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Billy Hits Things
Character Information

Name: Billy
Deed Name: Hits Things
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Bone Gnawer
Pack: Crow's teeth
Renown: Athro


Billy was a mistaken birth. His mother was a red wolf his father a homid. Billy should have died when his mother still pregnant with him and went through her first change, but he somehow survived.

Born a metis, Billy was kept out of the public eye at the Sept for his early years. His mother, confused by the sudden change in her life, avoided Billy and thus he was raised by the few in the Sept that took pity on him.

Billy became the whipping boy of the Sept and was tormented by the Red Talons in particular. Though never proven, its common belief that several of them sabotaged some of Billy's challenges making it so that he failed them.

In 2013 after the death of his Sept Alpha and Packmate, Billy became Sept Alpha. Since then he's been driven by a goal.

In 2014 after having received a vision, Billy stepped down as Sept Alpha and shortly after took to the road. His Kinfolk moved about this time to Orlando and though he doesn't live their, he often visits.

  • Billy is cursed
  • Once unable to speak, Billy only became able due to the ghost of his former pack mate
  • Billy refuses to eat anything but meat because of religious reasons
  • Billy has a secret crush
  • Billy is so ashamed of himself he refuses to look in mirrors.
  • Billy has lost more challenges then anyone except Picks the Trash
  • Some of Billy's lost challenges were under questionable circumstances

'Billy hit you now, OK?' ~ Billy
'Will the Real Mr. Death please stand up?' ~Billy

OOC Information

Player: David Hofmann

MES Number: US2002106704