Bites the Wyrm

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Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Red Talons
Breed: Lupus
Pack: Badger's Pride
Sept: Sept of Bitter Reminders
Rank: Adren
Glory: ••••• ••
Honor: •••
Wisdom: •••
Player: Jimmy Lindsey
Storyteller: VST Morgan Minchey


- Pack Alpha
- Wyrmfoe of the Sept

Notable Traits

- Extremely Large Black wolf with a patch of red under his throat and over the top of his head
- Never, ever assumes monkey form or even near monkey form
- Refuses to speak in monkey babble
- Carries no weapons of any kind, nor possessions on his being
- Nearly always found to be in Hispo form
- Carries with him four scars from great wounds inflicted during combat, all made into fetishes 
- Sign of the wolf (flaw)
- Pure Breed 3


- He is an Extremist of the lodge of Predator Kings
- No creature has ever witnesses his crinos form and lived
- He will protect a wolf, even at the cost of human kinfolk
- He has been referred to by homids as "Hides like volkswagon" due to his size
- He killed a Wyrm beast before ever being brought into the nation
- One of his scars is from his first change
- He only eats that which he kills


-"Do not try to force monkey law on talons. Try and you will find why we are Griffon's brood." Bites the Wyrm on the Litany
-"To kill your prey, you must first learn to find it. This talon will teach you." Bites the Wyrm to Autumn Rains Fire