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The Quick and Dirty

Physical Description: Johnny Reb with fangs. Bleach looks like he just stepped out of some local honky-tonk or biker bar. He is most often seen wearing a cowboy hat and boots, well-worn blue jeans and a leather vest over a heavy work shirt.
Notable Traits: Sporting permanent fangs and a presence that is downright eerie, Bleach is always ready to sum up a situation with some old southern-fried colloquialism.

Gangrel Symbol.png The Man


The son of one of the Florida territory’s wealthy Cattle Barons, Bleach was invested in the Southern way of life, one in which slavery played a part. Despite his lack of political interest or any particular ideological axe to grind, he was drawn into the War of Northern Aggression none the less.

As a soldier he represented Florida in the Peninsular Campaign of 1862 and at the Battle of Gettysburg in a brigade of three infantry regiments in Major General R.H. Anderson’s Division of A. P. Hill’s III Army Corps. He fought at the Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville, and proved to be an unwavering soldier who was full of courage and fight.

Having seen so many of his comrades die in the firing lines and the skirmishes that followed these major engagements Bleach grew to view the standard rules of engagement to be too costly for the South and as such he joined the famous 53rd Virginia Cavalry, Mosby’s Partisan Rangers, and served for a time in the Shenandoah harrying the Union forces and driving much larger contingents into disarray with guerrilla tactics.

The South was not the only side to utilize Rangers and scouts. The Union Army had units of their own, such as Capt. Blazer's scouts. Blazer and Mosby had an ongoing going tit-for-tat, with Mosby’s Rangers not ending up with the advantage in many encounters. A fierce hatred had developed between the two commands, each wishing to see the other dead and buried for the numerous insults and casualties caused by their conflicts. Of special hatred existed between the men of Mosby’s Rangers and a certain Lt. Coles due to his efficacy at countering the efforts of the partisan ranger group.

In late 1864, Gen. Ulysses S Grant's Overland campaign came to a close. He had laid siege to Petersburg. Captain Blazer's Scouts, a Union company, had already raided the city of Lynchburg, Virginia in the campaign against Richmond. Captain John S. Mosby of the Confederates decided to stop these raids against Virginia by bringing the battle to them.

On November 18, 1864, the forces met at Kabletown, West Virginia. Like all of the Ranger’s engagements, the attack was launched as a surprise and culminated in a complete route of Blazer’s Scouts and the dispatching of one Lt. Coles at close range after he had fallen from his horse as he tried to flee the field of honor. It would be here, in the hills of West Virginia, after a successful engagement against a hated foe, where his sire would embrace him. This would be the night where the man died and born anew, through the dark and unholy miracle that is the embrace, would be a fledgling vampire.

Gangrel Symbol.png The Monster

After briefest of time spent with his sire, Bleach wandered a meandering course back to his home in the south. He spent his early nights taking his succor as his sire had done; by following the battles and acting as a black angel setting the suffering free from their torments and sending them on to the glory eternal. With newly opened vampire eyes Bleach began to see the world truly as it was: A great game where all are players, even those whom knew not that they were playing, and those whom thought that they are abstaining, either move, or are moved as the pieces.

This truth that was so simple and so obvious: The strong oppress the weak. All of his mortal likes and dislikes, petty sentiments regarding justice and order as a product the rule of law were shattered. As the Lord had turned his back on the damned, they were the only source of their own sovereignty; the ordained left hand of God’s lawful judgment with violence and the threat of final death upon the unliving as the supreme authority from which all other authority should ever be derived.

After nearly a decade of his desultory wandering, in what seemed to him to be reminiscent of the yarn told of Odysseus, he returned home, or as close as he dared for some time, dreading the thought of one of his mortal family seeing him in such an accursed state. He settled back in the state of Florida, though in Tampa, which he believed was far enough south as to not fear the chance encounter with a friend or loved one on an average night.

And there he remained, as there were few enough licks in Tampa bay that we were able to stay out from under one another feet most nights, and when conflict did come, as it always does, the business was handled between them who had the quarrel. There he prowled the night content, as a big enough fish in a small enough pond. He thought nothing of moving on; he was just another shadow in the alleys of Tampa and her surroundings. All of this changed when the Anarchs came to town.

They were lawless and full of their grand ideas about freedom and liberty. Bleach would have agreed with them in life, but now the veil was lifted and he saw true and he knew that no matter their fine words, they were predators all the same and that the law of the claw would be their idiom for governing as well. He knew this even if they did not.

