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Information Known to Kindred Society


Mortal name: Claudia Voclain
Aliases: Blù
Camarilla Position: Primogen of Philadelphia,_PA
Clan Facion: Virkaar
Status: 7

Acknowledged, as a proud member of the Ivory Tower
Confirmed, as Elder
Established, as Elder
Privileged, as Elder
Favored by Prince Alexson
Triumphant by Justicar Cole
Loyal by Elliot Martin
Loyal by Clanhead Equinox
Loyal by Archon Sharp

Lineage:Sire Unknown outside of the clan

Nature can be cruel. Predators are everywhere. Those who don’t need to be protected from outside forces often need to be protected from themselves. In society, women are referred to as “the fairer sex...” But in the wild, the female species can be far more ferocious than their male counterparts. Defending the nest is both our oldest and strongest instinct.
And sometimes, it can also be the most gratifying.

Known Allies and Associates

Jeremiah Jackson Dravon Torquil Adrienne Maxwell
Eirik Alexson Maxwell Jacobs Declan Reed Elliot Martin

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  • 1384 - Claudia Voclain Yusupova was born the product of her Russian father's second marriage to a French noble She was raised as a Christian noblewoman and educated in the realms of etiquette, language, and history. She never lifted a finger unless it was to turn the page of a book.
  • 1390 - Claudia starts noticing odd occurrences close to dawn. Being adventurous sneaks out of her room to investigate. Notices an outline of a face in the wall. Scared runs back and waits for morning. Afraid of what she saw she tells her mother, who tells her to quit the nonsense and when she leads her mother to point it out it is missing. Over time she starts noticing the face from time to time and eventually notices a statue flying in the night sky. Eventually gaining enough courage she tries to speak to the creature and to her surprise it responds. It informs her that he is not a demon but a protector and she will not be harmed but she must not tell anyone that she has seen him. Over time she dismisses the memory as a dream or maybe a nightmare, but every so often a face would appear on the wall near her room.
  • 1402 - Her family is slain and Claudia, the one survivor of the fray is ghouled by a Gangrel.
  • 1417 - Claudia is embraced.
  • 1500 - Flees the unaligned pack into which she was embraced and joins the Camarilla.
  • 1510 - Claudia adopts the name "Blù"; she never introduces herself as anything else since that point.
  • 1680 - Much to the suprise of many, she participates in various battles across Europe - often delving into the heart of the battle.
  • 1715 – Meets Torquil in the Eastern Shoreline of America. Having lost a great deal of humanity with her obsession of vengeance, Torquil manages to help her regain her humanity and focus upon her task of revenge.
  • 1725 – During the conclave in Venice, Italy - she meets with Eirik Alexson; who would later call her to Philadelphia to assist with her clan.
  • 1850 - Camarilla close on Baton Rogue. In their zelousness a group of neonates advance on information prior to being given order. Instead of slaughtering a pack of Sabbat, she chooses instead to save the neonates that had travelled into battle with her from destruction.
  • 1851 - Blù is asked to join the Virkaar by Dravon, and is accepted into their ranks centuries after her creation.
  • 1936 - While dedicated to eradicating the Sabbat in Massachusetts, she freed Fianna McMannis from the clutches of her foes and ensured her safety.
  • 2012 - Blù is present when Elliot Martin's sire is slain. She removes Elliot from the battle, preventing his would be inevitable death.
  • 2013 - Blù arrives in Philadelphia at the behest of Prince Alexson and is named Primogen.
  • 2014 - After setting her clan on the right track, she steps down from Primogen to make way for Eric to take the position, and is shortly after announced Sheriff.

Rumors and Quotes

  • ”How do you define one as a beast? Is it through ferocity and closeness to our feral side? If it is, I have known those in the boardroom that have acted more bestial than Blu, whose soul is a pure as her rage when crossed.” - Maxwell Jacobs
  • ”Listen to her. There are times when decisions must be weighed that are heavy on the soul. Listen to her. There are times even when we believe we are right; we are wrong. If only I had listened to her.” - Aleksandr Yusopov
  • ”Blu is one of my favorite firewalls. She is an amazing protector and, when provoked, she destroys the attacker.” - Ella Foster
  • ”Most men say that beauty and brains are the total package. Adding brawn to the mix makes the package alluring, but terrifying.” - Declan Reed
  • "On the surface, most would not assume that a Gangrel with fox ears, blue hair, and a thirst for violence would have much in common with a refined noble Ventrue. How very wrong this assumption turned out to be." - Adrienne Maxwell
  • " She has taught me a great many things and for that I will always be greatful. Her insight and determination has inspired me do more than just exist but excel be it the battlefield or the halls of court. Maybe one day she will understand why I always smile when I see her. " - Jeremiah Jackson
  • "Her names have been many ... and her faces the same, but her spirit, once seen, is unmistakable. She is a study in what perception rends the eye to see; a woman, a destroyer, an elemental expression. All and none, perfection and broken ... and entirely invaluable." - Torquil Moireasdan
  • "Elder Blu, hrmmm. She is elegant, caring and direct. Qualities that are far more rare in these nights then you would think, more so from someone of her age. I may be a simple scholar, but for her call, I would put down my books and rip her enemies spines out from their stomach." - Michael
  • "One could mistake the stillness of Elder Blù for a quiet serenity; I know it instead to be a most scrupulous form of self-discipline. In her chest is a fire like the heart of a mountain and I would caution all to take care and not to provoke that fire to erupt." - Bleach
  • "Every since we meet there is ferocicty I have to see matched by any other. Do not mistake her silence for ignorance, her calmness for acceptance, or the little kindness she shows for weakness." - Clarence Chalres Merrick
  • "Elder Blu, I feel I owe her greatly for her advice to me. She told me to take my face out of a book to experience the History of our Clan, as well as those within it. I felt it was a slight against me, but I see that her words are very wise." - Michael
  • "What inspires her to tell her story to others? I know of two who appear to know it - one, I speculate, for the opportunity he offered her, and the other she confided in because she trusts him and felt safe asking for his help. There's a third one there too, somewhere, but he's a mystery to me. Still, she leaves little clues behind now and then, like the poem she wrote on the scarf around her hips. I don't know why she carries it with her. Maybe one day she'll tell me that story, too." - Archon Bellamy
  • "She is so much more than what you see. But few people look beyond the sharp claws and face ripping. Oh, and the screaming.. lots and lots of screaming. Of course, anything worth knowing is worth fighting for." - Atlas
  • "Elder Blu is something of an enigma, though I've at least heard more of the story than most have by dint of my position and my own natural curiosity. I will state that her most laudable quality is not the ferocity inherent to her Gangrel blood, or the savage grace that accentuates her striking features; rather it is her honorable nature: her word is ironclad when it is given." - Archon David D. Steiner
  • "There is one principle above all else; the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the world is telling her to move, her job is to plant herself like Yggdrasil, beside the river of truth, and tell the world, "No, you move." I believe she will do what is necessary. Will you, however, dare to move?" -Constance Fournier
  • "I'd like to have an army of Kindred like her. Fortunately, she happens to constitute one." - Warren Rutherford
  • "She's the Gangrel's own, personal, Fatima every respect of the comparison. I once watched men throw themselves at Fatima, too. She threw knives back. " - William Calloway

Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Philadelphia,_PA
Player: Kat Cawley
Storyteller: VST Storyteller Siggi

Out of Character Information

Character Inspirations:
Last Night of the Kings - Van Canto
Rebellion - Van Canto
Angels - Within Temptation
Skazhi Ne Molchi - Serebro