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Requiem PC

Player: Travis Kearns
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: The Carthian Movement ●●●
Conspiracy: The Band ●●●●
Coterie: Phantom Hounds Motorcycle Club
Domain: San Antonio, Texas●●●
VST: Travis Kearns
DST: Travis Kearns
RST: William Sternenberg

Character Information

Aliases: Sawbones (Road Name), The Good Bishop

Domain: San Antonio, TX

Age: Born in 1842,

Bloodline: Anvari

Positions: Former President of the Phantom Hounds Motorcycle Club. Prefect of San Antonio, Carthian Primogen, Secretary of the Mother Chapter of the Phantom Hounds.

Notable Traits: Striking looks 4 (Bad boy, "rough around the edges")

Bishop is at a bar, sitting at a table littered with beer bottles, ash trays, and trash. Smoke hangs heavy in the air, and the neon beer clock lights up a swirling nexuses of exhaled fire. He's sitting across from a young couple, kickers, and it's so loud that he's having to shout to be heard. Bishop tells him the usual lie "There's a guy over by the pool tables, and he called the girl a slut" or some other demeaning statements about the young man's date. Bishop tell the young man, Paul, that he "wasn't gonna' say nothin' to the guy personally, but I thought you should know".

Later, Bishop sits at the bar with a couple of older guys, telling war stories about some war, somewhere. The wars all seem to have the same components, just change out the terms. Yankee, Rebel, Jap, Kraut, Gook, Arvin, or Charlie, it's all the same. The men talk about their adventures in and after "The War", while polishing off a bottle of bourbon, and maybe a little something else.

Bishop stumbles around the red line at the dart board. He makes one good toss and promptly misses the board entirely with his next two shots. He accuses another man of shoving him and grabs him by the shirt collar. Bishop becomes less shaky and it becomes apparent he was faking the drunk, but the man he is punching in the face again and again doesn't seem to have noticed this was a setup. Out of the corner of Bishop's eye, Paul bust a pool cue across another man's back and the Vets are taking all comers, despite their age and how much whiskey was drunk. The Bar is then divided into two party's; those getting the fuck out of the bar and those who showed up looking for a brawl in the first place. Most of the work is done close up, with fists, occasionally a glass is thrown or an ashtray used as an improvised bludgeon, but nothing more deadly than a pool cue or a beer bottle is raised in violence. Bishop pauses at a fallen figure, unknown whether he was knocked out or just fell down drunk, and drags him toward the door. Bishop gets the guy standing up and out to the parking lot. They stagger towards the back corner of the lot, and behind a large pickup. Deep in the shadows, Bishop looks left, Bishop looks right, and then bites the man. The wound is licked closed, and the man looks like he collapsed attempting to get into his truck. Maybe it's the wrong truck... doesn't matter.

Bishop goes back in to the bar and grabs another drink and tosses the bottle to his ghoul/prospect. Tonight's "Battle of the Bar" continues, but is starting to wind down. He stares up at the neon beer clock next to the Television, transported by a memory that he can almost taste, and a call he can almost hear. He's lost for a moment in a thought. "The world keeps changing. It's never anything significant, and it's never particularly meaningful, but it does keep changing." The spell is broken. Suddenly. Painfully. Another shipment is on its way. "Load up. We got a party to crash" he shouts out over the din of the bar. The drug running is getting more dangerous, the parties keep their spirits up. This territory is a prime Rack, and he's gonna need to hold it. It's the thought that keeps him alive at night; something that will help him keep his edge.

"What are we celebrating, boss?" asks the prospect. A silhouette of a woman creeps through his memory, back dropped by a vast ocean of stars. The smell of leather, stale opium smoke, and a hot Texas wind rushes through.

He grabs the prospect's beer and smashes it against a wall. 'What else?" he says. "It's my fucking birthday." A kickstand is lifted. The roar of a motorcycle rips through the air. Leather, stale opium smoke, and a hot Texas wind.

