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The Black Legion claims descendancy from the Mistress of the Black Monastery. However, the apex of the line is not a member of this Camarilla household. For her crimes against the sect, Lady Meridie de Chancie has been cast out. Her childer, grandchilder and other descendants proudly remain loyal to the Ivory Tower, unified in their disdain for her actions.

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Head of House:

  • Eirik Alexson — Warrior and defender, of Norse descent, embraced circa 1100.


  • Tobias — Secret-keeper and spiritualist of Slavic descent, embraced circa 1200.
  • Tamerlane — Astronomer and scholar of Persian descent, embraced circa 1500.
  • [Unk Mike]
  • [Unk Scott McQ]
  • [Unk Glas]


Lineage of Blood

Politicians, socialites and scholars. The Black Legion prides themselves on academic and business pursuits. Though their skill with the blade is not wanting, they typically search to exhaust non-violent solutions before drawing steel.

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If you are interested in ties with this Brujah lineage, please contact our lineage head, Jeremy White, player of Eirik Alexson. We are especially looking for Neonates and Ancilla, and will be happy to work you into our descendency!

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