Benjamin Carver

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Requiem PC

Player: Ryan Strobe
Character: Benjamin Carver
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: Unknown
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Position: Archbishop of Detorit
Status: Mekhet oo Detroit oooo Lancea Sanctum oooo
Domain: MI-014-D
VST: Alex Meyers

Character Information

Name: Benjamin Carver (Ivan Koruskev)

Clan: Mekhet

Bloodline: Unknown/Undeveloped

Clan Status: Recognized

Covenant: Lancea Sanctum

Covenant Status: Respected

Conspiracy (pending approval)

Conspiracy Status N/A

Notable Traits: Modern dress, an ever-present obfuscated longsword and an accent that betrays no traces of any non-European heritage. A friendly, if somewhat eccentric, demeanor which can quickly turn authoritative when decorum is breached or his city faces danger.

Title or Positon: Archbishop of Detroit, (Formerly) Bishop of Detroit, Parish Archivist, Knight of the Grail

Rumors He once had an entire collection of leisure suits, having chosen the wrong fashion as "likely to last" during the 70s.

His search for relics has at times brought possible claims of heresy against him.

He hasn't updated his record collection since the late 70s.

He probably speaks Tok Pisin. Because, you know, he seems to speak every other language on Earth...

OOC Information

Player: Ryan Strobe

MES Number: US2010117010

Location: MI-014-D