Known Information

  • Founder and leader of "The Bishops Hounds" Outlaw Cowboys of the 1890's.
  • A Founder of the Phantom Hounds Motorcycle Club.
  • Deals in drugs, guns, and medical supplies.
  • Bishop is known to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. He's not very picky.
  • Bishop carries a [[corpsman knife]], and a sawed off shotgun that he calls "The Black Prince".

Public Lineage

Sire: Calypso (Deceased) Childer: Unknown

The Phantom Hounds


Personal Quotes

  • "We got out of it, didn't we? So I got a little tail in the process, what's the problem?"
  • "Drugs, women, Rock and Roll. Who needs communion?"
  • "The Carthian Movement doesn't have a set "Frame of Government" and it doesn't need one. It's a "Movement". At it's core, it's about needing something different then the Invictus model, where one kindred Rules over others. I rule myself. I'm a Monster, and I don't need a fucking Parliament."
  • "This National Structure, it sure feels like an attempt to harness and break us."
  • "I believe in local rule and self determination. I don't show up in your town and try to tell you how to run your shit, why do you feel like it's appropriate to tell me how to run mine?"
  • "Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana GHOST DOG. ghost dog? GHOST DOG!"

Quotes About Bishop

  • "...What about 'im? He's a dick. But overall...he knows what he's doing. Don't try gunning for him unless you want to end up in a gorge surrounded on all sides with hardly any way out. Then again...if you end up in that gorge with 'im, you're gonna get out...Basically, Bishop isn't to be fucked with unless you know what you're doing. Even then. Tread lightly." - Cyrus DeWalt
  • "He's quintessentially Carthian from what I can tell: heart-breaker, nose-breaker, runs roughshod over the local Invictus and seems ever prepared to dash headlong into the nearest available dangerous situation." - Rose Valentine
  • "Neither loyal or a man of his word. He'll quickly remind you of that should you trust him." -Salcedo
  • " As far as I can tell he doesn't give a shit about the movement outside his own backyard. He's more unbound than Carthian. " Ryan O'Connell


  • Bishop served in the confederate army during the Civil War
  • He is a known diablerist, and has found a way to hide the mark on his soul.
  • He doesn't know exactly what a "pompatus" is, but he'll still put the dick to it.

OOC Info

Player: Travis Kearns

MES Number: US2005022936\

Select History For those interested in ties:

1847 - Nolan Ulysses Bishop is born in Gonzales, TX.  His mother, Helena Bishop, is a young widow of the Mexican-American War.  Her husband, Alexander Nolan Bishop was stationed at Fort Brown and died the night that Nolan was conceived.  Nolan’s father could have been any one of the five Mexican soldiers who forced themselves on her that night. When Bishop was born, he had the dark hair and skin of the invaders, but retained the light blue eyes of his mother. He was raised by his mother and grandfather, who a prominent doctor in Gonzales.

1855 - Nolan grows up in the farm community of Gonzales.  He learns a lot as a youth, though very little of it is academic; instead, it's the practical knowledge of country life.  He learns to hunt and shoot, how to ride a horse, and how to farm and ranch.  He assists his mother with the animals and even goes to help oversee the farm hands and slaves that work on the family plot.  His grandfather owns 5 slaves, two breeding pair and a child, which he treats “well."  Slavery is strange to Nolan. He doesn't think about it often, but when he does, he wonders why he can't play with the young slave boy. When he's older, he doesn't think about it at all. It is the world he lives in.

1857 - Nolan’s lessons become formalized.  His grandfather decides to teach him reading and writing, numbers, some history, and eventually a bit of medicine.  It’s little more then a rough basics, but it’s enough to get by.  Helena marries again, to Mr. William Clayton, an older man from Frio City who owns the Frio City Bank.  Mr. Clayton refuses to rear a step-son, but agrees to Helena‘s request that they send money to help with her son‘s upbringing.  Helena cries when she leaves Nolan with her father, but she never returns or writes.  Nolan will only see her once more after this, and it will be years later.

