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All information on this wiki, with the exception of Quotes and Rumors, is assumed to be OOC knowledge unless your PC has reason to know it ICly.

Blink's Watch.png

The Mage

Red bullet.png Shadow Name: Blink
Red bullet.png Path: Mastigos
Red bullet.png Order: Mysterium Red bullet.png Red bullet.png Red bullet.png
Red bullet.png Legacy: Reality Stalkers
Red bullet.png Consilium: None
Red bullet.png Cabal: None
Red bullet.png Title: Master on the Path of Scourging, Acquisitor of the Mysterium. (Mysterium only) Third Level Initiate of the Mysteries, Daduchos-Superior Reclaimant.
Red bullet.png Nimbus: Time seems to slow around him. The world itself fractures like stained glass in his presence. Crackling noises sound, like glass being stepped on by heavy boots. If someone tries to focus on what's happening, a sense of vertigo hits - staying just long enough to make one dizzy, then passing. With a blink, everything is normal.

The Man

Red bullet.png Appearance: A man in his late 20s with sandy blond hair and green eyes, Blink can normally be found wearing a geeky hoodie, worn jeans, and bright red running shoes. A barely visible scar traces down one cheek, a small book-shaped locket hangs around his neck, and a strange pocket watch hangs from an intricate chain.
Red bullet.png Demeanor: Blink epitomizes the laid-back, casual Mage. Just because there's serious work to be done doesn't mean that you have to be serious about it. He tends to slouch, speak his mind, laugh as much as possible, and lighten up serious situations with witty quips.