Bianca 'Blue' Mudra

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Name: Bianca Mudra

Also known as: Blue

Apparent Age: 22

Creature Type: Azubuike

Location: US Virgin Islands - Black Mesa Cell

Accord Status: 4

Division: Lex Talionis

Title or Position: Judge of the Accord

Google+ Page: Blue Mudra

Notable Traits:


Human Form:
Bianca is a small Eastern European girl - maybe 5 feet 2 inches - but her frame is muscular despite that. It's clear she was and still is an athlete. She has medium-length brown hair that she usually holds back with a ponytail or headband, and large, expressive eyes. She wears a pair of thick prescription glasses.

Bianca tends to dress modestly when the weather allows, though she's not averse to lighter clothing on hot days. She prefers blouses and skirts most of the time.

War-Beast Form:
Standing 12 feet tall, this dark-grey skinned monster looks like it should be ungainly and awkward, but is terrifyingly fast and strong. It has eyes that burn with some inner fire, and a large, wicked horn on the wide head which is used to brutal effect. The arms and hands are meaty and could crush a wall with a single punch, while the legs end in stumpy feet.

Primal-Beast Form:
Blue's primal form is a massive, impressively-armored Indian Rhino. Easily three tons, this beast looks like it could mow down anything in its way - and yet is remarkably placid, the majority of the time.

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Blue history text.png

  • 1993 - Renata and Bianca Mudra are born in the Czech Republic.
  • 1997 - The Twins begin taking gymnastics classes.
  • Spring 2003 - African Safari. Blue meets a rhinoceros and immediately displays some understanding of its thinking.
  • 2003 - Moves to NYC for continued training
  • Winter 2004 - Mexico and Central America vacation
  • 2005 - Red is injured and unable to continue competing at the national and Olympic level.
  • 2005 - The Twins meet Frank Gabriel in NYC while he is in Seminary. They continue to attend church after their shifts and after they join the Accord.
  • 2006 - First Shift, triggered by their father. Blue is mentored by Lucas MacKinder in how to handle being a shifter.
  • May 2007 - Visit to Puerto Rico, both girls become believers when they help close a tear.
  • 2007 - Become members of the Rattle Watch Cell
  • August - December 2007 - The Twins spend time with Cora Kirkwood in New York
  • 2008 - Graduate from high school early, emancipated from their parents. Family returns to Czech Republic.
  • April 2009 - The Twins meet Jason Harvick.
  • 2010 - Red and Blue meet Simon. Red adopts him as her baby brother.
  • 2011 - Bianca spends 5 months traveling in Africa, learning to heal and understanding her nature.
  • 2012 - The Twins meet Ben.
  • 2012 - The Twins meet Siren in Bismarck, ND. Vampires didn't stand a chance.
  • 2013 - Return to Czech Republic themselves on 'family business.' They travel throughout Europe, working with several cells there.
  • 2014 - Returns to Puerto Rico and joins Un Arbol.
  • 2015 - Transfers to Black Mesa in the US Virgin Islands to begin attending college in St. Thomas.
  • 2015 - Is accepted as an Apprentice of the Gatekeepers by Jacques Saunier.

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Family and Friends:

  • Red - My reflection. We're not so alike as you might think, though.
  • Jacques Lafayette Saunier - Safe passage into the next world, Děda Jacques. I will always miss you.
  • Lance - He was family, but, well... The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.
  • Irene Norton - DAMMIT, woman, take better care of yourself! I swear, sometimes I want to drag her into a medbay...
  • F1R3W@LL - Somehow managing to be Queen of the Accord and the snarky teen I remember all at the same time. I can't figure how she does it.
  • P51M0N1C - Simon reminds me that Hunters are good and bad just like everyone else. Also he's an amazing friend.
  • Cora Kirkwood - Always got a room at my home when she needs it. Wish she'd let me support her.
  • Lucas MacKinder - Teacher-Bear! And fellow Judge. It seems like he always knows just what to say.
  • Siren - I think we can be friends now. I like that, was worried we couldn't for a while.
  • Macintosh - My husband, my motivation, my rock through everything. We're keeping each other sane, much as we can. I love him, and it's enough.


  • Jason Harvick - The Old Man. He, uh, he likes my muscles. He's apologized for being creepy, though, and that was a long time ago. It's good.
  • Selma - I like vanilla. It's nice. I need to take her up on that dinner offer at some point, it'd be fun.
  • Benjamin Wallace - Uncle Ben... really needs to learn self-preservation skills, seriously.

