) Minor Boon to Alinore Rook
  • Yiannis Theodori owes (1) Minor Boon to Edward Aemilius Valerius

Trivial Boons

  • Regent Alfonso Ruiz owes (1) Trivial Boon to Edward Aemilius Valerius

Deceased Kindred Since Chronicle Start