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Accord PC

Player: Nikka
Creature Type: Purified
City: New York, NY

Character Information

Name: Black

Alias: Suzanna Black

Creature Type: Purified, Inner Path

Cell: The Rattle Watch, New York City

  • Position and Title: Meister.
  • Status: 3

Pack: The Eye of the Storm

ImmortalIcons purified1.png Accordpng.png
Rattle Watch Cell
EyeOfTheStormLogo.png Operation: Old Peculiar

Known Information
Those in the Accord know that she is immortal and has been in New York City for 300 years.

Entered into a Pack with several Werewolves, including Gaff Hook and Howls-with-Mirth. Can a Purified be in a Pack? Apparently they can? She still seems friendly with the Pure in the Rattle Watch, as well.

Owns and lives in a hotel on Union Square which she's declared a Were/Shifter neutral ground (Tur). Several Accordists also live in their own rooms within the building.

An exceedingly average-looking young woman: Caucasian, dark brown hair and eyes, and usually in plain, practical, yet good-quality clothing.

Comes across as cool and uncaring, as well as self-assured. Upsetting her, however, can set off fits of passionate rage.


Not much is known. She clearly knew John Harkin from a while back, and seemed to know Feris Septimi as well.



  • "I'm just saying that, after the fire, I may have looked over some shoulders and made some comments about city planning."


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  • Those in the criminal underworld may have heard rumors of a master blackmailer going by that name, but the stories are so old they are often dismissed as a New York City legend.

Ties Sought
300 years in NYC. If you've been here, we absolutely can has ties.

Special note: if your character was living in Pennsylvania between 1685 and 1705, or in NYC just after that, please drop me a line! I don't know if we'll necessarily have reasons for ties, but I'd love to discuss it just in case.

Loosely inspired by "Half Hanged Mary," by Margaret Atwood. (Not usually my favorite author, but I did this for a year back in high school Speech & Debate, and it's stuck with me.)

OOC Info
Player: Nikka Rosenstein

MES Number: US2011097989