Blue talk text.png


  • "Once you get past the fact she's a were...Rhino of all things, I think she's pretty Likeable. I just hate to see what she does to her electronics." - Q
  • "There is no surer way to settle someone's shit right the fuck down than to have an entire actual rhinoceros sit on them. The fight is over now, there is a rhino on you." - F1R3W@LL
  • "There is nothing that I wouldn't do for my sister. If you touch her or hurt her or cause her any kind of pain, I will kill you, Accord or not. I feel like her being here is my fault, and I will protect her from as much of this as I can." - Red
  • "It's not your fault. We got into this together, and we'll take care of each other, y'know. Shifter twins unite, or whatever F13 would say in this situation."
  • "I'm pretty sure Blue can murderface anything I can't blow up. It's comforting." - Marilyn St. Paul
  • "If you look at it from the Hunter perspective I'm sleeping with the enemy. From the other side though, she's sweet and beautiful. It's difficult for me to balance how much I care about her with the fact that some day it might be me that has to put down an out of control monster." - Ridley St. James
  • "I thought I was helping her find her true self, but in the end she found me. What an unlikely Shepherd, what an unlikely joy." - Macintosh
  • "It broke my heart when I saw them on that beach. Especially Blue. I worry that she'll get eaten up in this life when in actuality, she might be the only one of the three of us to make it to the end." - Cora Kirkwood
  • "Blue is a productive member of the Accord. Her awareness of how to efficiently apply her skills and abilities is commendable." - Zer0
  • "Man. I wish Cuzblue and I could see eye to eye. She's a sweetheart, but sometimes I wonder if she'll ever be able to see the world the way her sister and I do." - Lance Sully
  • "She's... different, I don't believe we see the world or many other things the same way, each life unfolds a different way." - Riley Stiggson
  • "She's a mother fucking Unicorn."- Mikey Moulder
  • " I can't honestly say I had many friends growing up or even since my Awakening. I consider Blue one of my closest friends. The best person I've ever had the pleasure of working with and a real, honest to god good person. I will also admit to being terrified of the day she gets mad at me. Pretty sure I'll get turned into Mage pancake." Molly Blackstone
  • "Blue is really nice. Though the next time she asks me to heal someone, I'm going to hide behind someone really big." Sister Mercy
  • "A few months ago, I never thought I'd find myself wanting to even deal with one of those 'shifter'-types. Now I get into a fight with corrupted mummies and big-ass spirits and I'm like, 'Dammit, where's the rhino?!'" - FILO
  • "First time I meet her I see this tiny, sweet girl who's a blush away from being too cute to be believable. Next thing I know three tons of a living train is barreling through a wall like it's paper. I can work with that just fine for now." - Kyle Riker
  • "Blue's a good soldier, knows what it takes t'get the job done. Outside that she's a decent person, somethin' rare that." - Lucas Mackinder
  • "A bit curt to speak to, but to those she cares about she has a much softer side. She was willing to vouch for a werewolf that she barely knew during vital negotiations in the Congo. I appreciate that she was willing to look past her distaste for what I am to do this." - Ellis Kingsly
  • "Well-composed and intelligent. She'll do great things." - Ingrid
  • "Seems cool people, and I deeply respect she ditched stuff to help us out. Also holy shit she gets major points for not decking that demon. Though he totally would have deserved it." - Sethos
  • "As I've gotten older I've come to really know Blue in ways I didn't when I was a kid. She has a stability in her, like a center of gravity, even when she's hurting or scared. It's comforting to be around someone like that when the world is going insane." - Simon
  • "A lady who won't accept payment for assistance offered always weirds me out, but I'm not gonna say no to the smiling face of a healing angel. Right time, right place. But seriously, I owe her one." - Shkira
  • "Lady-bro-Blue, not a bad bro to work with." Badger
  • "I'm sorry for how you've been treated." - David Shattuck
  • "Dunno what it is with me'n judges, but she's got all the stable I could'a had. She's probly one'a tha best things 'bout joinin' tha Accord." - Dancer
  • "If she ever needs me, I'll be there. Whether she needs a hug or a punching bag." - Jason Harvick
  • "Good person from what I've seen, but I think the rhino part startled me, particularly while playing Mario Party. Also, I'm not quite sure, but I might've made her blush." - Elizabeth Greenfield
  • "Considering how we were introduced I think our 'work ethics' and how much we accomplish is pretty damn awesome... not as awesome as that Rhino on Rhino fight she had but still awesome." - Aiden Black


  • Blue secretly enjoys all the damage she can do. The Catholic thing is just a cover, she's not nearly so innocent as she appears.
  • Blue is sweet as anything normally, but facing her in a Judiciary court is something to piss yourself over.
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