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Character Information

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Name: Benjamin Wallace

Creature Type: Changing Breed, Were Eagle

Cell: Miami Branch

Accord Status: 3

Notable Traits: Never found without his trusted .45. Can see and hear ghosts, and can interact with the spirit world. To those who see the shadow, he appears with a pleasant aura, and can draw spirits to him like moths to a flame.

Division: Accord Investigative Services

Position and Title: Tactical Officer, Miami.

Known Information

Benjamin joined the Accord along with the rest of the Gatekeepers. He initially moved down to Miami, being that it was within close proximity to Puerto Rico, his other home. Benjamin is a hunter of the Lucifuge, and is a founding member of the Gatekeepers. Instead of fighting against infernal entities, Benjamin now hones his skill to take the fight to the Truth and save our reality.

Benjamin has taken part in several operations in the war against the Truth. He has recently decided to tie the knot with his fellow Grandmaster Danica Barrows.

Benjamin recently journeyed to the underworld after receiving a vision that his aid was needed. A great demon was attempting to corrupt one of the dominions, but do to his quick work, the demon was stopped. Unfortunately, Ben has lost the memories of his last few years, and is now working to pick up the pieces. He has since left his wife after they both decided it was for the best, but continues on serving in his position as a Grandmaster. Recently, he moved on to the the woman who pulled him out of the pit, Lisette. The two have since split due to an old flame from her past. Ben left the arcane order after seeing that it had become something far more militaristic than he had the stomach for. He also left Lisette once they decided that they would be happier apart.


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Grandmaster within the Gatekeepers

Benjamin was one of the founding parties of the Gatekeepers. Known for his abilities in both the physical and the spiritual realm, Ben was brought in to assist in keeping our world safe. Ben is a master when it comes to destroying infernal entities and sending them back from whence they came. Benjamin's dedication to the Gatekeepers is absolute, and would do anything for any member of the organization.

He has since learned that his feelings were not shared by others and for several reasons, some not made public, he has left the order and has since joined AIS.


Ben is a man who appears to be in his late twenties to early thirties with brown eyes, and brown curly hair. Tall, and well built, he is usually seen wearing a white jacket over a black shirt and jeans. Ben has a habit of dressing for comfort over style, enjoying clothes that will give him the freedom of movement required should the need arrive. When combat breaks, Ben can be found in a black tactical vest and twin hip holsters sporting .45's.


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Benjamin usually comes off as calm, relaxed, and ready to have a good time. Under fire, he is known for keeping his cool, and cracking a joke every now and then. He has passion and he has a strong drive to complete the mission, but he knows that sometimes a good joke is needed to break the pressure.


Benjamin has had a hard life. Born in 1752 in Massachusetts, Ben wanted nothing more than to live his life and be happy. But that happiness would come at a cost, and the cost was war. In 1774, Ben was thrown into the war for independence, and had no choice but to fight for his life. It was then that Ben noticed strange things happening around him. Milk would curdle, his enemies would suffer greatly, and strange little creatures began to talk to him. Little did he know, he was entering a stage in his life known as the becoming. The tint of demon blood within his body had taken hold, and Ben had become a member of the Lucifuge. He spent years in Milan training, honing his skills, and learning under the leader of the Lucifuge. Years later, he came across Jacques Saunier who later invited him to join in a new organization, The Gatekeepers. Ben has sinced joined the Accord, and continues the fight for humanity. Recently, Ben journeyed to the Underworld to protect the realm from the forces of the inferno. In the battle, the hunter lost 10 years of his life leading to his darkest moments in his life. But a light arrived in the form of Lisette with whom he has decided to share his life with. They currently have a child. A son by the name of Stephen. The two have since split due to an old flame from her past. Ben left the arcane order after seeing that it had become something far more militaristic than he had the stomach for.



Born in the fires of war, Benjamin has trained himself to be an excellent soldier, while also excelling in the study of the supernatural. He also seems to have a natural talent when it comes to dealing with spirits, as they seem to enjoy his presence. Ben is a fine marksman, while also excelling in the art of knife fighting. Strangely, the knife he uses smells of rose pedals and sulfur. Occasionally, Ben can be seen holding the knife up to his ear, and sighing. Ben is also known for his tenacity and his never say die attitude.


