Beyond Good and Evil

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Pack Totem


The Pack

Alpha is Dawn Blanchard "Hidden Strength"
Beta is Dimitri Rose "Link to the Past"
Usvietta "Yvette" Leonia Chogitz "OakenShield"
Dakota Running-Prairie
Ethan Houston "Muerte en las Cuerdas"
Omega is Violetta Lorraine "Steals the Toys"

Pack Members


The Beta Dimitri Rose "Link to the Past"
Dimitri Rose, known to be a Shadow Lord, found himself coming into this pack in a less direct route. Prior to his change, he met with Galina's younger sister while she was visiting California. They hit it off well, and then he mated with her. This was the first time that Galina and Dimitri went to fists, though neither had changed yet. The second time was when Galina found out her sister was pregnant. The very definite terms of marrying her sister and taking care of the baby were made. Once Dimitri changed, it was like second nature to have him join the pack, especially since he'd already joined the family.


Usvietta "Yvette" Leonia Chogitz "OakenShield"
Born in 1988 in the middle of nowhere south Dakota, along the white river west of hi way 53, on the family farm. Changed on the annual lunar eclipse March 3rd 2007. Always a strange child, she was even more so after her change. Sent to lone Jack august 2008 to foster with Isabella Hunt, to be "socialized", really it was for her safety. She lived with the Hunts until 2010 when she asked her father to purchase the little farm south of lone jack, at 155th and Stewart rd.
Her family line originally emigrated to america in 1882. They came from the area south of St. Petersburg. They fled the Bolshevik revolution. When they hit Ellis island they change the surname from Chogitz to Talon. Chogitz is Russian for talon. They lived in upstate New York where they joined the house of Unbreakable Hearth and met the family of Ettienne (Du' Cygne)Swanson.(Kenny Cole) Long before Yvette and Etienne were born the families made ties through marriage and they are some how cousins.


Dakota Running-Prairie
Sired by Kalapi in 2010 after the Battle of the Red Star. Born 2011 in the Northern Rockies as part of a litter of wolf cubs. In 2012, Dakota frenzies and is found by his Tribe. He frenzied and killed part of his family, his pack - the rest of the pack is frightened of him and his rage, much to his sorry. He is eventually taken to Sept of the South Wind where is learns about his Tribe, his family history and something of what it means to be a Garou. His mentor is Owen Eagle's Cry, Theurge of Elder Brother (soon to be Elder). Dakota is fostered after his Rite of Passage to the Sept of the Tor; the two Septs had conflicted in the past, Wyrmcomers vs Pure Ones. So a tradition of fostering had been chosen, even though it was infrequently applied in modern nights. Dakota joins other Cliaths from the Tor in a pack dedicated to Stag, Wisdom of the Spirits. The other Garou die and some drift away; Dakota being the last, dedicates himself to a ban from the old pack totem as the pack totem merges with the larger Stag spirit that is the Caern spirit at the Tor. After short period, he joins the pack dedicated to Black Unicorn. The pack eventually falls apart due to strife between newer pack members, but Dakota remembers much joy in the comfort of a pack. He learns the lesson that Garou is something without a pack, but is more with a pack. He is accepted by another mentor Ursula "Mother Bear" Smith Dakota spends a handful of moons learning from his mentors, while searching for a new pack. He eventually settles on Beyond Good and Evil, believing that Cunning is often neglected and should be a tool the Garou use.


Ethan Houston "Muerte en las Cuerdas"
Ethan is a Silent Strider through and throuh he would rather be wandering the face of Gaia than stuck in any one place. Though he has come to realize everyone needs a base of operation to call home and through a round about series of events that place has come to be the Sept of the Tor. There he has a group that is the next best thing to family, his pack.


The Omega Violetta Lorraine "Steals the Toys"
Violetta Loraine is a lupus born Silver Fang born to a homid born Garou and his wolf mate. She was sent to the States from her home in Germany after a prank went to well. Originally sent to family at the Sept of the Eagle's Talons she quickly grew bored and wondered off. For several months she wondered all over the country avoiding garou and humans alike. Eventually she finds her way to the Sept of the Tor. She was quickly befriended by Dakota and Dimitri and when she was offer the opportunity to become a member of their pack she knew it was right.

Honored Dead

Sebastian Hunt

Sebastian died as he lived, in the spotlight. While on a trip to help a sept to the North in Omaha, Nebraska, Sebastian made the sacrifice to Gaia. When no one else would heed the call; when no one else would accept the challenge issued from the enemy... Sebastian did. He heard the howls of war, and when even the members of the sept would not answer, he stepped up and did. His howls pierced the darkness and the pack knew what was to come, in some way or another.
Sebastian fell to protect others. His light shined so brightly that it gave the opportunity for the rest of his pack to jump in and help to kill the multitudes of enemies that were around them. Though Sebastian fell (and women all over the world wept at the loss of his magnificence) the pack held strong and even managed to get his body out of the way. The Rite of the Departed was performed once he was returned home to the Tor, and even though he is no longer with the pack, the pack always keeps him close to their hearts. He was a judge, a protector and a brother. And his loss, though poignant, is a wound that is slowly healing.

Galina Kelly
Galina fell to protect her pack and her Sept she made the ultimate sacrifice. She left behind many who loved and cared for her and a family that will never forget her or the sacrifice she made

Oliver Hunt
Oliver disappeared off the Map after loosing too much. He undoubtedly much in his own style went out in a blaze of glory.