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First Impressions


Notable Traits:
Eerie Presence: Smell of old, musty, dusty library fills the air.
Speaks in an educated British Dialect

Appears to be in late 20s to early 30s
Dresses comfortably, but well.

Bernard Green Known to Society.png
Abiding Status

Confirmed as Ancilla of Camarilla
Acknowledged in the court of San Antonio by Prince Franc Lepure
Acknowledged in the court of San Antonio by Prince Robyn Remington

Fleeting Status
Loyal by Primogen Dagmuar of San Antonio
Favored by Elder Eileen Vargas
Courteous by Prince Dravon Von Jaegar of New Orleans


Bernard Greene Allies.png

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Bernard Greene Quotes.png

  • "Here we have an excellent example of the diversity of our clan. I'm excited to see how we can further our blood's goals." - Dr. Sinclair
  • "He seems a decent fellow. I was imminently grateful that he was able to diffuse the situation before he and his brother whipped them out and measured them." - Philippa Brery
  • "He has a large penis.. I feel he should know this about himself.." - Edward Vincent Icabod Livingston IV
  • "He's my brother. We may argue a lot, but when it comes down to it, we stand together. You mess with one of us, you get all our attention." - Faustine Pellerin
  • "He is an extremely capable and useful individual. Entirely loyal to his clan, and passionate about furthering his personal goals at the same time. I eagerly await the day his social stature and status surpass my own." - Franc
  • "So well behaved, I wonder what he's hiding. Or maybe he's actually well behaved, he is British after all." - Mabel Ruby
  • "Could it be that Bernard is as earnest as he seems? I would welcome among my friends one so forthright, or one so deviously capable of appearing so." - Claire
  • "Where do the Nosferatu keep finding these charming men? And with such a grasp on what a woman wants." - Jayne Joyce
  • (French)"Such a pleasure to see you again Mssr. Green, do not be a stranger, I enjoy having a good conversation." - Guillaume
  • "Having just met the man, I can say only that he is not worthless, which places him above many." - Costanza Rodriguez
  • "I have never met a Nosferatu with as much love for The Sight as I do. I believe I will like this one." - The Broken
  • "An academic and vigilant for others. He's unique for a Nosferatu; he doesn't skulk in the shadows or keep secret. He operates, out in the open, and for people bothering to pay attention, it should help them sleep well at night knowing there's a man keeping his eye out. For all of us." - Ethan Sullivan
  • "Someday I'm going to sit down and have a long chat with Bernard, but I feel like we should be in huge leather overstuffed chairs drinking scotch and smoking cigars.." - Astrid Malikov
  • (French)"I will personally place into as many boxes as he wishes anyone who agitates this man...I do not think many understand precisely how vital he is to the success of any mission he is on...and they are worse off for that fact. I will never be anything but happy to see him standing beside me, English or not" - Guillaume de'Marianne
  • "When next he visits, I will be put out, if we are not introduced." - Jeannie
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Bernard Greene Rumors.png

  • Bernard isn't actually English. He just uses the accent to pick up ladies.
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Bernard Greene OOC.png

  • Looking for Ties in Particular to other Lore Masters, Linguists, Nosferatu, and Discipline Background ties

Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Antonio, TX
Player: Matthew Sinclair
Storyteller: Paula Wilkinson