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"Acknowledged citizens are to report any treasonous speech or action. --
The fate of the Tower rests on the shoulders of the loyal".

"Sedition... unlawful Paths of Morality... and unlicensed 'blood magics' are our new enemy, and we must stand loyally to defeat them. Patriotism, tradition, and a fundamental faith in the truth of the vitae which flows through the lineages of each pillar clan will see the Camarilla to more glorious victories and beyond."

"The Treaty of Thornes has been disolved, the Promise broken, and the Sabbat defested. No barriers remain that might impede any kindred from submitting themselves to the Camarilla, therefore I must assume that any who still yet refuse to answer the Ivory Tower's call actively stand against it and must be destroyed."

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: New Orleans, LA
Player: Sam Mars
Storyteller: Nick K.

Archon Benjamin Sharp of the Nosferatu


Sire: Unknown

Notable Traits: This ruggedly "handsome" Nosferatu elder is best known for his tailored-cut vests, straw boater's hat, and trusty nine-iron.

Sect Position: Sharp currently serves as Archon to Justicar Marissa Cole of Clan Malkavian.

Coteries/Societies: Archon Sharp is the founder and former leader of the Ivory Patriots, a coterie of individuals who showcase the very best that the pillar clans have to offer. Sharp was also once one of the most publicly vocal members of the Ivory Swarm. Since being called to serve as Archon, he has withdrawn from both organizations, though some suspect he still maintains a fair degree of influence over both.

Status & Titles of Esteem

  • Confirmed, Established, and Privileged as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Commander and Noble as Archon to Marissa Cole
  • Favored
  • Honorable x2
  • Loyal
  • Acclaimed

Information Known by Kindred Society

Benjamin Sharp's "debut" to the kindred of North America occurred amidst the fervor and madness of the 1904 World's Fair in Saint Louis. Debonair, patriotic, and a fervent supporter of the Traditions and Protocols: the Nosferatu Elder soon became a favorite of Princes throughout the Southern United States and the life of every Salon worth going to in the early part of the 20th century.

Since then, Ben has been made famous by his stirring speeches and rallies at North American conclaves throughout the 20th century calling for criminalization of all “paths of morality” save conscience-driven Humanity, an increase in authority of the Malkavian “Thought Police” to detect and punish “disloyalty” to the tower, and a significant expansion of Tremere authority over ALL arcane and occult secrets encountered by Kindred kind.

During the latter part of the 20th century, Elder Sharp began to identify and educate exemplary Neonates and Ancillae from the ranks of the Pillar Clans as a part of his effort to demonstrate the superiority of Camarilla blood and character. Those who passed his grueling tests of morality, loyalty, and willpower were invited to join his coterie, the Ivory Patriots, standing at the ready to serve at the pleasure of the Princes of the Camarilla.

In the Modern nights, Sharp serves as Archon to Justicar Marissa Cole, having severed the majority of his political ties in favor of pure and active service.

Known Childer



  • Before Coming to the 'States, Sharp was disgraced in some stuffed-shirt European court; that's why he won't cross the Atlantic.
  • If yer a caitiff, steer clear o' that guy. He'll knock yer block off, if he don't you'd best find some earplugs.
  • I once watched Elder Sharp sing the virtues of an Cam Assamite for "abandoning his culture, religion, sire, and philosophical roots to serve at the feet of his betters." Funny, I thought Sharp hated non-pillar clans.
  • I heard he had been thought policed into his current loud camarilla loyal persona.. makes you kind of wonder who he was before and just what might be lurking underneath all that mind restructuring, no?
  • Someone told me he was trying to have Chimerstry classified as a "blood magic" so the Tremere could regulate the Ravnos.


