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Timeline chapel.png

Chapel dot sm.png 1463-1490 — Various, Germany.
Chapel dot sm.png 1490-1493 — Silchester, England.
Chapel dot sm.png 1494-1500 — Nice, France.
Chapel dot sm.png 1500-1518 — Various, Europe.
Chapel dot sm.png 1519-1692 — Nice, France.
Chapel dot sm.png 1662-1700 — Salem, Massachusetts.
Chapel dot sm.png 1750-1774 — Boston, Massachusetts.
Chapel dot sm.png 1869-1879 — Vatican City.
Chapel dot sm.png 1910-1931 — Atlanta, Georgia.
Chapel dot sm.png 1932-1950 — Various, Egypt.
Chapel dot sm.png 1950-2013 — Atlanta, Georgia.

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Known "jokingly" as 'the once and always Sheriff', Benjamin Baker Chapel has served in the position for countless Princes throughout his lifetime. Chapel brings a sense of righteousness and almost mad zealotry to the position--boasting a known loathing for all Independent Clans and seeming to truly believe that the Ivory Tower is the saving grace of Kindred-kind. None are quite sure why Alexander Konrad felt it prudent to bring a man as devoutly religious into the danse macabre... but few can blame him for it. It is certain, however, that the good Sheriff's sights rest far, far higher.

Notes chapel.png
Vent logo chapel.png Chapel dot sm.png Chapel is known to maintain, rather stringently, to some form of Holy Roman Catholicism.
Chapel dot sm.png Chapel has a tendency to eschew colour within his wardrobe — favoring somber blacks and greys.
Chapel dot sm.png Chapel has stood as Sheriff of no less than a dozen Domains in his existence--likely many more.
Chapel dot sm.png Benjamin Baker Chapel walks with the distinct air of a man for whom Humanity has long-since become but a distant dream.
Chapel dot sm.png An Ivory Zealot and a noted scholar of things Biblical, the Ventrue is rarely seen not in possession of his rosary and some text of religious significance.
Chapel dot sm.png He is pale — impossibly so — boasting a countenance that might almost seem inhumane were it not for the faintest threads of mortality left in his eyes and mouth.

Lineage chapel.png
Benjamin Baker Chapel is the son of Alexander Konrad, the standing Patriarch of House Constantinian. Known to be far less social and far more martially minded than much of his House, what Chapel lacks in political nuance he more than makes up for in Ventrue tenacity. As with most members of his illustrious House, Chapel embraces a somewhat surprising avenue of mortal influence from which he cultivates his human affairs and feeding stock. Few are surprised to learn that the noble King's particular taste and trade finds itself within Church affairs and goings on.

Benjamin Baker Chapel, childe of Alexander Konrad, childe of Epirus, childe of Caius,
childe of Ventrue, childe of Enoch.

