Black Sightings

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The Accord

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Members of the Accord have followed up on a number of persons of interest, and from all information gained it seems as though Langley is not the only member of the team from Langley's Folly to return. We encourage any members of the Accord who have some availability to help us identify the others who remain and there whereabouts. It is critical to understand if all of them are present in this world, and if all of them are associated somehow with Langley's current maneuvers. We hope that they are not, given Frank Langley's altered state.

The disruption sites which have opened in Quebec, Ithaca, Slade, and Buchanan are of lesser interest than Langley's followers. We anticipate that they are already sealed again, as has been the trend seen previously. Priority for investigations on these sites should be whether any of Langley's followers appear. A full list of those who followed Langley into the tear is enclosed in the normal dossier.

The abomination video in Russia has been laid to rest for now, with a skillful redirection of the media. The local cell assures us that it will be able to clean up the rest. The matter of deliberate political unrest in the area is outside the scope of our focus, and with luck may be resolved with our success in Las Vegas.

Whatever success in Las Vegas means.

Councilor Senator Wells

IC List

PCs have set up an IC list to discuss their findings here.

Active Investigations for the week of 9/15/2015

Accordists who respond to Councillor Wells' call to investigate further have several areas of focus to spend Contacts and Allies in, mostly surrounding the question of Langley's followers. Review the areas below, and then when ready submit actions here.

Persons of Interest

  • Peter Catesby - Member of the Langley's Folly mission
  • Cinder (Tomka Dubrovski) - Romanian Ministry of the Interior
  • Ken Kuang - Chief Financial Officer of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
    • Seen collecting artifacts seen around the sites of the events in eastern Europe
  • Siobhan McMullin - Member of the Langley's Folly mission
  • Atanasia Petran - Member of the Langley's Folly mission
  • Valentina Rayevsky - First Deputy Minister of Finance for the Russian Federation
    • Understood to be the driving force behind the Black market
  • Hans Ritter - Member of the Langley's Folly mission
  • Lore Schaffer - Member of the Langley's Folly mission
  • Mr. Silver (Robert Delacroix) - Member of the Langley's Folly mission
  • Tears-At-Heaven (Aron Vlahovic) - Member of the Langley's Folly mission
  • Trident (Umberto Salucci) - Member of the Langley's Folly mission

OOC Notes

The above is part of a lead-in to the 2015 Las Vegas by Night Accord game. Any Accord PC may take part in this plot even if you are unable to go! While we will not be taking DPotM proxies (sorry, we'd hoped to but there's just too much else to do!), almost anyone with spare Contacts and Allies can help the Accord learn more about the enemy's movements.

Ready to help? Submit actions here.

Questions? Write the Accord LVbN ST's: the LVbN Accord Lead Dain Geist and the LVbN Accord Second E.Mc.!