1860 - Nolan’s lessons have progressed to the point that his grandfather has him assist in some local doctoring.  Nolan becomes adept at recognizing and treating symptoms, the application of several remedies and pain killers (mostly opium based), and the use of a bone saw.  

1861 - Nolan runs away from home to volunteer in the Confederate Army at the age of 14, stealing his grandfathers medicine bag and a horse.  With the horse, Nolan is able to join a unit of the Texas Calvary, and his grandfather‘s medicine bag makes him a de facto medic.   His skill in medicine gains him the additional role as a field surgeon and access to the unit’s medical supplies.  After the war, Bishop writes to his grandfather that he “simplified sick calls on the march to one basic question: How are your bowels? If they were open, I administer a plug of opium; if they are shut I give them a plug of blue mass (an unstable mercury compound)."

1862-1863 - Nolan participates in several skirmishes and battles (to be determined), and is often loaned out to different units to serve as a field medic.  This gives him a chance to travel and see more of the war then he ever wished to, but he is made a commissioned officer for his troubles.  

“We operated in old blood-stained and often pus-stained coats, the veterans of a hundred fights...We used undisinfected instruments from undisinfected plush-lined cases, and still worse, used marine sponges which had been used in prior pus cases and had been only washed in tap water. If a sponge or an instrument fell on the floor it was washed and squeezed in a basin of tap water and used as if it were clean. Our silk to tie blood vessels was undisinfected....The silk with which we sewed up all wounds was undisinfected. If there was any difficulty in threading the needle we moistened it with bacteria laden saliva, and rolled it between bacteria-infected fingers. We dressed the wounds with clean but undisinfected sheets, shirts, tablecloths, or other old soft linen rescued from the family ragbag. We had no sterilized gauze dressing, no gauze sponges....We knew nothing about antiseptics and therefore used none.”

1863 - Nolan is wounded in late 1863 by Shrapnel shot artillery (Maybe in Louisiana?). The wound is not fatal, but Nolan is heavily scared, and it is enough that he needs a surgeon of his own. Nolan’s first personal use of Morphine is to put him under while the shrapnel is removed.   He’s seen what Opium can do to people, and struggles against an addiction himself for a few months.

1864 - Nolan is captured at (Battle or Skirmish, possible character tie?) and sent to (Northern Prison, possible character tie?).  While there, he is recognized as a doctor, and Union Guards give him the barest of supplies, so he can try to care for other Prisoners of War.  

1865 - The Civil War ends and Nolan is released.  He steals a horse and heads for home.

1866-1868 - Nolan returns to Gonzales and find his grandfather sick and dying. He takes care of him for a time and takes over his grandfather's practice for a few years.  Nolan experiences problems reintegrating. He's ill-tempered, easily angered, listless at times. He dreams of the war almost every night. Someday, Nolan will use the term "shell shocked" to describe the period right after the war, but he will never call it PTSD. When his grandfather dies, Nolan gives up trying to fit in to his old life and shuts down the practice, sells most of his belongings, and travels west on horse back.  He stops using the name "Nolan" entirely, and goes instead by "Bishop."

1868-1875 - (Possible Character Ties?) Bishop travels the frontier of the South West United States, working odd jobs along the way; sometimes as a cattle man, sometimes as a ranch hand, he ends up doing a bit of doctoring, he manages a brothel for a month and a half, and he’s even a local law man for a while.  He fathers two children in these years, but has trouble telling the mothers apart. He struggles to find a place where he feels comfortable, but in the end, he only feels at peace when he‘s leaving.

1875-1881 - At the age of 28, Bishop joins up with a group of former Confederate soldiers and assorted criminals.  Cattle thieves and outlaws need a doctor, and Bishop was well able to treat them.  The group is nomadic in nature, and ranges all the way to California, but primarily travels Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona (Possible Character Ties?). Bishop is never shy about the action, and at times he seems to live for it. There are some who think that Bishop may have been looking to die.