  • "He is a true example of a Camarilla paragon: loud, abrasive, and always technically correct." - Carmina Giovanni
  • "We should always strive for good -- for truth and for order in the world. But when is order no longer an agent of good? Where is the line beyond which it becomes destructive? I fear that Mr. Sharp does not ask these questions and I mourn for the world's loss of a great champion in that." - Lazuli
  • "Be wary of Benjamin Sharp. Do not forget that he is Nosferatu; that his hand reaches from the shadows and holds up our Tower of Ivory. Do not forget that he is in the shadows, ever. Be true to the Camarilla. He does not suffer traitors and heretics." - Lysander Kriti
  • "Mr. Sharp is a well-regarded contributor to the sect. His opinions are not universally held, but they are internally consistent and often a good starting point for policy discussions." - Michael Cayhill, Elder of House Constantinian.
  • "He wears the monster on the outside to protect the noble heart within." - Mr. Chen
  • "Hey yo Sharp's a stand up guy. Pay no attention to his fucked up face. If you don't show Sharp proper respect, I'll turn your face into a shovel. Ivory Patriots stick together!" - Louis Merceaux
  • "Ah the dear and ever-direct Mr. Sharpe. He is well named. Every comment, fact, or directive you receive from him are sure to be given with such authority you'll scarce wonder why you ever thought otherwise! And if you're still unconvinced, please keep it to yourself. For the love of us all, please." - Nenette
  • "I've not the time to explain the details and centuries behind my relationship, nay, partnership with Elder Sharp. That it still exists in a positive and lucrative fashion should tell you of my opinion of this Loyal Kindred." - Prince Gabriel Tavaasche of Baton Rouge
  • "Loud? Crass? Rude? I hear these words spoken in regard to Mr. Benjamin Sharp often; though I remain confused by them. Is this not a man that screams out against those that believe themselves outside of our society, despite enjoying all of the benefits of existing within it? Is this not a man that is intolerant to those that espouse any beliefs but the utmost morality, as decreed by the Inner Circle? Should an Elder be expected to endure the insults of scum in silence? It is my hope that more take up the Elder's cries for adherence to our society, enough that the righteous screams deafen all that would subvert or endanger our eternity." - Prince J.P. Durand of Austin
  • "Benjamin Sharp embodies everything I have come to expect in dealings with the Camarilla." - Pietro Giovanni
  • "Elder Sharp gives voice to the bedrock of the Ivory Tower. All should listen and reflect upon his words." - Dion Mondragon
  • "His best weapon is his wit. He wields his words like a warrior does a sword and I’ve seen it take down just as many an enemy." - Aiden
  • "He does have a sense of humor." - Peter Legba
  • "Why in Hades did you use the Illustrious Elder Sharp's name and mine in the same sentence!?! Are you trying to get me killed?" - Niles Davros
  • "An army of men, with he as their leader - to them, all the victories and applause. For whom does he fight? For whom does he conquer?" - Carmina Giovanni
  • "Old friends make the most intractable enemies. I regret few things as I regret the loss of Benjamin Sharp’s esteem and support. I know he thinks me misguided; I fervently hope I may one day prove him wrong." - Captain Sawyer
  • "Elder Sharp? I am glad to know him and to work with him. His manner? Fervor has it's place, though history shows us that an excess of such can be a venom all it's own. Elder Sharp's fervor is still in the right place and I hope it remains there." - David Daniel Steiner
  • "This man has the makings of a Justicar. Consider the source. I do not pay that compliment lightly." - Benjamin Baker Chapel
    • "Source considered, found irrelevant. Comment disregarded" - Anonymous Snipe's Mumbled Response
  • "I enjoy speaking with Mr. Sharp. He is a bulwark of the Camarilla's ideals and his zealotry is a thing to behold. I will do my best to temper his ...enthusiasm... when necessary, because unlike his predecessors, Mr. Sharp's purpose is righteous." - Guibert Murmure
  • "A fine example of an Elder taking an active role to ensure the stability of the Camarilla. The experiment of the Ivory Patriots looks to be a promising one." - Elijah Frost
  • "Mr. Sharp could sell a watercolor set to a blind man. Enthusiasm paired with eloquence is a stunning, and dangerous, combination." - Orenna
  • "When I think of Elder Sharp, I imagine a driven, devoted servant of the Ivory Tower, armed with righteousness and humor. But one must never imagine that just because something is humorous that it is not also dangerous." - Einhardt Wagner
  • "Forget my tendency towards meaningless banter, I always have one ear out for the sins of our Tower. There are very few who I trust implicitly in their desire to uphold the Traditions. Elder Sharp is certainly among that group -- the most loyal." -- Benedict d'Holbach
  • "If there's anything that can be understood about Benjamin Sharpe upon first meeting him, is an air of leadership and a certain nobility. There's more than meet's the eye with this distinguished clanmate." -- Swagger
