Benedict d'Holbach

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"Do not hate your enemy -- they cannot help themselves. There is no true freedom in this world, not even in understanding."

Biographic Information

Name: Benedict d’Holbach
Clan: Malkavian
Generation: 7th
Embrace: April 20, 1651
Sire: ?
Titles: Harpy of Montgomery, AL
Status: Acknowledged, Established, Venerated, Influential, Discerning

Known History

Just brushing four centuries, Benedict spent the majority of his Kindred youth in the courts of Amsterdam, where he was Embraced, and Königsberg. In the 19th Century, he joined numerous other young Elders who traveled to the Western Hemisphere for cities not already crowded with Kindred. As the American Civil War drew to a close, the Chapel Brothers recruited Benedict for the Siege of Montgomery, removing the newly entrenched Sabbat from the Alabama capitol. Once the Sabbat incursion was defeated, Benedict settled into the city as the resident member of the Thought Police while the Sabbat continued their assaults, both subtle and terrible, on the city.

In the fall of 1967, the most successful Sabbat offensive since 1861 devastated Montgomery's infrastructure -- destroying the former Court, nearly every Ventrue, and the entirety of the city's Toreador. The remaining Kindred bowed to Mallory Moore, Benedict's first childe, who claimed Praxis -- and she saw no more fitting candidate for Harpy than her sire. For nearly fifty years, Benedict has stood as the city's Harpy, lavishing out praise and scorn for the deeds of Montgomery's Kindred.

While he has some small prominence as a Harpy, it is the service he provides to the Kindred community at large that has gathered him the most fame. As a stout believer in Determinism, Benedict passionately argues that altering memories -- writing a new past -- will change a person entirely. There are some that argue against his methods, but there is more than one fallen Kindred who is now an upstanding member of society because of Benedict's attentions. He refuses to alter those who have not been censured as criminals by their Prince or Sire, yet for a small favor, he provides an option other than death for many a wayward neonate.

"Maybe it wasn't a brutal father, but one who was more caring; maybe it wasn't incompetence, but sabotage by an enemy. It isn't in one memory, forgotten or remembered, that we are created, but thousands. You give me a few weeks, and I will give her those thousands. She will be a new Kindred -- she will make you proud."


Friends and Lovers

Whispers and Quotes

"Elder d'Holbach has a great talent for helping wayward Kindred re-imagine their unlives." -- Conrad Luther Chapel

"I dream of a night when men like Benedict make men like me obsolete and unnecessary." -- Benjamin Baker Chapel

"When one's business is the rooting out of seditious minds, it always pays to know a specialist." -- Benjamin Sharp

"Harpy d'Holbach is a darling gentleman and a fearsome adversary. Choose wisely how you wish to encounter him." -- Orenna

"My dearest father, how empty my life would be without him." -- Mallory Moore

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OOC Information

Player: Mark Hill
Domain: Montgomery, AL
Storyteller: Vic Cross