Benson Riley

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Accord PC

Player: A. Summers
Creature Type: Kindred
Division: N/A
City: Mississippi State, MS
VST: J. Jones

Mortal Knowledge

Name: Ben Reynalds

Occupation: Science Fiction/Horror Author

Notable Traits: Reclusive and camera shy, but it has been noted that he is a mountain of a man, and a bit on the flamboyant side.

He is gay.
He is an albino.
He is a bit of an occult freak, his books are a bit too real at times to be fiction.

Kindred Knowledge

Name: Princess Benson Riley

Notable Traits: Giant Man, very fashion forward.

Title or Positon: Prince of the Golden Triangle in Northern Mississippi.

He has praxis because he can keep it. He may seem like a flamboyant soul, but he is down right vicious in a fight.

Accord Knowledge

Name: Benson Riley

Creature Type: Kindred

Notable Traits: Giant, usually dressed very nicely, even when he is slumming it.

Title or Positon: Agent in Charge of Public Relations and Rhetoric Manipulation

Is he gay or just greedy?
IS he really wearing a tiara?
Are those human skulls wrapped around his wrists?

OOC Information

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Player: A. Summers

MES Number: US2003021286

Location: MS-001-D The Radiant Triad