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Sword of Caine
Crescent Moon

Name: Bisha
Clan: Tzimisce
City: Hamilton, ON
Pack: Mark of Caine
Accepted As a True Sabbat
Battle Scared
Notable Traits:

  • Blood red eyes, the trademark of her brood
  • On Path of Caine

Title or Positon: Black Hand Dominion of South Western Ontario

Known by the Sabbat:

Pack Mates

  • Bisha was born to a Gypsy family, shes always lived a nomadic lifestyle. This didn't change after them embrace at all.
  • Notoriously UC prior to being chosen by the black hand in 2005, She had served as Priest and Ductus in various packs.
  • Since becoming Hand, B has made a solid effort towards faction neutrality, although anyone who knows her prior to 2005 knows better.
  • Bisha has many children, at least one for every diablorie shes committed, which is rumored to be many.
  • Bisha is known to join a pack to specifically train and observe those wanting to join the hand

Known by the Black Hand

  • Bisha is the Dominion of South Western Ontario, the only Dominion in Canada

Known by the Tzimisce:


  • Great Great Great Grand Sire: Malchiah
  • Great Great Grand sire: Az
  • Great Grand Sire: Sasha
  • Grand Sire: (Not Yet Named)
  • Sire: Noah Daltrey


Character Information
Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat ••••• •
Statuses: Accepted, Branded, Battle Scared, Loyal, Victorious, Defender
City: Hamilton, ON
Player: Heather K
Storyteller: DaK

Out of Character Information

Player: Heather Keding

C@M #: CA200505006

Location: Hamilton, ON