Bleach and the Anarchs would come to clash many times over the years, until slowly their small gang grew enough of a threat worthy of notice, and the territory that they held was to valuable, so that the elders of the Camarilla could not ignore them anymore. When the strength and numbers of the loyal Camarilla were sufficient, the City of Tampa was wrenched free from the darkness and ignorance of the Anarch’s supposed ‘freedom’ and the Camarilla established law, in all its tainted glory, and made the city their own.

Bleach had remained in Tampa staking his claim and prowling his territory, leaving infrequently in order to serve the will of his elders and clan until around 2013. He has traditionally played the game, allowing himself to be pushed about the board in the direction that he sees to be most advantageous and gathers together the only manner of temporal power recognized amongst the society of the damned: Prestige and Prestation.

At the beginning of 2015, Bleach had been appointed to serve the Malkavian Justicar, Her Grace Marissa Cole. How such a common Gangrel has risen to such heights is a bit of a mystery.

Gangrel Symbol.png Information Known by Kindred Society

Ancient Gungnir.png

Bleach has been around the American deep south since about the time of the civil war. He is known to side heavily with his clan and even more so with his bloodline. However, his loyalty to the Camarilla is unquestioned. He is known as one lick that can be tasked with doing the things others would balk at doing to achieve the agenda of the Camarilla.

Gangrel Symbol.png Information Known by Gangrel Only

Bleach is a relative new comer to the Virkaar, having been inducted into the faction in the first half of the last century. Though his blood is not as potent as the more senior members of the warrior order it is known that he can stand his ground against vampires hundreds of years his senior. A combination of prowess and cunning, Bleach is a fearsome combatant who does not back down from a fight without there being a preponderance of evidence that shows him to be at a disadvantage.

Gangrel Symbol.png Rumors

  • Bleach is known to the Anarchs as "The Cleaner".
  • Bleach is extraordinarily paranoid.
  • It seems that the Ventrue have some sort of sway over Bleach.
  • Bleach has no hint of Humanity.
  • Bleach and Elder Alaric conceived the concept of the Vanguard after the Sabbat attack on Miami.

Gangrel Symbol.png Quotes

  • "In the cold forest he hid his smoke; borrowed custom from the vanquished people of the land. Were they my people? Was he? A practical warrior; that's what I required." - Vast
  • "Unfailingly efficient. Unerringly polite." - Alexander Konrad
  • "My broodmate Bleach...well, he's as ornery as a polecat, as hard as a coffin nail, and bites deeper then either one." - 'Max'
  • "For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule: hunt or be hunted." - Mathias von Hagen
  • "One of the fiercest combatants I have ever seen. I have been glad to call him a brother at arms for many years now." - Dravon
  • "If I want something done I can send anyone. If I want something done right I call Bleach." - Clarence Charles Merrick
  • "Bleach is a diplomat, by which I mean someone who represents a credible threat of effective violence, but with courtesy." - Michael Cayhill
  • "Has all the style and grace of the elegant jimson weed. His words often fragrantly sweet, however, try and take advantage of that, and just like the victim who was enticed by the smell of the jimson weed, a dead body is all that will remain." - Eddie Monsoon
  • "In his bluntness in discourse, there is a spark of wisdom. The young one is a promise to the continued strength of our clan." - Blù
  • "Bleach...well, normally I detest Kindred with names of simplicity like this, however I met him recently and I watched him closely. I will never fear him, but I know should I bring the claws out, he will insure that I remember the fight at least." - Michael
  • "Never met formally but from what I've observed he appears to be obnoxious and loud. Perhaps that's just his style." - Tanis
  • "The future." - Torquil
  • "As we exit from the gloom to forge a new story, several doors were made to open. Bleach showed the initiative to walk through them." - Equinox
  • "He has a focus and effectiveness I hope to emulate one night; and I am always relieved to not be on the wrong side of that chilling smirk of his. This is not a Kindred to take lightly, fair warning." - Lexi von Jaeger

Gangrel Symbol.png Inspirations


Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Archon
Status: (A)Accepted, (A)Confirmed, (A) Noble, (A) Commander, (F)Honorable, (F)Loyal, (F)Acclaimed, (F)Courageous x2
Domain: Tampa, FL
Player - Nick Thomas
DST - Jason Price
DC - Tiernan Cole

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