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"Operating on a much smaller scale than DinoCorp, Black Eagle Security is still considered one of the top companies in the private security world today. Based out of Montana, with an east coast office in Washington D.C., they also have smaller facilities around the world. They pride themselves on landing anywhere on the planet in 48 hours or less. Doing the impossible takes a few hours more. It is lead by Battalion Commander Gerald Schwartz. Although Schwartz is rarely seen in the field these days, the "Old Bird" is still sharp as ever and shows no signs of retiring. The staff are fiercely loyal to Black Eagle and Schwartz in particular, and very rarely leave to work anywhere else. Once you are in with the best, why go anywhere else?"
- Mark Beckham, "The Business of War, Private Security Companies on the Rise" NewsMonthly, May, 2012, p 27.

Fighting For Gaia

Black Eagle actually serves a much higher goal than pure profit. It is the Get of Fenris Kinfolk Fellowship. Gerald Schwartz himself is Fenrir Kinfolk, along with most of the employees. A few are Kinfolk from other tribes, but all must be immune to the Delirium to be able to fight alongside the Garou Nation. Black Eagle will not accept a mission that they feel furthers the Wyrm's stranglehold, although the refusal will certainly be couched in other terms. Humans pay exorbitant rates for the special skills Black Eagle has to offer. Garou get a special discount. For his own tribe, Schwartz will often charge expenses only, or in an emergency nothing at all, covering the mission with his personal funds. The Old Bird prides himself on being the Ætling War-Leader. Black Eagle has been spotted fighting alongside their big brothers to protect Caerns, fend off Ratkin, take down Pentex First Teams, in the Amazon, and even on guard in Alaska during the Dowsing of the Red Star.

The Old Bird's Best