1882 - While holed up in (Oklahoma?), Bishop is taken as a ghoul by (Possible Character Ties?  Preferably Lancea)  Bishop left the gang to start his own on orders from his regnant.

1882-1886 - Bishop’s new gang ranges through out Texas and Oklahoma. They rob banks and trains, they steal cattle, but they are most well-known as bounty hunters. They make a name for themselves, often called “Bishop’s Hounds”.

1886 - In 1886, Bishop saw his mother for the last time in Frio City, TX.  Her new husband has beaten her bloody, and Bishop found her in pain and permanently disfigured by long term abuse.  Bishop kills Mr. William Clayton the Banker, and helps to ease her passing with a large dose of laudanum.  After she has died, Bishop and his Hounds ransack the town, killing the sheriff, and burning a portion of the once bustling city to the ground.  Frio City will never fully recover.  

1887 - Bishop is turned away by his regnant (reasoning is unclear to Bishop,  It’s possible that several kindred died in Frio, or that the group was too uncontrollable to be useful, it's even possible that he's been traded to a new regent without his knowing).  Bishop is blood addicted, and turns to Opiates to feed that hunger.  He wanders directionless, with a listless bravery that is fueled more by the “Midnight Oil” than it is with sense, lashing out violently at many small towns, ranches, and railway camps.  Bishop constantly makes sure his supply is kept full, stealing from medical supply shipments and small town doctors.  Many of his compatriots are shot down or arrested, but it doesn't phase Bishop.  His supply is secure, and that’s what matters.  Eventually, the remaining members of the gang just left, continuing on with new leadership. They keep the name, the gang is already well known, but Bishop's right hand man (Possible PC Tie) steps in when Bishop steps out.

1888 - Bishop dreams of a mysterious vampire for the first time while visiting San Antonio, Tx.  These dreams often come to him while he sleeps in central Texas.  He can remember her voice, calling to him wordlessly across the hill country.  Sometimes he follows that call, but other times, he feels the need to take some Laudanum or Morphine, and sleep.  She visits him in his half waking sleep, feeds from him, and shares her blood.  She tells him what she needs him to do, and he swears to do as she asks.  After these dreams, Bishop often wakes late in the day, and in a different location then when he laid down.  He often finds himself ash smeared or wounded after one of her dreams, sometimes he wakes up dirty, naked, and sore.  

November of 1888 -  Bishop wakes just outside of Kenedy, Tx, his body broken.  He’s been shot and stabbed, trampled by a horse or steer, blistered by fire, and bitten multiple times by something with fangs.  He’s barely alive, and yet, somehow, he’s healing.  It’s a slow healing, and probably not enough to save his life, but he can actually see the wounds slowly closing.  Bishop is resourceful, his survival is entirely dependant on his ability to patch himself up enough to not bleed out. It’s enough to keep him alive till sundown, when she comes to save him. She kills him and she saves him in a single act.

His Sire calls herself Calypso. It's not her real name, Bishop can't say her real name, but she thinks it's funny to be known only as Calypso by "Her Ulysses". She speaks with an accent unknown to Bishop. Later, he will be able to place it as North African. Libyan, Moroccan, Moorish? He can never say for sure. He eventually hears her story, many years later, but he looses the thread of it deep in the fog of opium, only remembering broad strokes. She was born and raised centuries ago in Muslim occupied Spain. She was embraced near Granada before the Spanish Re-conquest of the late 1400's, and was forced to follow her sire back to North Africa when Granada fell. Decades later, she escaped her Sire, fleeing to the new world in the turbulence of a changing and growing world.

