Bezumnyy Razum

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Awakening PC

Player: Caleb Bonecutter
Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil ••
Legacy: None
Position: none
Consilium: Name under construction ••
City: San Antonio
Cabal: Mastibros
VST: [mailto:]

Birth Name: Not Public Knowledge

Shadow Name: Bezumnny Razum

Sleeper Alias: None

Offices: None

Quote: "We are going to mind rape him."



Character Description

A man of average height and build, Razum sports a close-cut beard and sunglasses which he always seems to wear. In addition, Razum wears a knit cap and a large wool trenchcoat.


The cold feeling of a jail cell with a man screaming in pain from torture.

Looking For

Candidates to join the Mastibros Cabal
Guardian ties


It is rumored that Razum has one red eye and one black eye, a mark remaining from his time in the Supernal.
He was driven to further insanity by infiltrating The Witnesses' fractured mind.
Fires one warning shot at Mages who allow Paradox to run free in his presence.


*Imperial March rings on Bro'Derick's phone* "Bro, we used to play that in Kremlin all the time!"

"We are going to mind rape him"