  • "Ben always is there. He comes through, no matter what. Solid and dependable, and occasionally an epic pain in the ass...but in the end, he really is always there." - Striker
  • "He's a- uh- good friend. He's- I mean- really he is a good guy in the end." - Pash
  • "First Lucifuge I've ever met who says 'assbutt' as part of a battle cry." - David Anderson
  • "Ever have an older little brother? That's kind of how Ben and I are. It really varies, depending on the situation, which of us is the wise older brother and which is the impulsive, reckless one. Keeps life interesting." - John Harkin
  • "This is me, over here, having my nice, normal relationship...with the son of Satan." - Danica Barrows
  • "He's my pet human. You should see him juggle." "I am one hell of a juggler." - Danica Barrows and Benjamin Barrows
  • "There is peace between our groups, for which I am pleased, the man has decent taste... in many things." - Mike McConnell
  • "I like Ben. Like, a lot. No, no...not like that. He just seems like this really dependable guy that would probably sit and listen to me bitch about my sucky life over a bottle of tequila. He's good people, and I trust him. Yes, despite the kinda creepy wing thing..." - Dea Tacita
  • "Let's just say when Ben and I are together, all hell breaking loose is an understatement." - Jason Harvick
  • "I kinda wish he and his wife didn't hate me, cause they seem like super cool people. Ah well. They have good reason." - Aurora Coventry
  • "Yeeeaaahhh ... Fuck a whole bowl o' you, Wallace. Fuck. An entire. Bowl." - Steven Bradley
  • Ben -- "I did abomination research. I got swallowed by one."
    • David Anderson -- "We need to have a talk about the Scientific Method."
  • "Uh...what is that?" Red pointing to a strange "Hunter Device" that Ben has pulled out of thin air. He looks at her, "Well, you see..." She shakes her head, holding up a hand, ", Uncle Ben. I don't think I want to know what kind of wonky-ass Hunter Shit you keep your bag of Magic Tricks..."
  • "I ought to kick his ass back to Daddy...but I won't. No matter what he's done, I still care. But don't tell him that." - Marilyn St. Paul
  • "At first I don't know that I liked him. Then for a while I hated him, felt he was a traitor to his own kind. Then I got a curveball thrown at me and I found out he's my Grandfather. Shit just keeps getting more and more complicated. What I do know is Ben's taken care of me since I got to Miami. He's trusted me to know how to take care of myself, he's trusted me to carry out solo missions, he's trusted me to be a good hunter and a good member of the Accord. I'm a soldier in a war that will never end, and he might not hold The Vigil anymore, but he's still a damn good man." - Ridley St. James
  • "Ku sakh, I swear to Urfurah that if you get into trouble without me one more time..." - Quinn Avery
  • "I don't understand your world, but it seems you're going to have to get a crash course in mine. I guess it would be insensitive to ask if we could swap places." - Simon
  • "Ben means well, I just hope he can escape the sins of his past." - Houston
  • "Seriously, dude's got the worst love life in all the Accord, and that's saying something." - New Guy
  • "...You don't have much of a survival instinct do you? Well if you insist..." - Shade
  • "I don't mind that you and Shade comforted each other in Springfield. However, I don't think it would be good if she came home smelling like you again." - David Shattuck

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  • Is a Were-Bear
  • Informed a True Fae that it should "Respect his authority." The true fae did did not end well for the creature.
  • He's over 200 years old.
  • It is believed that he is the reason General Washington was successful in crossing the Delaware.
  • He wishes to open a gate to hell merely to speak to Lucifer, wanting answers.
  • It is believed that his knife is not only a strange smelling item, but a two way communication device between him and Lucifer.
  • He is incredibly protective of his wife, and will take drastic action to keep her safe.
  • Thinks he can talk to trees.
  • Keeps a list of all those who have attempted to flirt with his wife.
  • Those that study under him are made to walk through Hell
  • Considers duct tape a valid form of medical treatment
  • Is actually a vampire.
  • Is actually a Danny Trejo shifter.
  • Lives his life according to the Sith Code.




  • Rolling Stones - "Paint it Black"
  • Rolling Stones - "Sympathy For the Devil"
  • Van Halen - "Running with the Devil"
  • Thrice - "Send me an Angel"
  • Anything But Joey - "One"
  • Motley Crew - "Kickstart My Heart"



OOC Information

Player: Eduardo Sanchez
MES Number: US20111108120
Creature Type: Lucifuge
Division: AIS
City: Miami, Florida
VST: Alicia Cameron