  • "What can I say about Elder Sharpe that has not already been said by someone wiser or more important than myself? His meteoric rise in prominence is not at an end, I assure you. I plan to stay on his good side." - Karl Richter
  • "A better mentor could never be found" - Simon Boudreaux/ Mr. K
  • "There are several psychic phenomena which aid in the maintenance of psychological repressions. These phenomena are known as ego defense mechanisms, the primary functions of which are to minimize anxiety and protect the ego. One of the most common defense mechanisms is known as overcompensation wherein the patient excessively tries to correct for a personal flaw, shortcoming, or limitation." -Edward James Crowe, MD
  • "Of course we disagree at times, you dim-witted, ill-advised twerp. Have you ever known a successful partnership to be totally devoid of conjecture and debate? Oh, I expect nothing but yes-men. Then it's no wonder you're asking about Elder Sharp and how to find his good favor rather than face the Loyal man head-on. Come crawling to one who's had the pleasure of his friendship for centuries, I see. Adorable....expensive. A minor inconvenience to my time, by the way, now go away before I pretend that you're truly irritating me and Elder Sharp finds out....oops, too late!" - Prince Gabriel Tavaasche of Baton Rouge
  • "Tell you about Elder Sharp? He's a brave warrior for the Camarilla he fights for its advancement and its honor. If that is not a good enough reason to respect him then add to it his wit and wicked sense of humor. We may disagree on methods but as long as the end result is the security of our beloved Camarilla then I will continue to speak his praises not only in my domain but to any kindred who speaks about him." - Joseph Phibbs
  • "We have at times been taken aback by which Benjamin Sharp makes his arguments. However, it is this passion, and his ability to call to action diverse Blood that we believe shall stand between us and oblivion." - Nezaire Morneault
  • "Tempo è dalla nostra parte." - Prince Orelio Taipetra of Baton Rouge
  • "Elder Sharp? An interesting individual to be sure. He is an elder with much wisdom to impart, and already he has taught me several valuable lessons." - Julia Hamby
  • "Have you ever watched a shark swimming 'round and all those little fish running to get out of the way, then he comes through and all the other ones following behind picking up the leftover bits. I see this whenever he walks into the room and whenever he speaks. He's someone I and many others can learn alot from." Donnie Parish
  • "Elder Sharp presented me with a situation I've never seen before. I'm not sure how to feel about his request to have a vision removed and I don't think I like this. Hmm..." Rain
  • "The patriot is he that with eyes bright and heart cleansed in righteous fire commits atrocity in the name of a truth birthed from ideals and abstracts. A true soldier of the cause finds solace in the grand purpose of his convictions, even as his soul is stained black by his deeds. But such sacrifice is necessary, for all great works have come at the cost of something pure." — Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • "Such a well-spoken member of the clan. His fervor is infectious in the very best of ways." Miss Maggie
  • "A dangerous man to be respected and feared for his absolutist beliefs. And yet, always the gentleman when we have spoke!" - Istral
  • "Mr. Sharp exemplifies the best qualities of his clan. I pray he wears his role as a badge of honor, rather than a burden." - Adrienne Maxwell
  • "It is a rare pleasure to assist meet a gentleman of such quality and purity of purpose." - Chandra de Soissones
  • "Rarely have I seen such dedication to a cause.... It would be refreshing except for the last time was the Inquisition.... and much like the Inquisition, it is merely playing on fear and misunderstanding for personal gain." - Orelia Taipetra
  • "I find it amusingly ironic that an elder of the clan of the mask would wish to drive others to hide their true abilities rather than contribute them to the good of the Tower." - Walter Rook
  • "Benjamin is an interesting fellow. He certainly does love to scream. I wonder if anyone else realizes that someone who tries so hard to seem above reproach has the most to hide... an interesting fellow, indeed. " - Angelo Giovanni
  • "Oh **** me Sharp. You're Calvinists. " - Goodman Goring
  • "This Nosferatu has a mouth, he'd better learn to control it before he can't use it any more." - Enzo Putanesca
  • "He is a well-spoken Gentlemen, He shows a level of knowledge that should be respected." - Lazaro Aargon
  • "Interesting." -Dexter Mara
  • "The fact that he still lives after telling off the Giovanni is proof that he must be a very lucky individual." - Dr. Alex Pond
  • "Can che abbaia non morde." - Don Valerius Giovanni
  • "I maintain that Benjamin is one of the funniest kindred I've ever met. He starts ranting and he turns all red! What a hoot" - Angelo
