Benton Cortez

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Accord PC

Player: Richard Lockwood
Creature Type: Changing Breed
Division: N/A
City: Miami, FL
VST: Eddie

Character Information

Benton Cortez


Full Name: Benton Cortez

Classification: Changing Breed, Wing-Folk, Strigoi

Human Form: While Benton is only 5'7" and close to 240, he manages to maintain his presence w/o offending unintentionally(sweet voiced fiend). His clothes usually look like they have come from good will because they did. If you catch him on a day he bathed he's reasonably pleasant to be around. He tends to be a bit too alert and typically turns his head to what he's looking at.His Heritage is clearly heavily mixed with white and hispanis predominant, but other things thrown in for good measure.

Primal Form: Large Eagle sized Florida Screech Owl, which has the rare reddish coloration.



Rumors I'm curious how he'd deal with spirits if there wasn't a werewolf pack to threaten them with.

We paid him to take care of a ghost problem we had and the asshole blamed our beautiful new swimming pool. Like we'd let him swim in it.

OOC Information

Player: Richard Lockwood

MES Number: US2002021616

Location: Miami, FL