Billy Yellow

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Character Information
Tribe: Wendigo
Changing Breed: Garou
Breed: Lupus
Pack: Packless
Sept: Sept of The Golden Door
Rank: Cliath
Wisdom: •••
Player: Derek Redman
Storyteller: VST Storyteller Name

Character Information

Name: Billy Yellow

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Wendigo


Renown: Wisdom 3


Notable Traits: Older Navajo Man. He wears a lot of jewelry with turquoise in it.

Title or Positon:

Quotes and Rumors


  • Billy is the first Theurge of the Wendigo it has been my honour to meet. Everything that I know of the Tribe tells me that they are strong and forthright. It makes me glad to know the few who mix with the Nation, and I look forward to discovering how these qualities are expressed in the light of the Crescent Moon. -- Tiercel Twice-Sworn


  • Billy is a medium.
  • No, he's delusional. How could it be his grandfather he talks to? He's a lupus!
  • Your rumor here!

OOC Information


Player: Derek Redman

MES Number: US2006068067

Location: Roseville, CA