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Real Name: Baldassare Bassanelli, or BB for short

Deed Name: Bits and Bytes, Not Without Incident

Age: 36

Current Location: Austin, TX

Sept: Sept of the Wolf's Blood

Pack: The Huntsmen


Homid Form: A middle aged man, with grey beginning to appear in his hair. Athletic, but not muscular or a bodybuilder. Serves as a Police Officer, so is often found wearing his uniform, but just as often will be found wearing street clothes.

Lupus Form: A smaller than normal wolf, he appears to have a brownish coat with grey beginning to creep in along his back.

Notable Traits


Apoc PC

Character Information
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Silicon Sentinels
Breed: Homid
Pack: The Huntsmen
Sept: Sept of the Wolf's Blood
Rank: Athro
Glory: ••••
Honor: ••••• •••••
Wisdom: ••••• ••
Player: Daniel Troncoso
Storyteller: Garou VST


Character Info

Through Chrome and Web 2.png
  • He currently serves as the Alpha to a Pack dedicated to Stag.
  • Fought against Tor's Deadly Sins
  • Survived the Assault on Hong Kong and the Invasion of the Silicon Sentinel Homeland
  • Bears a Glyph meaning "Through Chrome and Tainted Web" on his right shoulder, given to him by Cockroach himself.
  • Joined the siege against the Nightmaster's Citadel, leading a pack to sabotage supply lines.
  • Participated in a secret mission critical to his Tribe.
  • Elevated the Justice Spirit "Clink" to be the City Father of Bastrop
  • Led one of the Teams relocating the Caern of Hong King to the Greenbriar
  • Untangled the legal restrictions holding back his Tribe from joining the Apocalypse War.


Known Associates


Role Models

Fallen Friends



  • "Traitors and filth! You betrayed the Litany, and now dare to invade *MY* homeland? I judge you unworthy of life!" - Said to Drones invading the Silicon Sentinel Homeland.


  • "You're pretty good at holding your own...for a guy." - Chloe Vanderbilt
  • "Open mind, open heart...and open mouth. Wherever he ends up calling home will be gaining a strong Philodox, but he'll make them earn the priviledge. He'd make a good Ragabash if he hadn't been born Philodox, and that's a good balance to have." - Aisling O'Gara
  • "Thanks to Bits' willingness to bring disparate elements of the tribe together, we will stand strong, stand together, against the Weaver and the encroaching darkness. We will not go quietly into the night." - Reach For The Sky


  • He learned how to be a Philodox from a Shadow Lord Ahroun.
  • He's a belongs to some CIA Black Ops team. After all, why else would a rank and file cop have "specialists" on call?

Rank Challenges

Rite of Passage: His Rite of Passage was one of cunning - observe a wyrm-tainted business to determine the best way to cleanse the taint. When direct observation, coupled with hacking, determined that they were only a subsidiary of a larger conspiracy, he snuck in one night and destroyed their server room using his Crinos form. The Galliard telling his tale used the pun that only "Bits and Bytes" were left. Intending to give him the deed-name "Information Age" due to his age, instead the pun was received as his name. The Galliard never corrected the Sept.

Fostern Challenge: His Fostern Challenge was one of wisdom - learn how various Tribes interpret certain tenets of the Litany, and then present his own views in a more informed fashion. Given a little under a month, he had to travel various other Septs, and contend with some of the Philodox he sought out dying in Alaska or Hong Kong. At the end of the allotted time, he returned to Aisling O'Gara / Leads-with-her-Heart who agreed he had completed the Challenge she had set before him.

Adren Challenge: His Adren Challenge was one of judgement - to speak with the powerful spirits of a small city and elevate the one who would best serve the interests of the city as City Parent. Choosing the city of Bastrop, he led his pack in reconnaissance of the city, discovering who the powerful spirits were, and what problems the city faced. Faced with a choice between a spirit who was better for the Garou, and one that would better serve the city, he chose "Clink", a Justice spirit who he determined would be the best City Father for Bastrop. He also brought together the other spirits and unified them under "Clink", so that Bastrop is united under it's City Father. The Glass Bat acknowledged his success, and the tale of the deeds was sung by Scribe of Storms, his Galliard packmate.

Athro Challenge: His Athro Challenge was one of laws and negotiation - to untangle the legal proceedings required for the Silicon Sentinels to join the Apocalypse War under the leadership of a Tribe not their own. Locating, convincing, and Negotiation with each councilor, he was able to bring them to a concensus. All that remained was Killbox, Chairwolf of the Council. Traveling to his territory personally, he presented his arguments before his Tribal Leader. After a few solemn moments, Killbox agreed, on the condition that the War was led by Queen Sabine of the Silver Fangs. Upon this completion, Reach for the Sky relayed a message to the Nation that he saw him as an equal, and gave him the deedname "Not Without Incident".

Out of Character

Ties Sought

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