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Changeling PC

Player: Chris Rombach
MES #: US2015010071
Location: Raleigh, NC
VST: Elizabeth Namiotko

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Character Info

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Runnerswift

Court: Winter Court

Entitlement: Knighthood of Utmost Silence

Motley: The fAe-Team - If the Keepers want it, we make sure they don't get it.

Mask: Blitz looks like a 19 year old marathon runner, with short brown hair, and dark blue eyes.

Mien: Blitz becomes even thinner than his mask, almost skeletal. All unnecessary flesh has be sacrificed in the name of speed. Stags horns sprout from his skull, seven points on each side.

Concept: Blitz is a master of moving things from one place to another, whether it's his extensive network of contacts or hoofing it au natural cross-country. If you need something moved, Blitz is your guy.

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  • Born in 1975 in eastern Washington, near Spokane. He spent most of his early life out by himself, running through the woods. Never really got in trouble, though he got lost a few times when he was younger. His parents had taught him the importance of a level head and survival skills, so he managed to keep himself alive until someone found him. When he made it to high school, he discovered cross-country racing, and quickly made a name for himself, becoming state champion in his Junior and Senior years.


  • Taken by the Hunter in May of 1994 as he was training for the upcoming season on the team at Eastern Washington University. Intrigued by his speed, agility, and stamina, the Hunter summoned the Wild Hunt, and the chase began. Tim had no idea what was happening at the time. He was harried and turned over and over by the Wild Hunt, until he was trapped in a box canyon. Desparate to escape, Tim tried to climb the walls, only to be dragged back down when the Hunter curled his whip around his throat and dragged him back into the mass of hounds.


  • Dragged back to Arcadia as a hunt trophy and future prey, he was transformed into a stag for the Hunter's amusement. Time and time again he was sent out into the woods, and each time brought down by the Hunt. The Hunter would take his head with his wicked axe and mount it on the wall of his lodge, leaving him trapped in it until the next time the mood took him and the process began again.


  • After twelve years of constant practice and conditioning, he was finally able to evade his pursuers. Running for days by the point he found his way back into the hedge from Arcadia, he no longer remembers anything about the path he took or why he wasn't taken. He had run on pure muscle memory and instinct, finally letting go of the human mindset he had struggled to maintain for so long. Exhausted to the point of collapse, he was rescued by a group of changelings led by a Hedge Guide named Tengu, who had been directed there by a Wizened Oracle named Cassandra.


  • Joined the Winter Court. He wasn't a fighter, or a lover, but he could run and hide with the best of them. He spent years just running, travelling from place to place trying to escape the constant baying that haunted him every time he went to sleep. As he travelled, he started collecting friends who could help him move quickly if he needed. Truckers, train conductors, and drug runners all went into his contacts, in case he ever needed to move quickly.
  • After he became more comfortable in the mortal world he would employ these contacts, as well as his own skills and speed, to help other Changelings to escape from bad situations. Be it Keepers hunting them, clashes in the courts, or just bad situations that people needed a chance to escape. His work brought him to the attention of the Knighthood of Utmost Silence. In 2009, he was inducted, and given the code name Blitz.
  • Blitz forms a pact with a Fae Horse named Artax. He has never explained to anyone how they met.
  • Blitz joins up with other Changelings forming The fAe-Team, a motley dedicated to making sure that if the Keepers want someone or something that every effort is made to deny it to them. Blitz usually is the extraction expert and driver.


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  • "I really don't understand why he spends so much time running, or hiding. I told him how this is going to end." - Cassandra
  • "At least he gets out quick. Makes my job easier." - Rhodes
  • "it is nice to have someone who understand why we run..."-SantaAna
  • "Had a threesome with him and Feurer. They did not disappoint."-Ammon Lu
  • "A very wise leader, though I imagine he epitomizes the calm before the storm. I would not take him to be a pushover, and I would not disrespect him. Very giving of his time, very protective of his freehold." - DJ Radix