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Changeling PC

Player: Charlie W.
Character: Doctor William "Bill" Bishop
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Steepscrambler
Court: Dawn
Freehold: Annapolis, MD
VST: Hannah W.

Friends? Friends!

Character Information

Name: Doctor William "Bill" Bishop

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Steepscrambler

Mantle: Dawn 4, Summer Goodwill 1, West Goodwill 1

Entitlements: Blackbird Bishop

Notable Traits:

  • Status 4: Medical
  • Anyone who stands near Bill (5 feet or less) and has Mantle 4 or less, their Mantle changes in a positive manner.
  • He always moves slowly, on more than one occasion people have literally picked him up and carried him to locations, that and OMG HE'S A FREAKING SLOTH!

Title or Position: Bishop

Archetype Achievements: Academic, Therapist, Occultist, Doctor

Physical Description

Mask: Bill is a lanky 6 foot tall, late 20 something man, who is a little hairy, slouches slightly, has a slight beer belly, and has a lazy smile almost always on his face. Though not unattractive, he clearly puts minimal effort in is posture and look.

Mien: Bill literally looks like a 6 foot tall bipedal bradypus (Three toed) sloth, interwoven with his fur one can see a couple of blackbird feathers that stick out around some of the hemlines of his clothing.

Mantle: Along with changing the Mantle of those around him, when Bill is near by the feeling that something is about happen fills the air, like the any moment now the sun is just about the break the horizon, forcing night to give way to dawn.

Clothing: No matter what Bill is wearing he always seems to be wearing his lab coat, He is almost always wearing flip flops, a pair of colorful shorts, and some sort of dorky and ridiculous T-Shirt (the 3 sloth moon shirt is a crowd favorite).


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  • There are some who call him "Sloth Jesus."
  • Bill's keeper may or may not know that he is gone.
  • Bill is one of the only know sentient life forms on this planet who has never lost their temper with Shadow, and he was the dude's therapist!
  • There is not a person on Earth that Bill dislikes.
  • Bill and SantaAna once got into an argument about who didn't dislike the most people.
  • Bill can figure just about your whole life's story just by shaking your hand.
  • There is a fine line between meditating and napping for Bill, and sometimes, he's doing both.
  • Bill has a girlfriend! Or is she a stalker?
  • Bill may be one of the only people to frighten A certain Autumn Monarch. I certainly wonder why...
  • Bill only joined Dawn, because he wanted to mess with people's Mantles.


  • "Help" - K

I think you are awesome too Aubrey!

  • "Am I crazy? That depends. Am I actually talking to a six foot tall sloth right now? Yes? You see him too? Oh thank god." - John Vimes
  • "I wonder if fear is enough of a motivator for this one." - Dreamreaver

Hibiscus, I will just about do anything for Hibiscus.

I've already met Shelly she's Aaaaaawesome, she gave me a carrot once.

  • "You're the third person to tell me that {I'm a good person}. I do not know what any of you see." - *Kage*

What is real mostly.

  • "I keep holding out my arm in hopes he believes it to be a tree branch and then accepts me as his god. I'm starting to believe he is not actually a sloth..." - Ammon Lu
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Friends and Acquaints

OOC Information


My Brother

Big Lebowski

Bob Ross

Buttercup the Sloth

Pretty much every sloth meme ever created.

player Info

Player: Charlie W.

MES Number: US2014090056

Location: Baltimore, MD [MD-001-D]