1889-1892 - Bishop does not die, but is born anew. The addiction is gone, but so is his heart beat. He becomes a kindred of Matamoros, Mexico and he serves his sire. At first he believes that he loves Calypso. She's to involved in her personal tribulations to return that affection, and sees no purpose in Kindred relationships. Still, she relents to Bishops advances on occasion, but he's always left cold and unfulfilled after the act. That "haze of love" fades eventually; a few years later, when he's had a chance to get her blood out of his system. She takes the time to teach him about the culture and politics of the undead. They argue about his role as a young kindred, and what he owes her for saving his life. They argue for three years before he gives up and leaves, boarder jumping back in to Texas, and back in to a piece of his old life.

1893-1895 - Bishop finds that kindred governance, at least the kind that his sire lives under, leaves a terrible taste in his mouth. If he had stayed and paid the life boon his sire demanded of him, Bishop would live a life similar to his Grandfather's slaves. He would be well kept, and treated kindly, but he would never be free again. He would never feel the wind in his hair, or be free to choose his own path. Bishop, once again, chooses rebellion.

Bishop hunts down his Hounds by following the wanted posters and stories of their heists. He finds them one night circled around a camp fire. The beast is on him and he rushes in like a hot Texas wind. Bishop takes the gang back by force. Those he knew before the embrace become his ghouls. New faces become his heard. They will be the terror of South Texas.

1895-1910 - "The Bishop's Hounds" becomes a Vampiric gang of outlaw cowboys by accident. The gang expands unexpectedly. Sometimes a nomadic kindred joins up for mutual protection and sticks around for reasons all their own. Bishop embraces a few ghouls over these years, and most of them stick around at least until 1910. Some join just long enough to get a taste of the wild, and leave with their tail between their legs.

"The Hounds" are a menace to most princes, but they are not unreasonable. They act as city hounds regularly and effectivly enough that their services are sought after. It's not widely known, but many of their "marks" don't end up dead at their hands, but instead get incorporated in to the gang for at least a limited engagement. The usual "Non-vampiric work" continues as well, but simple bank and train hold ups, cattle stealing, and the bounties take on a distinctly bloody and horrific edge.

Bishop reads the news of the Spanish American war. He's interested, partly in the modern war machine, but mostly in the new medical advances. Doctoring is more of a hobby now, it just doesn't have much application in his night to night life anymore.

1911-1912 - As the United States expands in to it's frontier, "The Wild West" is being tamed and Bishop's "Wide Open Spaces" are getting more and more cluttered. The gang is starting to feel choked on their ranges, and their "coterie" starts falling apart.

It's in this time period, while working out of (Possible PC Tie) that Bishop has his first real interactions with the Carthian Movement. He's heard of their cause before, and feels like it's a step in the right direction, but he comes away feeling like many of it's adherents are wishy-washy at best. At worst, they are just as bad as the Invictus, the Lance, or any covenant that feels like they have a right or a duty to force their will on unwilling kindred. Bishop isn't sure what he believes yet. He's not going to know for a long time, but he knows that he's not going to let anyone dictate how he lives. He joins the movement anyway, it's a lot closer then anything else, and they are open to new ideas and new directions.

1913-1919 - Bishop settles down for semi-retirement in the San Antonio area. The city has grown significantly since his last visit. At first he stays with his former trail mate Nadya Pike. She's gotten in to Kindred politics, and Bishop realizes that her association with him might be detrimental. He moves out of San Antonio proper, and in to the small neighboring city of Seguin. He becomes the local doctor of choice for a new generation of stick-up gangs, these using cars and roads. Bishop doesn't pick up with any of these, he doesn't like to ride in the box on wheels, but he's happy to patch them up for a modest fee and a theft of blood. He still sees some action from time to time as well. When the San Antonio Kindred prepare for a new conflict, Bishop falls in with a Carthian Militia group (Possible character ties). It is at this time that Bishop first attempts to "Doctor a Kindred".

1920-1929 - Bishop started providing party favors for both kindred and mortal parties at the start of the Second Gilded Age. It was a time of excess and debauchery that Bishop changed his blood. Bishop found his place dealing narcotics to those who were willing to pay.