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Character Information

Name: Beth Stonecrusher
Creature Type: Uratha, Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talons, Lodge of Garm
Accord Cell: The Third Lantern

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Traits and Appearance


      Beth is a hot-tempered and muscular young woman in her mid-twenties. She usually wears her hair pulled back and is almost always wearing leathers of some sort. However her most noticeable feature is the large scar running down her right cheek and into her neck. Rather than attempting to hide the disfigurement, however, she seems quite proud of it. It is yet one more aspect of a personality that always seems ready for a fight. If not for the rapid regeneration of the Uratha, it is easy to imagine that her features would consist of many more scars. Beth is constantly full of energy and is rarely sitting still. And even when she does sit, she appears to have a problem using a chair properly, often finding odd ways to rest on it.

Beth Urhan.png

      Within the Boston Accord cell, Beth is always one of the first to volunteer when violence is needed. To some, it may seem that this eager werewolf has a death wish, but anyone that talks to her is not so certain. There is a pain in her eyes that she is struggling to cover up with her bravado and stunts. But whatever her motivations are, when Beth decides to destroy an enemy, it is a terribly savage thing to behold. She fights with exceptional speed and strength, and it is clear that opposing her with any physical challenge is not going to be easy.

      Beth appears as a large grey wolf on the opposite end of the spectrum from her human form. She is indistinguishable from other healthy grey wolves save for the scar that persists even in this form. Beth's dire wolf (or Urshul form) resembles that of her wolf (or Urhan form) only with larger teeth, larger claws, and a larger capacity for savagery. When only a little extra strength is required and posable thumbs are still needed, Beth can also shift into a wolfman form known as Dalu. Anyone that knows Beth would easily recognize her in Dalu looking past the claws, fangs, and extra hair provided that they didn't succumb to lunacy at the sight. Beth's final form is her war form (Garou) which any cell member in combat with her has seen. Towering at over 8 feet in height with fangs and claws larger and more powerful than those in any of her other forms, Beth uses this form when maximum violence is required. And life in the Accord cell offers plenty of opportunities for that.

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• "Did you see what she did to that guy's arm? Yeah, maybe he shouldn't have grabbed her, but... his arm!"
• "I admire her style and her vest." - Ingrid Madrazo
• "She has a solid foundation, and every aspect of her speaks of strength. I must admit though, she is....frightful." - Eric Barrett
• "Being willing to dive headfirst into the fray is a noble trait, but it always bears a cost- a cost they can no longer afford to pay. I wish her and her people all the best." - Houston
• "You know in the movies, when the badass walks into a unfair fight against ten of fifteen people and they go "We're gonna kill you." And the guy looks at them all slowly and says, "That why I brought him." And there's someone standing behind them and kicks the hell out of all them. I'm the badass, Beth's the one I point to." - Jason Harvick
• "She's a werewolf, with all that goes with it. But I'm always glad to have her standing between me and an abomination" - Senka
• "I trust Beth more than I trust most of my own family. She has a better grip, though." - Eric Barrett
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Frankie - a wonderful mother and a fierce fighter, it's also great to have a skilled mechanic on hand
Vincent - although he seems to enjoy the finer things, Vincent is an accomplished Uratha and a great asset to the pack
Naveed - one of the first Uratha Beth met through the Accord, a close friend and occasional teacher on spirity matters

Friends & Allies

Eric - the young mage who first brought Beth into the Boston cell and a friend ever since
Lucian - an interesting man to talk to and a must-have guide to the Underworld
Art - despite the fact that he's high most of the time he's actually quite effective as support in a fight
Setah - a powerful ally against the Truth and someone Beth is grateful to fight alongside with
Nikolai - a guilty pleasure on the surface, but also a friend when words are also exchanged
Dani - has a kind heart and a beautiful voice, one who has provided care and comfort in the past
Jason - someone Beth respected even before he was her Cell Alpha, who continues to impress her


Kirsten - lost in battle only a couple weeks following the Great Cold, Beth considered him the brother she never had and misses him dearly

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Character History

      Beth's history prior to joining the Accord Cell in Boston is unknown to most. Leading up to that, Eric Barrett had an encounter with her in the Shadow and the two opened a dialog when each realized that the other was a Believer. Several months later Beth relocated to Boston after the result of some trauma involving a Pure pack. At that time it was Eric who helped her secure a job and who introduced her to The Third Lantern Accord Cell. She has since been a solid fixture in the cell ever since and is often found fighting on the front lines against the agents of the Truth.

      As for Beth's full history, she is reluctant to discuss it with most. However the complete story can be read here: Beth Stonecrusher History. As the player who wrote it I encourage any one interested in character histories to read it and share their thoughts with me. But if you are an ST or a character who has IC reasons to know my history then I encourage you to read it in order to make Beth's life even more complicated. There is also the option of forming character ties, although that will probably take some work story-wise.

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Since many others list soundtracks on their wikis, giving visitors a great feel of the character, I thought'd I'd attempt as well. So here are a few songs that are reminiscent of Beth to me:

• First Change & bad days:
      Monster by Skillet
      The Animal by Disturbed
• During happier less sad days:
      You're Going Down by Sick Puppies
      The Unforgiven II by Metallica
      The Red by Chevelle
      And anything by Wolf Fifth
• With the recent Forsaken genocide, and loss of Kirsten:
      Far From Home by Five Finger Death Punch
      Hurt by Johnny Cash

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Accord PC

Player: Pamela B.
Creature Type: Uratha, Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talons
Lodge: Lodge of Garm
City: Boston

Player Information

Player Name: Pamela B.
MES Number: US2014060061
Title: Domain Coordinator for Boston's Shattered Antiquities
Other Characters:
      Diana Harris - Venture Ordo Dracul (Requiem)
      Scents the Lost - Silent Strider Lupus Galliard (Apocalypse)
      Chavali Boswell - Camarilla Nosferatu (Masquerade)
      Ginger - Autumn Court Wizened (Lost)
Ties: I'm always up for character ties, especially if you are someone who likes to do occasional scenes on Facebook or e-mail. I love how inter-connected all of these worlds are.
Wiki: All of my wiki pages are works in progress since I really enjoy messing around with wiki code. And if you need help creating a page for your character, let me know!