  • "I first became familiar with the Captain of the Ivory Patriots through his electronic missives. After witnessing his both his strict adherence to deserved courtesy and fervency of belief in person, I admit that Elder Sharp is indeed the most patriotic Elder of the Camarilla I have yet to encounter. The Tower is stronger for his contributions, and I hope to discuss much with him in the nights to come." - Solomon
  • "Driven, Zealous, Unswerving Faith. I can think of others like him, but polite company states it is Rude to call him such." - Michael
  • "Dedicated and straight forward, walking the same path day after day, thought after thought. I can appreciate that about an individual." - Antoine Price
  • "I've seen a thousand people just like him: stuck in his unswerving belief and moral righteousness. But the fact is that his beliefs are rooted in a fundamental moral corruption. They are corrupt, and so he-- however 'polite' he may seem-- is also corrupt. I have no time or quarter for him, or anyone like him." - Flynn
  • "Elder Sharp is an interesting and outspoken man. I haven't had the chance to delve into a deep and meaningful conversation with him yet, but am hoping to. Though I can say this, he is a very loyal member of the tower and seems to do anything to protect it. Even at the cost of his own life." -Blayne Ashbury
  • "Oh yes.... Sharp. He'd be a strong ally if he recognized that loyalty and conviction are not mutually exclusive." - Tamberland
  • "Mr. Sharp is quite handy to have around, for those evenings where I need to swat flies with sledgehammers." - Serafin
  • "I won’t kiss you. It might get to be a habit and I can’t get rid of habits." - Some Exotic Fling
  • "A new harpy, I'll be watching closely." - Dexter Mara
  • "He is a zealot. I have some experience with that. Let's see how his zealotry matches my own." - Zaina
  • "Byen fò, moun k'ap mache dwat , se yon patriyòt . Li se pa ale nan renmen sa nou fè. Ce oke. Li pral jis gen nan fè yon desizyon , jwenn lapè ak Loa a nan mond sa a oswa pwochen an." - Faustine Pellerin
  • "Your opinions are interesting, the more so for being entirely wrong. I shall ask Mr. Sharp to elaborate on the specifics..." - Evelyn Atwood, exacting his revenge
  • "He is very loud, then says that you aren't supposed to say words or know words that he just said. He is very confusing. If he didn't want us to know about the thing, why did he say the thing?" - Fidelity
  • "Hard to miss, really. Tall and loud and full of promises that things will work out for the best. Well, Mr. Sharp? Did they?" - Carmina Giovanni
  • " 'The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.' Is a quote from Ghegis Khan that often comes to mind when I meditate on the allowance of non-pillar clans into the Camarilla and Archon Sharp's lessons." - Hadrian Ieincer
  • "He's real on par." – June
  • "I have a real respect for those in authority. He was put in place for a reason. He's so commanding. So regal. And his bottom, tight like a tiger. I'm a married woman, but I can still look." - Mabel Ruby
  • "Archon Sharp is more than just a sledgehammer. He is a leader ready to strike against the enemies of Camarilla wherever they dwell. I would be happy to serve as a weapon for him should he deem it necessary." - Hobbes
  • "I was immediately greeted and welcomed to the domain of Austin by this exemplary Commander of our sect. He and I worked together to take down a hideous fiend of the Sabbat that tried to escape our grasp. I will fight by his side until ashes fall should he proove as honorable as he has when I met him." Hannibal Pierce
  • "I can't decide if I liked him more when he wasn't pretending to support the Movement. At the very least, he proves time and time again that he doesn't understand who we are." - Flynn
  • "I don't know, man... I've seen him twice, and both times, his view of us were so different. I just... He's so hard to read. I think he's just pretending." - Eve
  • "Interesting." - Harper Gray
  • "..." - This silence is normally followed up with a smirk by Auggie Giovanni
  • "He has a penchant for order and etiquette which I can appreciate, but have yet to realize manifest as his station keeps him far too busy for pleasantries. I am content to remain out of his attention for as long as he wears the mantle of his assignment." - Costanza Rodriguez
  • "In the inverted world of the Camarilla, the low-blooded and usurpers are given equal station to those born of high blood." -Andrasi de Covasna
  • "I'm..torn about this guy. On one hand, his outfit reminds me of some of my more care-free days and nights; on the other, his manner is very in-your-face. It puts me on edge." - Lexi
  • "Oh, yes. Archon Sharp. He is a lack of subtlety personified, but ultimately ignorable so long as one does not become the focus of his position." - Dr. Gabriel Tennyson
  • "He has always been a perfect gentlemen exuding class and style. He is rock solid in his convictions. With the fluidity of time it is something that is both admired and admonished, but he cares little about outside opinion." - Danielle Ropchan
  • "I think Archon Sharp is a badass. You should have seen him in action in Austin. Not many people can kick ass in a hat like that. True story." - Crispin Taylor

OOC Information

Player: Sam Marston

MES Number: US2003071808

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Awesome Caricature and Tarot Card Drawn By: Anastasia Marston