Aleksei Dragunov

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Chapel dot sm.png "What some name 'zealotry' I prefer to call 'tenacity'. I admire this in my Nephew, though he is at times infuriating."Adrienne Maxwell
Chapel dot sm.png "Yes, he's very intense isn't he? It makes sense why, of course; he knows all too well the depravity and debauchery that can blacken a pious man's soul."Carmina Giovanni
Chapel dot sm.png "I am quite content with my employer. He is forthright, dedicated, vehement, and furious in all the proper ways."Archibald Carmichael
Chapel dot sm.png "A century passed between us, cold and hard. Then he smiled at me, and for the first time, I knew the love of God."Orenna Komnenos
Chapel dot sm.png "Act 4, midnight. A pale moon rises over the wilds of Samara. The zealous Knight happens upon the Rusalka, but his heart is much to stern to be turned by her fearsome song. Or something like that. He looked upon me with disbelief, and I vowed to make him a believer. I hear the divine fire and the shifting of the mountains all around him- as though he was made of the same silent fury that that guides the Earth in its turning."Ligeia Loxley
Chapel dot sm.png "I am not a Buddhist, but I understand it that one type of their bodhisattvas eschews their own enlightenment for the sake of others. Perhaps Mr. Chapel is this. But I do not think one can live a life if one has extinguished all capacity to feel joy or love, failing to see beauty in anything but pain. If Mr. Chapel is our bodhisattva I fear I must choose instead to love this brilliant world that is already around us."Lazuli
Chapel dot sm.png "Mr. Chapel is a great many things. Bloodthirsty, insane, and exceedingly dangerous would be among the first that come to mind."Mina Chandler
Chapel dot sm.png "I do cherish those moments I can steal with Mr.Chapel, sadly I have none of Atlanta's allure."Mallory Moore
Chapel dot sm.png "Suppose you were humorless. Now suppose you were a Ventrue. Ah, but I repeat myself... apologies to Mr. Clemens. But I'm sure he'd agree with me as regards our dear Mr. Chapel. I was going to get him a puppy, on account of maybe it would make him happier and less miserable, but Mina said he'd be confused and angered by it..."Alexis Godot, merrily recounting Benjamin through interpretive dance.
Chapel dot sm.png "Mr. Chapel and I have only a couple of things in common. One is family. The other? Let's hope you never have to find out."Desdemona Gonzaga
Chapel dot sm.png "If one considers the actions of the faithful as reflections of their creator's desires, then according to history there is no greater offering the devout can make than to shed the lifeblood of friend and foe alike. I would question the sanity of such an entity... if I were not able to bear witness to its supposed creations." — An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
Chapel dot sm.png "He inspires Kindred to action. For good or ill, when he is around something is being plotted"Roane
Chapel dot sm.png "I have never met another man who is so close to being perfect to say the Shahada and so unimaginably far away from a state where it could be proclaimed. But the Surah Al-Imran reminds us that in the end God will know the Al-Muttaqûn and among them will stand some of the ′Ahl al-Kitāb who are righteous in the eyes of a God who is both merciful and wrathful in equal measure."Althea Bell-Hammon
Chapel dot sm.png "He was one of the first to teach me to forge my rage into a sword.. one of the first to teach me to wield it against the enemies of the sect.. one of the first to give me purpose. If he called, even now I would answer."Rags
Chapel dot sm.png "A dutiful, dedicated, determined man. Needs to loosen up a little, though. Tightly wound as he is he'll make quite the explosion when he finally snaps..."Lochlann MacAllan
Chapel dot sm.png "A proper man of business and purpose, a staunch defender of the Ivory tower."Elijah Frost
Chapel dot sm.png "Philosophers say that intolerance betrays a lack of faith in one's cause. Those philosophers have never met Mr. Chapel."Tamerlane
Chapel dot sm.png "Many believe that Benjamin is the product of generations. That the ages hardened him into the creature he is. It is not so. No, what you see is precisely what I first saw in him on the first night we met. I have simply frozen it in time."Alexander Konrad
Chapel dot sm.png "His hands would plait the priest's guts, if he had no rope, to strangle his enemies. He'd cover the blood of Jesus Christ over the multitude of sinners of virtuous and wicked men alike. Dear Chapel is an illustrious being of wonder."Constance Fournier
Chapel dot sm.png "Every moment I spend with him is a challenge to my patience, but I am devoted to Monsieur Chapel, and so I endure the hot war I am in with his soul. It may kick and scream all it likes while I drag it by its stubborn pride into the light."Clémence deMontes
Chapel dot sm.png "Religious devotion has no place in the Camarilla, for nothing should be held more dear to the kindred heart than the Ivory Tower and its Traditions. However, if faith is the catalyst required to drive Mr. Chapel to such capable service in the name of our sect, then so be it."Benjamin Sharp
Chapel dot sm.png "There is no hunting like the hunting of Man, and those who hunt long enough never care for anything else thereafter. I doubt that Mr. Hemingway ever encountered Elder Chapel, but the description fits the devoted, driven, and dangerous Ventrue."Einhardt Wagner
Chapel dot sm.png "I have traveled the world at his side through trials and hardships few can comprehend. One thing is resoundingly certain: there is no other I would so readily die for as he. Ich werde dich bis an die Enden der Erde zu folgen, Bruder"Conrad Luther Chapel
Chapel dot sm.png "My work with Herr Chapel continues to be the greatest service I provide to God, as it has been since he was young. That I enjoy the work is a blessing, for I might come to hate the man otherwise."Viveka Von Daun
Chapel dot sm.png "Elder Chapel and I do not share a faith, it is true. Not once has this been at issue, though, because what we do share binds us more closely than a unified vision of redemption ever could. You do not believe me. Very well. I will simply say this: Benjamin is the only one who may sit at my chessboard and Ej protects him, too."Eva Wolfner
Chapel dot sm.png "The effective performance of the duties of Sheriff is essential for maintaining the integrity and strength of Camarilla Domains. I can think of no one better suited to wield the capricious and lethal authority over others so crucial to this vital role than an Ultramontanist and unreformed Papist such as the Elder Chapel."Oliver Mayne
Chapel dot sm.png "We have fought side by side for many years. He is singularly one of the most dedicated members of our sect I have worked beside. One thing I learned is when he gets that "look" just get out of his way."Jeremiah Jackson
Chapel dot sm.png "Elder Chapel is a man of great faith and determination. His ability to keep his faith unbreakable has allowed me to return to my own."Adalina Marchand Durante
Chapel dot sm.png "A cunning bastard of the highest caliber. It is good that he is our bastard as I would hate to count him as anothers"Nicola Adorno
Chapel dot sm.png "My cousin does what needs to be done. There is nothing but virtue in this. I envy his ability to do thus."Maxwell Jacobs
Chapel dot sm.png "He's the Slender Man, brought into the world to instill fear in the faithless, and faith into the fearless...he frightens me."Raina von Daun
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Benjamin Baker Chapel

Player: V.C.
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Ventrue
Sect Status: 8
Domain: Atlanta, GA
VST: Atlanta VST Dan F

The Operative from the film Serenity
Eli from the film The Book of Eli

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